Sunday, 26 April 2015

The rest of the week went a bit like this

I woke up this morning with one of those MOFO headaches that make you go back to bed and just sleep, so sleep is what I did and an entire has been lost to me.  BUT the MOFO headache has gone, so all is good again in my world.  Did I need Sunday?  Probably not, so nothing really has been lost.  Anyway I last blogged on Tuesday and I am glad you enjoyed our little walk in the Arboretum.

Wednesday was worthy of adding some Hot Pink to the day.  After work I hung with my pets in the back yard.  Oscar and Tex still battle for my lap.  Lucky for them it is of ample size!

Hot Pink even brightened up the garden.

I may not be able to Jump Up any more but I can Jump Down and I would like to apologise to those in Wellington and Christchurch that thought they were experiencing an earthquake (there has been a few small ones), next time I shall put out an advanced warning!

Thursday turned into a Cobalt Blue 
with Cartoon print leggings day.

Thursday was another beautiful day of sunshine, oh how I love a bit of sunshine in Autumn, may it continue!

Friday evening saw me re planting the tiered planter box with a few plants I had purchased while out that afternoon with my lovely friend Rose.  We had the most divine lunch at a garden centre, me  feasting on Scallops wrapped in bacon with a feta salad, Mmmmmmmmmm!!  We wandered about the garden centre and managed to fill her boot with plants, as you do.  I also added to the planter box cuttings and baby plants squirreled from my own garden, now it just all needs to GROW!

I love how the girls settle in for the night, some perch, some nest, but on closer inspection, some were missing.

Where were they you may well ask, as I to pondered that exact question.  I found Mrs Wickham and her new friend Florence up a tree.  They were removed and put to bed.

It has been suggested that the new girl name Maybelle should have been named 'The Machine'.  Apparently it goes much better with Florence!!  I think Joan is more of a Machine not Maybelle.

This is what Fluffy bottoms look like at night!! 

Ok, right now you may want to take a deep breath, have a potty stop and get yourself a cuppa, as I am going to share Saturday with you, and it is a little photo heavy but they are all worth sharing in my mind.


I had great intentions of getting up when TOF did on Saturday morning to head off to the Dawn Parade in town.  TOF was going off fishing and was obviously in stealth mode as I slept in until 7am and the Dawn Parade was at 5:30am.  THINK I AM TOO LATE!!

This is for those who do not know about ANZAC Day.

Being the 100th Anniversary, the Commemorations were huge this year.  In fact TOFs brother in law and nephew were lucky enough to get to go to Gallipoli this year through the ballot that was held, I am sure they will have interesting stories to share when we catch up with them.

Because I had missed the Dawn parade I went into plan B mode which involved horses, lots of gorgeous horses and this was at a more suitable time of day, 11am.

Horses and riders walked their nags in twos for 6kms through the streets, from the Equestrian centre.

I have since found out that I am related to these two red coated riders, how fabulous is that!

This gorgeous little girl and her teeny tiny pony stole my heart along with many other people that had lined the streets.

I want a Horse!!

After watching the Horses wander past I decided to head into Memorial Park where the Dawn Service had been held.

I found a park at the top of these stairs that lead down to Memorial Park on the Waikato River bank.  As kids my sisters and I played on these stairs and the path that ran along the back of the house as our Nana and Pop lived in the neighborhood.

Plenty of people  were still at Memorial Park,
maybe like me they slept in.

People of all ages and walks of life mingled together,
in a sea of Red Poppies and White Crosses.

How lucky we are in Hamilton to have a beautiful park on the edge of our might river. 

When I got home I found this photo of me on a Horse back in the late '70s when I was a teenager.  My one and only time to.

I spent my afternoon potting up plants and seedlings from the garden.

TOF arrived home with fresh Snapper which we are dining on tonight.

And the pets proved that two bowls and three animals can be harmonious.


Leeanne said...

Colourful post, many lovely outfits......maybe you need a trampoline for all that jumping? I was wondering how all your chickens would feel if you got a horse for your back yard too?
I too snoozed through the dawn service, but hubby played the last post four times on Saturday, which we wonder if that is a record?

Fiona said...

Have been thinking about your Anzac Day commemorations especially as it was 100th anniversary. Not surprised you didn't make it to the Dawn Parade! Looks like there was a good turn out later though and the wreaths are beautiful.

Vix said...

Hope your head's much better now!
Its been a revelation this week, I don't think many of us realised that 22,000 Brits died in Galipoli, The Somme seems to be our main focus.
Great outfits and stunning photos. xxx

Beth Waltz said...

Thanks for the views of the Thelwell ponies and their determined riders. Your little kinswoman is doing a splendid job mimicing HM! The head-on shot displays a perfect alignment of her spine and that of her beautiful steed. This is a touching tribute to the (two?) NZ war horses that came back home.

The tree-roosting hens gave me a chuckle. Once knew a dear old lady who was a bit slack in her housekeeping. She never bothered to clip wing feathers, so that when she went out back to feed her flock and chirruped *chick*chick*chick, her apple trees shook in all directions. Her free-flying flock gave wonderfully orange-yoked eggs!

Angels have Red Hair said...

Hubby was in your neck of the woods this weekend … he went all the way to NZ to watch a game of AFL football … MEN!!!

Curtise said...

Ahh, the Anzac Day commemoration had a really good turn out, didn't it? The Memorial Park looks beautiful.
So do you in your maxi and hot pink, and cobalt too! Loving the chickens up in the tree and the fluffy bums! xxx

Goody said...

I had to teach WWI this year, and it has been so difficult to get through the lessons without losing it. The numbers of dead are so hard to comprehend.

Hot pink is your colour.

All our fishing is for sport around here (you can eat crappie (pronounced, "Crop-E", not, "Crappy")but it isn't very nice. Those snapper look like they were a great meal.

Marja said...

Looking good. Ah and you have been jumping again. Now listen young lady we don't want any more earthquakes ;)
You are lucky with your park. I have been to the park in Hamilton and it is one of the best I've seen in NZ

Raewyn said...

Hope that headache stays away, Sue. I LORL (laughed out Real loud) at your earthquake reference - I'm sure those who felt it are begging you to stay on the ground for a while :-) Love your photos all round. Have a great week!