Friday, 17 April 2015

A Book Fair SuesDay

We get some excellent Book Fairs in Hamilton at our Horse Racing Club which just happens to be down the road from my place.  They are run by organisations like Rotary, The Lions, Red Cross and the likes.  Today was the second day of a four day one so me and Mrs Webber decided to go check it out.

We managed to find a few books between us so left pretty pleased with ourselves.  Most books range from 50cents to $3 so awfully affordable.  Once I am done with mine I donate them back to a Charity, I love that they continue to be on sold and raise money for some Charity.  I feel saintly!

I forgot to say, we had to empty the boot in Sues car at Habitat before the book fair as she had been having a sort out.  We of course went in after donating to see what was on offer.  I found this Annah Stretton suit at a very good price.  Of course it won't look like a suit when I wear it, there will be things under and over it to zhoosh it up and give it more colour and my spin.

From the book fair we headed to Frankton to check out the op shops, where we ended up wandering in to the most spectacularly colourful Indian shop.  I always walked past thinking it was full of traditional Indian garb, but there are harem pants, tie dye, embroidered, patchwork, skirts, pants, tops, dresses and scarves.  So much on offer to tempt a massive spend.  Sue bought three things, but I refrained.

Walking through Frankton to a coffee shop for lunch this Chaise caught our eye.  Holy crap cakes Batman, $1299.00!!  Bloody gorgeous but far too pricey for either of us gals.

As we ventured further towards the coffee shop I saw this gorgeous young man who just happens to be  MY nephew.  Yes he is very tall and I am some what short, but isn't he just lovely.  Nothing like a snuggle with someone you love.

Time to head home, part company and say toodle pip, and spread out my books to have another look at what I found.  The Chronicle is amazing, very cool to read of things that happened before and during my life.

This is one that Sue got but I am going to read it first as she has a Gazillion books to work her way through.

Someone is very happy that Winter has arrived.
TOF is home so the dogs are well made up.

The good Doctor should know!!


Vix said...

You Kiwis seem to have book fairs as regularly as we have vintage fairs! I need to go to one, my stash is running low and every charity shop seems to be full of chick lit and Sci Fi, which I can't stand!
My brother must be the same height as your lovely nephew, I was out with him today and feel such a midget in comparison! xxxx

Curtise said...

That chaise longue is a beauty, but not at that price, I'm afraid!
I treat charity shops like a library too, I often buy, read, and re-donate. The book fair sounds great.
Love that photo of you and your nephew! xxx

Goody said...

I do love a good book fair (perhaps a bit too much) and I can't wait to hear your review of, The Night My Bum Dropped. Mine was a more gradual process...

Wait...I'm supposed to re-donate the books?! Clearly, I've been doing it wrong.

Fiona said...

Me too, I re donate my chazza'ed books. Haven't read The Night My Bum Dropped yet, are there any top tips for dealing with it I wonder?

Leeanne said...

Oh I WANT that Chaise!!!!

wendy duchess_declutter said...

Another great day out. Love that red dress on you Sue (next to your TALL nephew!).
One day you will have to show us a photo of your wardrobe - I want to see where you stash all these goodies you keep finding!

Julie said...

You & the other Sue sure did find some great books there Sue. That one you have photographed about bums dropping looks a great fun read. Your nephew looks like such a lovely person - he sure does make you look miniature !!!!

Angels have Red Hair said...

Sounds like another highly successful Suesday :0)

Beth Waltz said...

I investigate the offerings in the book section at local thrifts en lieu of a visit to the dessert section of the market...your bags of books make me drool.

You must wear more red, Sue! It suits your coloring so much that I've now dubbed a certain hue "Sue Scarlet"!

Thanks for the inspiring view of ol' Tex demonstrating power napping. One can almost hear him purring in harmony with the electric bars' hummmm.