Thursday, 26 March 2015

"Hello, are you Sue?"

Yesterday while doing the supermarket shop I had the loveliest experience.  A lovely young woman stopped me and asked if I was Sue.  Why yes I am!!  Turns out she has been following my blog.  How fabulous is that?  New to New Zealand this year and keen to do the rounds of the charity shops our Hamilton has on offer.  So welcome to our beautiful little country Velvet and your dear little boy Oscar.

Hopefully we will meet again!!

 Blogging is grand!!

You all see me at play,
so here is a peek into my little workspace,
my cosy corner.

It was all Black and White
Spots and Stripes

After work today I bought a healthy looking sarnie (sandwich) and sat at Lake Rotoroa.  It has developed into a grey old day today which is a shame considering the Hot Air Balloons are in town this week.  Not a lot of Ballooning goes on when the weather turns grey.

All in all you're just another,
brick in the wall!!!
Love the views through the gaps in this one.

The sweetest little boy was feeding the ducks with his mum.  I remember doing this often when my lads were that small.  So nice to see the duck feeding tradition is still alive.

No matter what the weather
it is a lovely spot.

Today I wore Purple!

Tomorrow I am off to the beach for a couple of days.

This time I plan to check out the caravans and the the fairs, armed with my camera and a few spare dollars.  Here is what is on offer the two days that I will be in town. (borrowed from the Beach Hop website)

Beach Hop Schedule

Friday 27th March

Castrol Edge Thundercruise to Onemana Beach
NZ Petrol head Vintage Market at the Whangamata Memorial Hall

RV Direct Retro Caravan Campground
Bands in Bars

Hop Idol Heats from 7pm

Saturday 28th March

 9:30am  - Rock'n'Roll Club March

Grand Parade

Meguiars Main Street Car Show

Ford NZ Car Shows & Bands

NZ Petrol head Vintage Market at the Whangamata Memorial Hall

Century Batteries Classic Car Show
RV Direct Retro Caravan Camp ground Retro Caravan Show

ADRAD Wearable Arts & Junkyard Fashion Show

Ctek Retro Pin Up Show

Hop Idol Finals

Prize Giving & Major Prize Draw

Bands in the Bars

 See you tomorrow


Leeanne said...

How cool someone recognising you from your blog. looks like you have good weekend ahead of you.

Angels have Red Hair said...

That's great ... you're officially a celebrity now :0)

Rose Bell said...

lovely pics from the lake you are a natural with photo's and nature. Enjoy your weekend and the atmosphere can't wait for the photo's and blog

Fiona said...

You'll be signing autographs next! Velvet, What a cool name. Enjoy the weekend. x

Goody said...

Of course you're famous-and fabulous!

Indeed the gloom will lift when it sees you in your regal purple outfit-it wouldn't DARE to rain on you.

Have fun at the festival-sounds like a great time.

Raewyn said...

How cool to meet one of your followers like that! Love your purple outfit - perfect for the day:-) Have a fun weekend!

Vix said...

Isn't it strange when that happens? Lovely though!
Two ace outfits to brighten up the grey.
I remember the fab photos from that festival last year, looking forward to more! xxx

Curtise said...

Fabulous in black and white, and in purple!
So funny being spotted from your blog; a woman I served in the charity shop this week asked me if I had a blog and said she recognised me. It's a weird feeling, I tend to assume that only the people who comment actually look at the blog, so it comes as a shock to realise there are all sorts of other folk checking it out!
Looks so pretty around the lake. xxx

Marja said...

yeeeeh you're famous. Love your great outfits. You've got a nice little office corner

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Gathering photos for the This is your Life Album!! ;) Have fun at the hop! :D

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Melanie said...

Sue, you're a schtar!!! But we already knew that.

freckleface said...

Woohoo! You're famous! And for the nicest possible reason. I love you in that bright dress with the purple wrap. Gorgeous! Xxx