Friday, 23 January 2015

Selling stuff and some SuesDay Sushi

With no income of my own at the moment yesterday I decided to flog a few things off on Trade Me, a kiwi version of Ebay.  I rather enjoyed taking the photos and setting the scene.  I figure it helps to sell your stuff and sometimes a bit of humorous banter gets the punters hooked.

Some of my things on offer.

 Folding table, folding chairs, and my Indian Brolly
all individually for sale,
put them together as a display.

Everything except the cushions and blanket to be sold.

That's right,
all up for grabs!!

My lowly paid but much loved assistant went missing, I discovered him chilling out under the trees in one of the gardens.  Such a cool spot for such a cute model.

Today being Friday turned into a Frock-up Friday for me and a SuesDay. 
Which meant that other Sue was in town!!

We did the rounds of a few of our favourite places finding all sorts of things.  Confession time, the cat broach and Massage thing I actually got the other day at Habitat.  I have been using the Massager on my bloody foot, and it is helping reduce the pain.  That 2 month to 2 year diagnosis is slipping into the later.  I cannot be arsed going to physio ever week so will massage it myself.

We bought ourselves some Sushi and went to the Lake to devour it.  Only had my wee handbag camera so you really can't see the wicked pink water lilies as good as I would like you to see them. Might have to go back with my bigger camera.

We were joined by just about every local duck, swan, goose and pukeko, one cheeky duck even jumped up onto our picnic table, but got the bums rush by Sue W!!

 Sues times two!!!

We visited the new Antiques and Curios shop around the corner from my place, it is full with lovey things.

More little purchase from today.

 Ahhh back home to the coolness of the garden,
the swings seat,
and a cuppa, we were parched!!

 Cheers Big Ears!!

I scored this necklace and bracelet today for $4 at Hospice, the bracelet is slightly too small, so it could be remade into earrings,  or not.  But the necklace is lovely, filigree, not sure if it is silver or if it is even old, but it is very pretty.

Sheba in and out of the pool,
what a wonderful way for her to cool down.

The spare was in the pool and looked after Oscar
who isn't as flash at swimming
as Sheba.

TOF is away for the weekend with work, back on Tuesday.  The Spare and I have debated what we will have for our dinner.  He is taking me to McDonalds, I know, talk about spoil me.  I wonder if I will get to have a play in the playground?  One thing for sure is I more than likely will suffer from the McShits later on tonight.

Toodles all,
have a jolly weekend!!!!


Kay said...

Arrrghhh.. I agonised over that cross stitch, crochet doiley in the hospice shop on Wednesday but decided that I had too many.... you must have bought it after that!

wendy w said...

You two have all the fun - as do your two pool mates. Lucky thing getting treated to Maccas! cheers Wendy

wendy w said...

That was me! I'm fluffing about with google+ and don't really know what I'm doing. Have to somehow link it to my blog. cheers Wendy duchess_declutter

Angels have Red Hair said...

HA ... my eldest is hard at work at Maccas at this very moment ... shame we don't live nearby, you could have gone to his and got extra pickles on your Big Mac ;0P

Julie said...

I hope you ordered a Happy Meal at Maccas Sue ... do they still have toys with them?? I love your frock - looks fab. Good luck with all your stash on trademe, great time of year to be selling that kind of stuff ... no good in the middle of winter I'm thinking. That doiley & that ricrac trim ... be still my beating heart!!!!

Leeanne said...

Ahhhh, McDonalds............yes I get your statement! Lovely set up for the trade me sales table. Glad you two Sues had a fab day out.

peaches mcginty said...

Your Scouse accent is sound! d'ya know wharra mean like (yep, genuine, we say stuff like that hahaha!!) and 'sound' is most definitely good!! Two Sue's is also sound!!! I do love a Suesday! you two gals are looking fabulous, as always! good luck selling your goodies, they are going to get snapped up...can't believe you get the McShits too!! me too, it's a bugger! x x x

peaches mcginty said...

*I GOT THE SUE'S MIXED UP!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!!! DAMN YOU PERI-MENOPAUSE!! FORGIVE ME* goes off to despair over my mind................

Curtise said...

Two Sues, too cool!
Hope your stuff sells on Trade Me, loving the photos, that necklace is a beauty, and good luck with the McShits... Have a great weekend, Sue! xxx

Beth Waltz said...

Oh, Sue, please send me the pink water lillies, the pakeko (the one that resembles a turkey vulture?) and the Indian brolly table with chairs set. Oh, and the swimming pool complete with Sheba and a ball. *sigh* It's winter here and even a McD's slider outing sounds good.

Goody said...

Such a beautiful picnic hamper-I'm sure someone will snap that up right away. The way you've displayed it with the blankets is very attractive.

I'm no expert, but the clasp on the bracelet of the silver set looks old to me. I have a few older pieces with similar closures.

Should have grabbed that silly duck and shoved him in your handbag-that would solve the dinner problem ;)

I'm sorry your foot is being so stubborn. The massage thingie looks impressive-a lot better than those wooden ones where you run your foot over balls of some sort (though for all I know they may help too). I do hope it sorts itself out sooner than later.

Helga said...

Bloody LOVE that frock, you are a SPUNK!
Y'know, I just don't ahve the balls for selling...every now and then I think RIGHT, I'm gonna downsize a tad, time to sell...but I just can't stomach it!
Hope you do bloody well, my darling!

Joan Stevens said...

Wow! You are such a blessed person. You have even gotten yourself a massage equipment too boot. It's nice that you have found a way to remedy your pain quickly and without further worries. Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you!

Joan Stevens @ Stringer Chiropractic

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