Friday, 6 March 2015

I was born in 1962

The swinging sixties,
the time I made my entrance into the world.

That is me on my christening day.

My god parents and their eldest son, with my parents and my two older sisters.  My god parents are the parents of my life long friend Leonie.

1965 with my sisters.

I got my hands on this 1962 magazine and  found it both intriguing and funny, and totally loved the fashion.  Unfortunately the patterns are not there anymore, that would have been the ultimate find.

Amazing that even 50 odd years ago us females were still being tormented about weight!  Apparently we just needed to have a good shit.

 Lots of gorgeous feminine frocks.

The advertising was hilarious.  I so worry about what my friends think about my loo, and my hair care when on holiday is not a fabulous up do like this one.  And of course exercising outside in the fresh air keeps you slim! Duh!!

I love this frock.  I remember when I was trying it on being told by a woman that it made me look bigger.   Some people really need to engage their brain before their mouth.  Anyway her opinion meant diddle squat to me and I purchased the glorious '60s frock.

The pleating and detail, the label, the fabric, the colours, all rather lovely thank you very much.  Of course back in the sixties leggings would not have been worn and I seriously doubt a tattoo peeped out of a sleeve.

Talking of peeping, check out my nosy girls. Probably wondering what the hell I was up to and where was their breakfast!!

Peeping through shapes with my camera.

It was far to humid for a 3/4 sleeved frock and hair piece so I changed into this black and white outfit.  Much cooler and just the ticket for a trip round the supermarket and a few of my favourite op shops.

3.5mtrs of satin printed quilted fabric for $7, two layering tops $2.50 each and the most funny little book about MEN!! 

 But does he really exist?

 This is my lads,
they are at a Beer fest tonight!

 So funny,
and possibly quite true.

Lets just say a bit of lightening of hair went on this evening!

Me and my sister Helen in our Grandmas beautiful garden.
1967 I was 5 and she was 7.

And then there was the seventies!
Shorts and pig tails.


Beth Waltz said...

Ah, Sue, the family snaps reveal you are a natural blonde, which is undoubtedly why you appear naturally blonde wearing that sleek fall. Updo's suit you!

The colorful cotton is as exuburantly floral as your garden -- but the black and white outfit does seem simpler and cooler. I remember 1963: you're right about the leggins and tatoo!You would definitely have known what your guests were saying about them, never mind the loo...

Vix said...

Purple Ronnie! I'd forgotten all about his poems, he was massive in the 1980s.
Love the old photos and love that Concord dress on you. Some people really do need to engage their brain before speaking. x

freckleface said...

Well, I think you look amazing in that 1960s dress with your lovely sexy hair. Purple Ronnie! He did another thing after that (Edward Monkton) and he and his family were caught in the tsunami in Thailand. Random fact of the day. Love your fabulous nostalgic photos and nosey hens! X

peaches mcginty said...

OMG!! the Perfect Man made me howl, my mascara is everywhere, that is hilarious stuff!
Love the family photos's! you are all so good looking! I haven't a clue who my Godfather is, I must ask, he owes me haha! the 60's advert are brilliant, having a good shit never goes out of fashion or manners - that woman is talking crap, the 60's dress is GORGEOUS on you! and your updo is fabulous, I love your real hair too, bee-yoo-tiful photo of you in your floral dress (is it the dress you got from the other week?) x x x

Connie said...

Sue, you still look the same. I can see your sweet Sue face even in your baby picture. Well I would say that with a house full of them you are certainly an expert on Boys!

Melanie said...

Purple Ronnie? I'd never heard of that. And now I'll never forget it! Bwa-ha-ha. I am immensely encouraged that something like this got published.
I love you in your floral dress. Yes, nothing like childhood photos to bring out the hair lightener. Great pics of your family.

Leeanne said...

I thought you looked fabulous darling! Oh the fashions, so funny some of them. You and your sisters were real blondies!

Marja said...

oh these old photos are so cute. You are just a little younger than I am.
Absolutely love your frog and hair
Love the black and white one as well and these cool glasses. You must have a big wardrobe lol
Your pictures are great and so funny to read about the perfect man lol

Goody said...

What is it with people offering unsolicited advice in fitting rooms (and everywhere else, for that matter)?I've never done that, and I'm sure you haven't either. Ugh. Glad you ignored her because that is a great dress, and the coppery hues are terrific on you.

Those laxative pills must have been the forerunner of today's colonic cleanses(No WONDER they were so concerned with the appearance of the toilet!) women had it better in the 50's-they had diet pills loaded with speed (giving you the energy to clean the toilet again and again...)

Curtise said...

Ahh, the family snaps are adorable, look at you gorgeous blonde girlies! Loving the 1962 magazine ads - apparently laxatives were the cure for everything...
The Sixties frock is a beauty, I'd have snapped it up too, regardless of what some rude woman had to say about it! xxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

What a great wander through the past … I think you look great in your 60's dress … and that hair … wow … you look like Jeannie from "I Dream of Jeannie".

Helga said...

I swoon for your 60's frock, darling!
I am generally convinced that I just need a good shit in order to feel and look lighter...please do NOT try to convince me it doesn't work!! HA!
Great find, that Home Journal. They are interesting reading; any old mag is. Yep, they've been telling us the same rubbish for CENTURIES! Bastards.

Shawna McComber said...

I'd never heard of Purple Ronnie but his book is quite funny! I love both of your dresses and the rude woman doesn't know what she is talking about so clearly she was talking out of her bum too. You look awesome in the new frock! I love seeing the old family snaps. It's always fun to look back at the clothing and hairstyles that were popular and the suit your mum is wearing is the same style as the white one mum wore to get married in 1956. She made it herself. You and your sister in your 70s clothing and pigtails look awfully familiar too. I am five years younger but I looked like that in the seventies too! My pigtails usually had coloured wooly bows tied round them. I see your posing has really developed well over the years. Hope you had a lovely weekend, Sue. xoxo