Friday, 16 January 2015

Summer, oh how I love you!!

We have been blessed with the most amazing Summer so far, long hot beautiful days!!!  In fact if we get a days rain I won't mind as the weather has been perfect for so long.  Most people are back at work now, holiday all done and dusted.  Of course me, well I'm still kicking back, but I have applied for a couple of jobs so  I am being ever so grown up.

It is so hot I have piling my hair up on top of my head, now that it is long enough to do so.  I prefer long hair to short, it is the best of both worlds really.  On Wednesday I donated clothes at Habitat, and dropped of more at Remains To Be Scene to be sold.  They have moved shop, as in across the road and it is so amazing.  I think I will ask Nina if I can take photos and blog the shop for you all, if you have never been there and you can, you so should.

While I was at Habitat I went in for a look around.  I found this bed side cabinet for $30, which I think will look awesome sanded and painted.  I had intended this to be for Jak as he is going flatting and wants a bedside cabinet.  But he didn't want to part company with his money so I am now keeping it.  No problem because his room is going to be a guest room so this will be perfect.

Guest room means if 'YOU' are in my neck of the woods and need a bed, I will have one for you!!!

I called into Hospice in town to see what goodies they had on offer where I found a frock.  I never try stuff on as it is only $2.50 per item in there, so if it fits, cool, if not I can pass it on.

Well it fitted!!  Hard to photograph being black but it has this ruffle thing happening on one side.  Going to be an all year round frock for sure, another great layering piece for the wardrobe!!

Yesterday, Thursday was another Frock day.  The frock, the shrug, and the shoes are all second hand.  As the day progressed on the hair went up again!! 

I finally SQUEEZED those Oranges!!!  But still no baking!!  Far too hot to bake, and that is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

And I retreated to the garden swing.  Once you start swinging in the breeze and shade of the trees it is very easy to nod off.  Nana napping outdoors is perfect, and Oscar agrees.
Of course I was joined, and sitting became lying down.  Such a hard life I live at the moment.  May as well enjoy it while I can.

 Tex really is a big cat.

Mrs Wickham has decided to dig over the Beetroot garden for me, getting all ready for me to plant another crop.  Thanks love!!

 Thursday evening and it was still  warm.

Oh the joy (not), there was a one day cricket game in Hamilton, a day nighter, and it was televised!!!

So now we get to today, Friday!!  I have gone with SPOTS!!! Must get rid of that farkin weed behind me at my posing wall, it is not working for me.  Sound like a trip to a man shop like Bunnings is on the cards.  Best I go hang out some washing and make me some lunch before the day is over.  
Hope life is wonderful for you all out there in Blog Land!


duchess_declutter said...

Love the cabinet Sue. I've been doing me some sanding and painting too and that would look just great. Awesome find - am oppy here would have charged at least double that I'm sure.

Black dress is great too. I never try things on either, just consider it a donation if I end up passing it on.
cheers Wendy

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

I like that black dress on you, you look rather sophisticated dahlink :D I'm coming in next week so don't be buying all the good stuff lol :D

Goody said...

Your hair just keeps getting better and better. The up-do looks so elegant, and cool. All those outfits are lovely, but I'm always going to love anything with spots best. Great colour too.

No fancy electric juicer here either, though your glass one is a step up from my wooden reamer I hold over a bowl. The height of our orange season is starting now from the southern states, and I'm debating the big production of a batch of marmalade. me out of it!

Julie said...

Hi Sue, I love all your outfits but I think the spotty dotty one is my most fave. I wish it would rain down hard all night long & even the next day, no breeze here today, its stifling. That pic at the end of Patsy from Ab Fab ... I just adored those girls & they remain my favourites still today :-)

Leeanne said...

You summer lover! bring on winter! Too flipping hot! Likey your skirt in the first photo. I think Julie took me to Remains to be Scene shop?

Serenata said...

Well I am in NZ in March.... ;-)

Hope the summer is still as good then!

Sandra said...

You must have great oppie shops up your way, not much happening this end of the island (Or I am looking in the wrong place!!!)
Have been a lurker for a while, love ya blog

Curtise said...

Lovely sunshiney summer, lovely frocks, and pets, and cabinet, and best of all, lovely you! Good luck the the job applications, Sue. xxx

Beth Waltz said...

The updo suits you, Sue! So do brilliant energized colors like the scarlet top. Keep working these well-groomed can-get-things-done looks and it's certain you'll soon be working again. (Your smile is your best accessory, kind lady.)

peaches mcginty said...

Yes you are flaming fabulous! always! feck, you are gorgeous, love the pics of you, absolutely beautiful- your outfits are, of course, divine! the black ruffly number is sexy (I say sexeh though!) the bedside cabinet is a good score isn't it? one day we hope to go to NZ, you may regret this hehe! x x x

Marja said...

You do look fabulous in your great outfits. I actually wore a dress
last week for the first time maybe in ten years. Seeing you lookin good inspired me to wear them more often.
Love your new cabinet too
nice summer for sure. We had 37 degrees today pff

Angels have Red Hair said...

Love all your frocks … they and you are totally fabulous … all the time!!
We've had it hot too … surely it's almost autumn by now???

Shawna McComber said...

OH doesn't your summer look lovely! I agree with you about longer hair, which is one of the reasons I am growing mine out again. I have a lot of hair and when it is short it is so hot in summer. It's much cooler if you can pull it back or put it up.

I love your black frock-what a great find and perfect layering piece. The cabinet looks great and I can't wait to see what you do with it. Perhaps some day I will get to view it in person! xoxo