Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Can't decide, then have both!

When I was over at Whangamata on the weekend my sister told me about a pop up shop across the road from her work, selling shoes.  I have a weakness for shoes I do, so I risked life and limb to cross the busy road in the rain to inspect what was up for grabs.

All left over stock from a shoe shop that had been sold so all brand new and tempting me something terrible.  I only purchased these gorgeous cobalt blue wedge shoes as I was behaving myself, and not many of the yummy ones were in my size.  Which I do think is a good thing really.

Yesterday while I was out trying to buy a birthday gift for a two year old girl I got side tracked in a department store having an end of season sale.  I found the above Red frock amongst the bargains which I ended up wearing to work today.  Perfect for the cooler mornings we have been having with room to layer under and over it when the weather gets really nasty!  Oh and I found a birthday gift too.

Look what else I found while out and about!  There is this wicked little shop I like to visit when heading out to Dawns house, which I did yesterday.  I called in on my way home and was faced with a dilemma.  Which one do I get, black at the top or black at the bottom?  I had one of those 'what the hell moment' and bought both.

When I got home, I found a parcel in my letter box containing these two frocks that I had won in an auction on Trade Me.  Super gorgeous light weight and colourful,  totally perfect for Autumn and you just know I will wear them in Winter with things under and over them.

Time for words of wisdom:



Beth Waltz said...

Beautiful shoes! Of course, you felt compelled to go forth and find garments to wear over them! Makes perfect sense to me and any other woman who loves shoes...

And, yes, buying both versions of the black-plus-dramatic-print dress is eminently sensible: doubles the options for layers, doesn't it. You do know how to have fun, Sue. How I wish I could take you with me on a hunting and gathering expedition today!

Fiona said...

Lurve your blue suede shoes, they look dead comfy but stylish too. I'm wondering how big your wardrobe is?

The Webbers living a life at the beach said...

You were right! You did have a bit of a spree didn't you! haha x

Goody said...

I'd have bought both as well-you won't feel sad when one wears out. I'm a firm believer in buying multiples of the same thing in different colourways-if you find something you like it only makes sense.

The red dress is particularly nice (not that the others aren't) in the way it flounces at the bottom.

duchess_declutter said...

Woohoo - go Sue! What a great shopping time you've been having of late. Love them all. cheers Wendy

Vix said...

Loving those blue suede shoes and the new frocks. Your wardrobe must be bastard massive!
Gorgeous bit of photobombing by the animals! x

Curtise said...

Ooh yes, go for ALL the frocks - they're fab! Great shoes too. xxx