Wednesday, 21 January 2015

There is always something worth smiling about!

I am constantly amazed by the amount of miserable faces on some people, even when we are enjoying glorious weather.  Don't they know that smiling is GOOD for you!!  I like to smile at those people which probably pisses them off even more, ooops sorry, my bad, but maybe those buggers should give it a go someday, they might even like it.

My gorgeous cream Balinese umbrella makes me smile.  I bought it off Trade Me for such a good price late last year after lusting for one like for ever!!  There are little bells that tinkle away joyfully in the breeze, that in itself is enough to make me happy enough to smile.

Isn't it just so purrrrity!!!!

An awesome Vintage collection in a window
all for sale is so smile worthy.

Discovering that my swimsuit that I haven't climbed into for a couple of years still fits was great, but finding out the reason it was rather snug was because it is in reality probably a couple of sizes too small now made me smile out loud!!  Yay for lycra!!! 

These totally made me smile, five glorious vintage bathing caps that are currently for sale on trade me.  How my sisters and I would laugh at the ones our mother would wear when we were young and silly.  Now I look at these creations and see them as beauty.

The forced smile of OMG the water
is slightly cool.

And I can smile properly again now
as I have had my tooth that broke fixed today.

Paying for it when not working didn't make me smile on the inside, but the lovely young male Dentist was so nice and did such a good job of save my old nasher that I felt the hour in his chair was well worth it.  I waited until the injection in my mouth had worn off before going supermarket shopping, I didn't want to dribble my way round the aisles.

Black and White day,
with Spots and HOT pink shoes!!

Hope I infected you!!


Beth Waltz said...

Balinese bells and polka dots! And a swimsuit that fits! What's not to smile about?! (Well, I do share your pain about the cost to have a broken tooth repaired.)

Curtise said...

Yes, I'm smiling, Sue! Love the parasol and your gorgeous frock, the window displays, and your hot pink cossie!
Dentists - blimey, they must be raking it in. Claudia needs braces and the cost is outrageous! xxx

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Nice toof!! :D I really love that umbrella :D Can we got to remains to be scene tomorrow?

duchess_declutter said...

Too true Sue! Love your umbrella & yes thank goodness for lycra.....
cheers Wendy

Julie said...

Your balinese umbrella is just beautiful Sue. As are those bathing caps ... saw in a mag once where a girl had framed some vintage bathing togs & a vintage cap ... looked fabulous :-)

Helga said...

I love your Balinese brolly, I love your frock, and I love smiling at grumpy faced people too!
I don't especially like dentists, however. Got my annual tomorrow, should all be good, I think. Bloody expensive hobby!
O, that polka dot shirt (?) and pink shoes are delish! Styley shoes, what brand are they, sweetling?!

Leeanne said...

I have your 'bug'..............smiling can and does make the world a better place. Nothing worse than being in a shop and the shop assistant is an old )or young!) grump! Love the umbrella......... very purrrrity!

Leeanne said...

I have your 'bug'..............smiling can and does make the world a better place. Nothing worse than being in a shop and the shop assistant is an old )or young!) grump! Love the umbrella......... very purrrrity!

Angels have Red Hair said...

I'm smiling :0)

peaches mcginty said...

I'm infected with the Sue! best thing ever!! *big smile* the Balinese umbrella is gorgeous, sorry GORGEOUS!! I love it! nice new tooth though, ouch on the price tho' - also love your outfits, but you know I always love your outfits...and your shoes - my Mum used to be in the water and never get her hair wet, she'd come out with a perfect 'do - I get it now, my 'mature' hair in it's natural state is shocking, chlorine only adds to it's allure x x x

Goody said...

I need those bathing caps. I need your dentist too-can you get him shipped out by the weekend?

Swimwear is supposed to fit snugly, otherwise the water all whooshes up inside-and what a glorious colour that suit is.