Monday, 2 March 2015

So much to do in so little time, but it was done.

Friday afternoon/evening was spent helping the Spare move out into his flate.  The Heir helped so the three of us nailed the moving in one trip using three cars and one trailer!!  So he is all installed in his new gaff now learning all about REAL LIFE!!  I was heading out for Sue W's birthday dinner and my lads ended up making me pushed for time, so it was a quick brush of my hair, a spray of some nice smellies, no time for a change of clothes and I was gone.  TOF arrived home as I was leaving so we were like ships that passed in the night.

I have stolen some of Sue W's photos, only the ones that didn't show all the chins that came out with me uninvited!!  Bastards!!

Her husband cooked a feast and her neighbour made some divine treats for desert.  Me Sue and Kerry were trying out a new look,  before the evening turned into a Sing Star event.  I am not a performer, my singing is for solo trips in my car only, but I manned Sue's camera and caught her in the act performing.  She can really sing too, next time I should film her.

With the Spare moving out we temporarily have a spare room, until the Heir moves back in whilst in between flats.  He bought a new second hand bed which we installed and Sheba is more than impressed.   Both TOF and I had nana naps on it as this room is so sunny and quiet.

Saturday afternoon we went out to Raglan to see friends.  The land is so dry out that way and in dire need of some hearty rainfall.  Paddock after paddock, hill after hill, is brown.

Our friends had been in a week long fishing competition and their son caught a 94. something kg striped Marlin, very impressive.  Most of it is being smoked and some is being made into Marlin Pate.  We went to the prize giving with them where their son won the Marlin section.  The cutest ever little dog called Minnie was dressed as a Pirate, as were the crew of the boat her owners were on.

Sunday morning I picked just over 1.5 kg of Blackberries, more than enough to make jam, and that was only one picking session.  There are gazillions more ripening as I type!!

TOF dealt to the bucket of Apples he had picked and stewed them all up.  This meant Crumbles!!

Five are in our freezer and a huge one was constructed for desert that night, smothered in cream and or ice cream.  Yeah it was bloody lovely. The rest of the apple has been bagged and frozen.

I bought this little old pushchair off trade me, from Whangamata so my sister picked it up for me and got it sent back to town with her boss.  I had one just the same when I was about three, so I was pretty tickled to pick this one up for $15.  My doll Hannah fits in perfectly!! (much to the horror of all males, they think I am mad!)

I also bought the little Boomaroo washing machine, that still works for $13, same trader.  I think this is quite collectable so I may well on sell if the price is right.  So cute tho' and so well played with over the years.  Apparently these were made in the sixties - my generation!!!

There was some stewed apple left over so I decided to make an Apple shortcake for TOF.  He laughed and said "that's not for me, you will take that into work for those boys".  Well he had left over crumble to take away with him for the week and let me tell you, the boys at work loved it.  Apparently it was like shop bought, but better!!

 and totally loving it!!




Beth Waltz said...

Such a delicious post! I can easily imagine myself overindulging in blackberries and apples, then plopping down beside Sheba for a nice nana nap. It's good to see you out and about, Sue. We just saw record snow and lows on March 1st: woe is us.

Raewyn said...

I love this time of the year when there is produce everywhre and it all feels so bountiful and yummy :-) Great scores off trade-me!! Gosh I had heard the Waikato was dry - we're hoping for some rain soon too.

Connie said...

So much fun! A happy napping room is a very important part of life. And Pirate Dog. When he barks does he say "Aaaaaaaarrrrf"?

freckleface said...

Oh, I didn't know you could freeze crumble, that might start a revolution in this household. Cor, you just get rid of one and then the other comes back! ;) my sister said if her kids were still at home when they were 25, she was moving out. The 25th birthday is on
Wednesday, let's see what happens! We're the opposite to you, March signals hope and promise. I can't wait!

Julie said...

Ah yes ... I remember now ... sons, they move in, they move out !!! Its like musical homes sometimes :-) That is a lovely photo of you & Sue there. Her birthday dinner sounded wonderful. I am glad to see Sheba gave the new bed the seal of approval :-)
Your apples look scrummy Sue, I just picked the first 2 granny smiths off our new tree. Have a great week, bet those boys at work are just LOVING you being back.

Goody said...

Can I come live in your spare room? I'm about *this close* to running away!

Happy Birthday to Sue W! Looks like it was a fun party.

If those were my blackberries they'd get dumped in a large jar of brandy for a couple months, and kept in a dark, cool spot. See, if I lived in your spare room, you'd have blackberry brandy ;)

peaches mcginty said...

Blooming heck! it's all go at yours! son's moving out? how were you?
good to see Sue's birthday pics, it looked like a hoot! you all looked gorgeous, I inflict my singing on everyone when there's a karaoke, I think I'm Shirley Bassey (I'm not, I'm a walking foghorn) your garden is a place of plenty, look at the goodies! I didn't know you could freeze a crumble either! how lifelike is your doll, I did a double take there! x x x

Leeanne said...

great photo's of 'The Sues'...........looks like she had a good night. Better not let Sheba and Simon get together, Poor Simon gets egg cartons to sleep in, not fancy beds!
I wouldn't mind a dolls pram like that my my childhood doll. My mouth was watering at your your homemade yumminess.

Vix said...

That looked like a splendid night out! You're quite the domestic goddess, aren't you? I'm well impressed with your produce! x

Curtise said...

Happy birthday to your mate Sue, bet you had a right old laugh at her do.
Apple and blackberry crumble is my favourite - if Goody isn't having your spare room, can I move in please? I don't mind sharing with Sheba! xxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

Oh my ... an empty nest!!!!
I'm sure that day will be upon me in no time ... and I won't know whether to dance a jig or bawl my eyes out ;0)
I can almost smell those crumbles ... wish I could