Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The call from the Op Shops was strong today

FINALLY things are getting back to normal.  

TOF went back to work today, Jak  headed out, which meant I got the house back all to myself!!  I love being home alone through the day.  I accomplish a hell of a lot more when no one is here.  No distractions.

Today was another glorious Summer day and I have decided that the giant Sunflowers represent Summer perfectly, hence the pic.

I was up early this morning, 6am, because it is time to get back into the good habits of a routine.  I picked Strawberries, Peas, Lemons, found three more of my tiny Tomatoes, and three eggs were waiting for me in the NESTING box.  Hopefully the hide and seek egg game is over.

Mind you Joan is still enjoying her stalking game when I am in the garden.  As I look for eggs she follows me, and I know she is cackling inside.

I do like the sight of my peas in a bag ready to be frozen.  I only planted one row, so look out next year, there will be ROWS of them.

The Op Shops have been open since Monday so today the call to go check them all out was strong.  At this time of the year they get an awful lot of unwanted Christmas presents donated, so the pickings can be quite good.  I had a peek at about eight of them this morning, and I have a new strategy for my shopping.  CHEAP!!  It has to be cheap, or something I have really really wanted at an acceptable price.

 This row cost $1, $1, $2.50 and $1.

The patchwork patterns will get used by someone and when I saw the beaded doll like another one I have I had to get it, dolls need company you know. The Top is sort of floaty, but it might night float on me, I haven't tried it on as yet.

This was similar, $1 each, 50c, $1 each, and $2.

The little vinyl bag is going to have my handbag camera live inside it, and the Christmas Nativity tat had to be bought.  Who can say NO to a 50cent Dr Seuss poster?  Plastic coated cane bracelets, why yes I will have all three!!  And the tea towel was just to yum to leave behind.

Call the Police
I spent an entire $13!!!
Lock Me Up!

Now this absolutely fabulously gorgeous cake stand I bought off Trade Me, and for photographic purposes I added my spotty plates and some nibbles.  Now I need to have a tea party, hang on, I think a  SuesDay High Tea might be in order!!!

The same lady was selling these very cool toys at a very good price.  I know I have no Grandchildren as yet so they can live in my toy box until such time arrives. There is no harm in being prepared is there.  Mind you, Jak and I did have a little play with them this afternoon.  The buses both make noises!!

Tomorrow I have some plants to pot up and a garden to water unless we get some welcome over night rain.  I have lots of other bits and bobs to fill in my day, all at a leisurely pace of course.

 I sure do!


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Cool finds there :D That cake stand is gorgeous, better hide that when I come over, no wait, better idea, fill it with cakes! :D

Vix said...

I'm loving Dr Zeus and that retro tea towel and am very envious of all that gorgeous fresh produce. xxx

Beth Waltz said...

What a splendid breakfast basket you have, Sue: fresh eggs, berries and lemons for the tea!

The cane bracelets look very *useful*, as does the cake stand. But do keep an eye on that beaded alien from Zorp. Thorne Garnet's clutch of these creatures seem to reproduce...

Rose Bell said...

Love your fruit platter. Good shopping too. As to the cake stand. Beautiful. I will wait for the invite for a tea party - it's a must.
I might even follow your lead and finish early one day this week and hit the op shops, like you said look for Christmas bargain others don't want.
And isn't the garden lovely especially with our beautiful summer weather

Leeanne said...

Sounds and looks like a day in paradise!

Julie said...

A perfect day Sue - great produce there, you make me inspired to grow some peas next year :-) Great Op shop treasures, I had been wondering if there would be goodies at the oppies after christmas ... you beat me to it.

freckleface said...

It's like watching an episode of The Good Life. I'm in awe of your garden and all that fabulous produce. You must have titanic willpower, I eat all the peas straight off the plant when I'm up the garden. I get told off a lot, but it's worth it. They are SO sweet. I love that little African bead doll. Gorgeous! Xxxx

peaches mcginty said...

LOVE the pic of you! you foxy Mama! and I love you've picked up baby toys, for when bambino's arrive, the big kids do like to play with them tho' , heck I would!! your garden sure is plentiful and your cake stand is so pretty - I miss having an empty house, Dave works mainly from the house now, of course it's lovely but I do miss a bit of peace and quiet! x x x

Goody said...

Strawberry lemonade to go with the cakes-that's lunch sorted! What time shall I stop by?

Your hens sure do lay the prettiest little eggs. I love the idea of Joan laughing at you as you do the egg hunt.

Those bangles are beautiful-of course you had to buy all three.

Sunflowers, garden in bloom, and the shops giving you treasures-sounds perfect.

Melanie said...

Summer sunshine leaps out of those first photos. With darkness and rain here they really cheer me up.

Great thrift finds! Yes, the Dr. Seuss and the tea towel, and of course the food...

Angels have Red Hair said...

HA .. buying toys for grandchildren that don't actually exist ... now that's what I call being prepared :0)