Friday, 9 January 2015

Some alone time is always good to have

This morning I went and picked up and paid for some plants from a lady I have got to know through trade me.  She grows such lovely things and is very reasonably priced, which makes me a good customer.

When I got home I potted them up in a huge pot that I was given by my friend Robyn - THANKS SWEETIE!!!  Actually she gave me quite a few big pots, which means I need to get more plants!

While I was out I stopped in at a shopping mall to get my watch strap fixed at the jeweler that I originally purchased it from.  I had time to kill while it was being fixed so I had a look in a few of the shops.  I found this frock on 50% off and it was even marked down so only $7.50.  Nice soft cotton with a bit of colourful embroidery at the neck.  My watch was fixed for free, all he wanted was a SMILE, which was pretty easy to give to him.

 I spent pretty much all afternoon mucking about in the back yard.

I had plenty of company - some were just visiting.

 Others were residents.

 I made sure the bird bath and all water bowls were topped up.

They are all appreciated.
And a must when it is so hot.

I shortened a pair of Harem pants today making them into long shorts and gave them a Vix make over.  I added pom pom trim to the hem.  I think I will be doing this to another pair tomorrow!!

 I spent a good hour late this afternoon watering all my pots...

...and all the garden out the back.

Now it is RAINING outside!
Which is great because we could certainly do with it.

This is called a Chameleon Dress made by an NZ designer.  These sell for quite a few hundred dollars new.  I have lusted after these for a couple of years but baulked at the price tag.  Patience pays off if you wait long enough and use trade me.  I managed to pick this up for $70 and pretty dam pleased I tell you.  Completely reversible wrap around frock.  I can wear it anytime of the year, you just wait and see!!

TOF is away with work for a few days so I have been having non grown up dinners.  Last night was Potato Chips or Crisps for you English folk, with beer, followed with ice cream.  Tonight was Hot Cross Bun Bread toasted with home made blueberry jam, with beer, followed with ice cream.  Then there is the best ever dip on the left, divine on plain crackers, with beer, but not followed with ice cream.  Every night is like a party night here, so THANKS for the Beerzies TOF, I will leave you a couple of cold ones in the fridge.


Poppy Q said...

Your garden looks awesome Sue, love all of your gorgeous pots and plants and glad you folks have got some rain to wet the plants. The birdies look happy that someone is giving them a cool drink.

We had loads of Tuis out the front of our place before Christmas, but hey seemed to have moved on so we miss their daily chatter.

You look great in your new outfits, but I worry. Are your wardrobes bursting at the seams? You seem to have so many fabulous clothes.

Julie and Poppy q

Beth Waltz said...

All your new outfits are splendid, Sue. The black dress is downright elegant! The Vix remix of the harem pants is inspired -- but will Tex find those pom poms irrestible?

It's -25 degrees F here, so your pix of birdies refreshing their feathers in a bath is especially welcome.

Beer with ice cream?! Must be a NX thing. Around here, ice cream screams for a sweet local red wine.

SAM said...

We call those dinners, "Girl's Supper." My DH works Monday and Tuesday nights, so me and the kiddo often just eat whatever takes our fancy-chips for me and ice cream for her are frequent menu items.

Vix said...

Your garden is just lovely, a riot of colour and a hive of activity. What a joy it must be to sit there!
Love your hair worn up like that and that black maxi looks incredible on you, what a bargain. xxx

Goody said...

You scored a great dress(es). Reversible-I've seen it on skirts, but never a dress-fantastic!

You look so happy, and your hair is shining like the sun. I'd pay for a tour of that garden of yours-perhaps you could put up a roadside sign and see if you get any takers?

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Bloody love those dresses, I'm not built for wraparounds but I could wear the black number :D Did they have any more? How long did you spend watering last night? I must have been out there a good hours, then it rained lol! Ah well I could hear the ground slurping it up

Curtise said...

Oh I do love to see your magnificent garden in full bloom, Sue! The black maxi is fab, you look like an elegant hippy chick. And the Vix pom pom effect is always a winner! xxx

Leeanne said...

Your garden is still looking fabulous. Lovely new outfits, but the blue one really suits you, pretty colour on you!
Isn't that beetroot dip the best! I love it too, I took some and some crackers to work today for our morning tea!

Leeanne said...

P.S I have been ignoring the 'I'm not a robot' thingie on folks blogs and my comments still seem to go through............just thought some readers might like to know that!

Angels have Red Hair said...

Bargain after bargain ... You've got the magic touch :0)

Connie said...

Oh what a loverly day. I am bonkers about your Pom Pom fringed bloomers!

Shawna McComber said...

I love your summer style, Sue and the harem pants look fantastic with the Vix-style makeover. You look gorgeous in that blue! xoxo