Sunday, 22 February 2015

I am back, did you all miss me?

Crikey, another weekend is all but over!!

I have been productive over the last few days, yes I have.  On Friday I did my volunteer stint in the Hospice shop and really enjoyed it.  They have the best system in place for sorting clothes and I am cranking out the stuff to go in the shop.

I found the most gorgeous floral cotton dressing gown that I think I will be wearing as a jacket, and another pair of fabulous tights like some I have owned for a couple of years.  I also got Jak a pair of skins.  All only $2.50 each, so very good shopping.

From the Hospice I headed to work to pick up my contract to look over and sign, so it is so official now, I am back employed at the best place I have ever worked at.

Friday night I got busy in the kitchen as it was SPORT SPORT SPORT in our lounge!!  Cricket then RugbyLemon Curd was one thing I made using some of our lemons and eggs from our girls.  I still have a gazillion lemons, might juice and freeze in ice cubes.

Next it was Red Pepper Jelly - this stuff I make every year and it is divine.  If you want the recipe just message me your email and I will flick it through to you.  Absolutely yumo on cheese or cold meat.

Saturday arrived dead on time the following morning and I wore plaits and a frock for the day.

Some of the girls were misbehaving in TOFs strawberry patch, I had a lot of tidying up to do before he saw the evidence!!

Not Coral and Dorothy,
they are clucky as hell at the moment.

Move along,
nothing to see here!!

Yes Saturday was hard work, I think Oscar and I spent a considerable amount of time watching recorded stuff on TV.  Bit of a catch up day for me as there has been so much farking cricket to watch live.  So I made the most of my viewing time that had been allocated to me.

Today, Sunday, I popped out in the morning and caught up with some friends, delivering Jam and drinking tea at both places.  When I arrived home I found TOF up a tree.

The Apple tree to be precise.  Now I have a bucket full of Apples to play with, as well as the Lemons.  So I can see a night of stewing Apple very soon in my future.

This afternoon I baked.  Well I have promised a cake for the lads at work, and I knew TOF would frown so I made him a smaller one.  Sultana and Cranberry cake.  When they were cool enough I iced them.

This is TOFs.  He is going away for the week with his work so he can take it with him.  The shapes are white chocolate, a cheats way of decorating and the squiggles are glitter gel icing that comes in a squeezable pen thing.  I had fun playing.

And this is for the lads!!

Wisdom time:




Beth Waltz said...

You're right to repurpose the dressing gown as a jacket, Sue! My pet spring/fall cover-up is a cherry red 50s housecoat with a black floral border and big buttons.

Would that I could stash some of your goodies in my mother's jelly cupboard! Alas, it's now lurking in the foyer, painted black and housing indigestibles.

Curtise said...

Look at you, so cute in plaits! The dressing gown is a lovely print, mmmm to the lemon curd and the cake, and hurray for going back to your old job! xxx

Raewyn said...

It all sounds wonderfully relaxed Sue, pottering and doing domesticated things :-) Enjoy being back at your job, it's official now!!

Vix said...

You're on a roll with your baking, shopping and jammin'! You look very cute with your plaits, like a little German hausfrau! xxx

Helga said...

Darling, I love that floral dressing gown cum coat, such lovely colours and print!
I also love you in your floral frock AND I love lemon curd. Just smear it over yourself and we'll have a little party?!

Leeanne said...

good wifie!The guys at the new/old work place will be chuffed to have you back especially if you bake for them.

Angels have Red Hair said...

You are proper domesticated with all your baking and jam making etc. Good luck at work ... and of course they missed you ... that's why they got you back :0)
PS. Love that portrait of the chickens

Shawna McComber said...

You can officially call yourself a radical homemaker! Great finds at the OP shop as always. I am coming over to eat cake and lemon curd and some applesauce would be nice too. Your summer frock and pigtails are adorable! Congratulations on getting back to work at your favourite place. xoxo

Goody said...

Sue, even your cakes are full of beautiful colour! Love, love, LOVE your decorating (and I laughed until it hurt at the cake for work).

You look lovely, and happy to be back at a job you love. Good score on the dressing gown.

Melanie said...

I think the sports-watching is only a ruse by TOF to get you in the kitchen making yummy, yummy things! And I completely agree with you: dressing gowns make the BEST coats and jackets. I'm happy that you're back at your favourite job. Love your plaits! And the photos of your chickens.

peaches mcginty said...

My God you're a busy woman! I'm still chuffed for you on your job, the cake will go down lovely! a TOF up a tree, I kinda like men working hard!! if Dave does something in the garden I often perve on him hahaha! the floral dressing gown is gorgeous!! definitely a good idea wearing it as a jacket, it's so pretty, I adore the spot/stripe leggings too and I adore you in plaits, Vix is right you look like a Gorgeous German hausfrau x x x

Julie said...

Hi Sue - just catching up on my blog reading. So you got the job back again ?? YAY!!! Just the outcome we all hoped for. You will be chuffed, as will the men at that workplace. Especially as you bake for them :-) Congratulations Sue, I know how much you wanted this to happen ... good things come to those etc etc x0x0x

freckleface said...

Domestic goddess with plaits in your hair. so cute!! Those cakes look so lovely... Xxxx