Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Happy Birthday Baby!

Because I cannot do my gig in the Hospice for a few Fridays due to me being away on two of them, I collected 5 huge containers of stuff last week to sort for them at home.  Such fun!!  All containing wool and fabric that needed to be bagged and tagged ready to be sold.

This is how the fabric looks once I have done my bit to it.  After work today I dropped back the 5 containers, and then put it all out in the shop.  The old gals love me!!!  Thing is, I really enjoyed doing it, so they will search out some more for me to tackle.

One of the lads at work is having a clean out of his books and he thought I might like these, nice that he thinks I am a domestic goddess on a budget!!  And I am so gonna change the world for fifteen bucks for sure!!

Actually he bought in a pile and said take what you want and any left after the others have had a look I will drop off to Hospice for him.  These three appealed to me too, the car one is classic, it really is!!

My bosses sweet little seven year old son left me a note.  So cute.

All of a sudden my hair feels quite long!!

 Oscar was enjoying the flowers in the sunshine.

And Sheba just being Sheba!

The Heir turned 22 today,
and I just want to know where all those years have gone.

So the Spare joined us and we went to our local pub for dinner (paid for by TOF but he doesn't know yet coz he is away with work) and a game of pool.  Oh and watch the Cricket, which we have just won, and OMFG it was exciting!!!

Te Rapa Tavern, not looking very busy but peeps were down the other end of the bar.  Nice feed they do to.

Time to blow out the candles
and head off to bed.


Fiona said...

So the birthday boy doesn't like having his photo taken? Never mind.
I wouldn't mind a squizz at your mate's books myself and how do you stop yourself from buying that fabric? Love the tassel necklace btw.

Beth Waltz said...

Treasures! The Goddess book is YOU, the pix of wee Oscar in the flowers, the sweet note from the grateful lad, and the Heir's baby snaps -- oh, and the tassel necklace. I do like that tassel necklace because it wouldn't catch on my hair, which is about the same length as yours.

Goody said...

Yes, I too would like to know how the wee ones we carried around in the bend of our elbow turn into such great big adults? I need that shrinking ray from Honey I Shrunk the Kids-just for a few hours!

Your fabric remnants are so neat and tidy-they almost scream to be purchased. The books should be fun-fifteen bucks to change the world huh? In what currency?

Not that it matters what I think (but I'm gonna share anyway) I like your hair that length. It suits you.

Angels have Red Hair said...

I think you should tell the heir that he's not too old for a smack and he should smile sweetly for his Mum's photos ... HA ... BOYS!!!
We watched the cricket too ... what a game!!! I'll be cheering for you in the final ... unless it's against us of course ... then it's all Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi, oi, oi :0)

wendy duchess_declutter said...

Happy 22nd to the heir - yes the years sure do fly. Loving that necklace and the pups in the garden. Wish we lived a bit closer I'd love to do an op shop with you, would be fun that's for sure! cheers Wendy

Leeanne said...

Yup our babies grow up so quick! Good work at the Hospice, glad you gave some back for them to sell.

Vix said...

Great work for the charity shop, those bundles look most enticing! Those books look great and you look fab, love the tassel necklace and your long locks.
Happy Birthday to Grumpy! x

Curtise said...

Happy birthday to the heir (give him a clip for being so cheeky!) I bet they do indeed love you at the op shop, you're sorting out their fabric and making it look all neat and fabulous! xxx

freckleface said...

The bundles of fabric look most tempting, all bright and colourful. Your hair is looking lovely all long like that. Xxxx