Saturday 3 January 2015

The Traveling Yellow Skirt is in the Tron!!

Just before Christmas I received the amazing and rather well traveled  'Traveling Yellow Skirt' from Linda here in good old HamilTron!!  With one thing and another I did not get around to doing my post on said skirt, so TODAY I pulled finger.

It only seemed right
that the photo shoot would take place
in my garden!!

 It only seemed right
that spots and stripes were involved
and flowers!!

And it was definitely right
that my girls got involved too!!

All I have to do now
is add my message to the skirt
and then send her home.
The Traveling Yellow Skirt
is going home. 

If you are interested in the History of this Skirt and where she has been in the world just click here.


I feel honored to have been part of this show
so thank you.


Raewyn said...

Fun! What a neat story :-)

Leeanne said...

That ROCKS!!!

Vix said...

You did a great job making the yellow skirt your own, accessorised with polka dots and chickens! Fabulous.
Happy New Year! xxx

Curtise said...

That skirt has graced some delightful bottoms in its travels, and you wear it beautifully, Sue! xxx

Shawna McComber said...

I have seen that skirt in a few places and on a few bodies but your version is fantastic. I LOVE IT! I love the photos and the setting-the garden and the girls-but I really love how well that skirt suits you and how you absolutely made it your style with the stripes and polkadots. Well done, Sue!

Peaches McGinty said...

Ooooh!!!!! Flaming wonderful!! you and the yellow skirt are gleaming, you are both perfect in the garden, how brilliant to be part of it's adventure! and Happy New Year Gorgeous! x x x

Angels have Red Hair said...

Yellow suits you :0)

Goody said...

The yellow skirt made it around the world! How cool, and how great that you get to be the one to send it home.

Melanie said...

Gaaa, this is absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much, Sue, for your incredible styling of the skirt. You look like a flower just popped up in the garden yourself. And chickens are the perfect accessory. This is the perfect way to tie up the yellow skirt adventure.

Carolyn said...

the most fabulous outfit for tending to the chooks, EVAH!!

No Fear of Fashion said...

Very well done Sue. I love the black and white with the skirt. And I love the polka dots with the stripes. But above all I love the message you have added to the skirt. Indeed, this is all about friendship. Great thought.

Bobbi said...

You styled the skirt so beautifully! Your garden is gorgeous - like magical creatures live there.

Val said...

You're right, the setting and the styling were just right for the TYS's swan song, and the message you added is perfect!

Tami Von Zalez said...

Great garden and grand finale for the TYSFS.

Cheers from a fellow wearer~

Becky said...

Absolutely lovely!!!!

Sheila said...

Welcome to the Traveling Yellow Skirt family, Sue! You look lovely in your dots and garden!

Penny-Rose said...

You have teamed up the yellow skirt with pool dots and stripes - great visual impact. What an amazing garden you have and the chickens are cute. The addition to the skirt is beautiful, such a nice quote.