Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Unemployed but keeping busy

Thanks to you all for wishing me luck in finding a new job.  I am not worried in the slightest because I know something will turn up.  I figure at my age and stage of life I am actually quite marketable.  I'm not going to go and get pregnant and leave, I don't need time off to look after my kids, and I have a variety of experience on my side.  

So again my lovelies

Yesterday I toddled on out to Raglan to catch up with my good friend Diane and have a spot of lunch.  It is still busy with loads of holidaying people enjoying this gorgeous seaside town.  I read a memory box article in our local paper a few weeks back and it was to do with a relative of mine.  Well she was married to my grandfathers cousin, so that sort of relative!!

Aunty Joan got to unveil this memorial when she was 12, she is 92 this year and still living out at Raglan as far as I know.  I am not kept in the loop on such family matters, long story that isn't worth telling.  Anyway I love a bit of family history so this was quite a buzz.

I am pretty sure this dear little cottage which is next to the memorial would have been their home.  Cannot be 100% sure, but it is super cute.  Oh and the view isn't half bad either. This is down by Cliff Street, my favourite street.  There is a Wallis Road opposite the cottage.

We had a wander about town, poked our heads into a few of the shops and had a delightful lunch outside.  I bought this solar powered Hula Girl, she is pretty gorgeous and might just end up in my car yet.  Speaking of cars, we got a $12 parking ticket!!  Didn't even know Raglan had a parking warden!

On my drive home I stopped here.  One because I was in a long line of slow traveling traffic and two because I love Hydrangeas.  I faffed about for a little while then carried on my way, at the normal speed limit.

I stopped again on top of what is call The Deviation, just look at those hills.  The grass is getting pretty dry on the farms, and in need of some good rain.  Our temperatures have been high, lovely, but some rain at night would be welcome all round I suspect.

CRIKEY, I wonder how those got into my car??!!  I have since cut them, dipped them in rooting powder and put them in a pot.  Seemed the right thing to do, help them survive!!

At the lunch bar where we had lunch I bought this Apple Strudel for TOF.  Of course I had to give it the taste test to make sure the quality was up to his high standard in such things.

The scavengers arrived!!

 TOF harvested the garlic.
It can dry off a bit before I plait it to hang.

 I gathered the eggs and found four Raspberries.
Not enough to make Jam but very tasty
and heaps more are about to ripen.

 Yeah, more Peas!!

Today I spent the entire day at home sorting things out like my Summer clothes.  I have a bag of stuff to go to Habitat, a bag of stuff to get sold in the shop I used to work in, and a basket full of stuff to go on Trade Me.  Because I buy mainly second hand, I can have a bloody good cull every season.  I can donate some and make some $s for myself which will help tie me over until working again.

Tomorrow I will whiz around the aisles of the Supermarket after I have dropped off the clothes and shoes to their destinations.  TOF has suggested I bake and juice a pile of Oranges.  Not sure if I will have time you know, I have to slip in a nap in the afternoon as well.


Fiona said...

I like your positive outlook on finding employment Sue and it's nice to have time to chill in the meantime. What a buxom hula girl, I'd have thought having her swinging her hips on the dashboard could be a bit of a distraction tho!
That strudel looks delish....I'd have eaten the lot. xx

Shawna McComber said...

I always enjoy your blog and I have missed it very much while I've been AWOL. I am glad you are not bothered by the need to look for a new job and I love your positive attitude about life. I believe in having that attitude too and prefer to look for the upside. I usually don't find that difficult, either. Your stash of clothing looks so yo! So bright and energetic. I hope you aren't parting with anything I've seen on your blog because it all looks great on you. xoxoxo

Vix said...

As an employer I'd always favour the older applicant, far more reliable.
Great work on the decluttering and a fabulous hula girl. xxx

Beth Waltz said...

Ah, really fresh garlic! I hope you'll be showing us how it's dried and plaited and hung in your part of the world.

Once upon a time - friends and I attended a performance of "Dracula" in a village opera house that encouraged the audience to "dress appropriately."
So, we wore plastic garlic bulbs strung on rafia and carried crosses and chopsticks (stained with catsup). A small girl eyed my necklace and muttered to her father, "Her garlic is plastic." Her father replied, "It's OK, so are Dracula's fangs."

If we lived a few thousand miles closer, Sue, I'd try to hire you as a gardner or at least to design a more livable backyard for some strong lads to dig and build. And let's not overlook your skills as a photographer in recording gardens, before and after. Do the garden centers realize how much they need you?

Serenata said...

I so need to catch up with your blog posts, they are always such a breath of fresh air, and full of delightful colour...just the stuff to bring a smile to ones face.

Good luck with the job hunting...

Goody said...

I used to find corn cobs in y car that birds would drop through the open windows. I still find pieces years later wedged in the seats of the Tempo. At least your birds bring you flowers!

I have two large boxes of clothes I need to sell, so thanks for the reminder to get with it.

You can make an orange custard tart and deal with both the oranges and pastry at the same time. Or orange sherbet and meringues. Now I'm hungry.

Curtise said...

Yes, we mature women make fabulous employees - take note, bosses, you NEED us!
But in the meantime, it's good to see you making the most of your time doing things you enjoy as well as being productive. Lots of great recycling going on too, excellent! xx

Julie said...

Hiya Sue, I am sure you will find a job soon - like you said, you are most employable. Women of our age are :-)
I did not know Raglan had parking wardens either, must take note for my next visit. I know that Cottage you have pictured as everytime I go I drool over it & wish I owned it (along with half the rest of the planet too I imagine)!!!
If your white hydrangeas dont take I have two white varieties ... let me know & I will take some cuttings for you (one of mine is a lacecap).
Oh & apple strudel ... yum. Gorgeous spotty dotty clothing I see there :-)

Leeanne said...

Raglan parking tickets??? really? Blimming plant cuttings jumping into your car!! The wee cottage is CUTE! have fun with the family history.

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Your garlic is better than ours, ours is one big bulb, still usable though. Need to swap planting tips.
We're heading down to Raglan tomorrow, hoping to get a good sunset picture and not a ticket.

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Angels have Red Hair said...

I'm with you ... an afternoon nap is very important ;0)

peaches mcginty said...

I love my afternoon naps! I toddle upstairs and have a little 'rest', after all I don't stop until 9pm every night!! bugger about the parking ticket though but goodness in the apple strudel, it looks DIVINE! and yes, I agree with you, Curtise and Vix us mature ladies are like gold! x x x

duchess_declutter said...

Well done on the clothes sorting; thums down to the parking ticket; love the look of the apple strudel! I'm sure your positive attitude will soon bring the right employer straight to you! cheers Wendy