Thursday, 19 February 2015

Make the most of every moment you have

Thanks to all you lovely peeps that commented on the passing of our friend, you are a bloody good bunch of ladies!!  There is nothing like going to a funeral to give you a big dose of reality, none of us know how long we have on this earth of ours.  So I say we embrace life as much as we can, and most of all do things that give you joy.

What  gives me Joy?
 The simple pleasures in life it would seem.

Tuesday night Dawn and I went to the movies and had a failure of a selfie in the loos!!  The movie was 'The theory of everything' about Dr Steven Hawkins.  Excellent movie, so if you haven't been, give it a whirl.  The fashion from the sixties was divine!!  Before the movie we had dinner in the food hall at the Mall, we dined on Pita Pit, a flat bread full of salad stuff, sauces and meat of choice.  Yummo!!

There has been some success
at the op shops.

 A huge square linen hand embroidered table cloth.
Perfect condition and needing a home.

 A large colourful pot still to be planted.

50 cent Butterflies!!

 The cutest $2 porcelain thermometer.

 Beautiful round table cloth
Dutch silver plated teaspoons.

Of course there were clothes!!
Ranging from $2.50 to $8,
all now washed and ready to wear.

My lovely friend Kerry was coming to visit yesterday afternoon so I set up the outdoor garden swing.  Our weather is behaving beautifully, so outdoor entertaining is where it is at!!

 The dogs joined me before Kerry arrived.

 Sheba got over excited!!

 See, there is plenty of room for everyone.
You really should come visit.

Just swinging like a kid brings

Last night I made Blackberry Jam.
Too hot during the day for such things.

I still have more Plums.
They are going to be made into
more Plum Sauce.
Maybe tonight!

Today I was a good girl and only went out to the supermarket.  Then another lovely friend came to visit this afternoon, my dear friend Anne.  So we enjoyed the outdoor swing and had a good catch up.

Want to hear some really good news?

I'm like so excited!!

I've known for a couple of days now!!

NO I am not PREGNANT!!!

The girl that came back from being on maternity leave has got herself a full time job with a bit of help from one of the lads who heard about it, and she finishes this week.  This all means I go back next week.


Obviously Cake will have to be made
for my first day back.

I never gave up!!


Leeanne said...

No more looking for a new job! You got your old one back!

Melanie said...

Congratulations on getting back your job! Yay!!! Cake is indeed in order. Your flowery pot and thermometer make me giddy. And the food and the swing and the ruffly clothes. And best of all is your failed selfie with a friend. It made me laugh. All's right in the world.

The Webbers living a life at the beach said...

Great news about the job, I had a feeling in me water it would work out, if not though we could have put a contract out on her!! :D

Beth Waltz said...

Wind chills -20/-30 as I head out the door today, Sue. But good news warms the heart: so happy for you, getting your job back!

That raspberry jam would be so delicious spread between layers of chocolate cake...yum!

Vix said...

Yay! I'm thrilled to hear about your job!
Your pitta lunch sounds wonderful and so does the jam and that stunner of a garden parasol should be mine! xxx

Angels have Red Hair said...


Curtise said...

Such good news about your job, Sue - that's brilliant!
Lovely to see you and the dogs chilling on the swing, and your fab finds too. xxx

Sandra said...

Oh whoop whoop, how cool is that. Love all your new clothes too :-)
Happy Day

Raewyn said...

Woot - awesome news about your job - best make it a big cake!! I'm sorry to read about your friend Sue...saying goodbye is neaver easy, no matter the age. Love your op shop scores - well done!! Looks like happy times on the garden swing!

Goody said...

I'm so happy for you-and for your employer! Finding good employees is no easy task. Most people don't go out of their way to get everything in perfect order before they leave like you did-They're darn lucky to get you back.

I have a bowl of plums on my table too...but they came from Chile! I live for fruit from the southern hemisphere in wintertime. Yeah, yeah, I get the "seasonal eating" thing, but OMG plums in February! They're doing the "hurry-up" panic ripening in a sunny spot.

Fiona said...

Bloody brilliant news about your job, they are so lucky to have you back. I'd love to come visit but unfortunately I'm in the wrong hemisphere.... shame, your swing and parasol look so inviting. I'm partial to jam too, tarts, roly-poly, I'm not fussy. xxx

Marja said...

First of all sorry to hear about your friend. Wish you lots of strength.
What a great treasures you found at the op shop. The tablecloths and that pot are
absolutely gorgeous
CONGRATULATIONS on getting your job back. Very cool

Peaches McGinty said...

I'm absolutely flaming chuffed for you!! it's all worked out brilliantly, I'm all for hope too, and hard work, it always pays off, you're our proof!!! oh you know I'd love to sit on the swing in your beautiful garden! we could have a blackberry jam buttie! (sandwich!) the clothes are gorgeous, the long black and white sheer number is divine! love me a bathroom selfie, you gals having a blast is a great photo x x x

Connie said...

Such good news!!! I love the snuggle session with your pooch. He obviously thinks you look cute with your hair up. I do, too!

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Yeh weather has been AWESOME!! Nothing to moan about at all!!
Love your opshop scores - make my feet a bit itchy. Hoping to start getting out a bit more soon.. frustrating!Dive into an oppy in passing every now and then! Have a nice weekend.

freckleface said...

Congratulations! That is just so exciting re your old/new job. I really fancy that film now, everybody has raved about it. Oh you have some real pretties there! Since Vix has nabbed your parasol, I'll have that beautiful floral pot instead, OK? Xxxx