Monday, 20 April 2015

We've added to the flock.

The change of season weather is all over the place at the moment.  For example, on Saturday it RAINED!

It RAINED out the back!

And it RAINED out the front!

 In fact, according todays morning paper
we got a months worth of
on Saturday!

 Sparrows bathed in one of the drinking bowls.

 My garden appreciated the HUGE drink.

I think these are called Chinese Anenomies
and they grow like a weed.

 A last flurry of colour as most things are turning brown.

On Sunday TOF and I drove to Ngaruawahia to collect a couple of new Chickens to add to our flock.  He jokes that we are getting like Brad and Ange but adopting chickens not kids!!

Meet Maybelle on the left and Florence on the right.  Aren't they just so pretty?  Nearly a year old and only $10 each.  If I want any more I can just phone the lady and she will hook me up, she has always got plenty of chickens.

Today was a beautiful day, one to be enjoyed outside.  With my line full of washing I got comfy on the deck with some magazines and a cup of tea.  My morning drifted by and all good intentions of baking some Muffins fell by the way.  Maybe tomorrow.

All but Tex joined me outside.  He was snuggled in his bed dreaming of the gas heater being on and being delivered his meals to his bed. 

This afternoon I went for a walk at Tatua Arboretum and took loads of photos that I will share tomorrow.  When I got home I made the Chilli Sauce I had been intending on making for days.

I halved the recipe as I only had half the amount of Chillies.  Note to self: Chillies are HOT!!!  Do not rub your nose after handling them.  Mine was on fire for what seemed like FOREVER!!

TOF and the Heir are stoked as the sauce is very HOT!!


Curtise said...

A good soaking for the garden, newly adopted chickens, and a properly hot chilli sauce - wonderful stuff! xxx

Raewyn said...

How awesome to get such a good soaking....we're still waiting up here... your garden will be looking and feeling so refreshed. Bet all sorts of things will pop up now :-) Hope the 2 new girls settle in well. Hehe I made that mistake with chillies once - oh lala!

Julie said...

Yes the paper DID say a months worth in one day Sue. We got it over our way too - it sure greened everything up. I harvested my chillis yesterday so may give the sauce a try. Your new hens are verrry cute & suit their names :-)

Helga said...

O, man, if I had a dollar for everytime I've rubbed my eye or stuck my finger up my nose after handling chillies!!!!
Yeah, the weather is totally nuts at the moment! Not your typical Autumnal weather. Still, rain is always needed! And makes a great excuse for not doing much!

Goody said...

I'm such a wimp-I won't go near a chili without gloves. You chili sauce looks beautiful-great colour.

That sparrow didn't just, "Bathe" in the bowl. Don't tell the girls.

We put up a new feeder this week with seeds sparrows are supposed to like-so far, only the finches will eat it, and the sparrows are on the platform feeder eating breadcrumbs.

Vix said...

Well the rain is certainly doing wonders for your garden, its looking lovelier than ever.
Those chickens are cute, what fine feathery additions to the flock. xxx

Leeanne said...

hey we had some wet stuff too! look at those new pretty, did the other girls accept her or is it world war three?

Angels have Red Hair said...

You must have sent your rain to our place ... we have had a PHENOMENAL amount of rain this week!!