Tuesday, 26 May 2015

You won't believe it, it's still raining!!

But at least the sun is managing to poke her nose through the greyness every so often to lighten the sky.  I think the forecast is for improvement, I live in hope!

Yesterday I dropped off two boxes of stuff I had sorted and bagged for the Hospice shop in town that they gave me last week to bring home.  Thinking that was it for a while I was given another boot full of bounty to sort through.  I quite enjoy it as I can sort in the evening in front of the TV, and I just haven't had any Fridays spare to go in and help in the shop.  So I call this my 'HOMEWORK'.

Did you spot this amongst the stuff in my boot?  Well I picked it up for $5 and it is perfect for getting into the top cupboards in my kitchen.

I visited a dear friend yesterday, a visit that was well overdue.  Sometimes I mean to catch up with people but it just doesn't happen, so I made it happen yesterday.  We had a lovely catch up and she gave me these two gorgeous old patterns.  I always seem to leave her house with something from her.

I was top to toe in red, black and white yesterday,
and  I layered lots to beat the chill in the air.

My shoes reminded me of a Lady Bird.

I got baking in the afternoon and made Banana Bran muffins, which I tasted when visiting the lovely Julie from Threadbear Cottage a while back.  Mine weren't as fluffy as hers but still tasted pretty good.

I also made some no bake muesli bar, which some found it's way to my work this morning.  It looks healthy and it sort of is, apart from the honey, peanut butter and brown sugar that glues it all together.  But trust me it is divine.  If you want the recipe just ask and I will email it to you.

I had to dig out a woolen coat this morning to beat the chill outside.  I only need a coat for outside as work is pleasant and most shops are more than warm enough.  I really need to pack my summer duds away and drag out the winter woollies, this is when I have a major sort and cull of clothes and shoes.

Speaking of Woollies, I found this gorgeous cropped cardy today and had to have it.  The photo is showing it more orangey when in fact it is really more reddish.  I bought it in a cute little recycled clothing shop in Frankton.

Poor old Joan is in full on molt at the moment and looking pretty rough, if she looses any more feathers I will have to start knitting her a top!!  Seems so unfair that they molt as the weather is chilling off.

Check out that dark sky above the line up of sparrows.  This evening there was a slight pink tinge to it so fingers crossed tomorrow will be beautiful.

I will jump like that if it is fine tomorrow!


Leeanne said...

I like both your getups.........groovie purple boots! Your baking looks yummo. Guess what it has been raining here too.

Beth Waltz said...

Those SHOES! will look well with the new polka dot cardi. Or is that too many polka dots? Nonsense. No such thing as too many polka dots.

The kitchen steps would certainly have found a new home with me. My upper shelves are far overdue for a clean out, having failed the "can you actually say what's up there?" test.

Poor old Joan, featherless in the chilly rain! Oddly enough, there is a knitter's pattern for chicken woolies out there somewhere, Sue. A British battery chicken rescue operation provides them as a support project for folks who can't actually give a chook a home.

Mel Baker said...

The rain started here last night and is going to last on and off for a week. The sunshine was nice while it lasted.

Your woolen coat looks fabulous with those boots!!

Good girl for doing your HOMEWORK.

Take care.

Fiona said...

Love your little stepladder, they are also perfect for a quick distress paint job and displaying pot plants. Aren't those patterns elegant, in a way it's a shame we don't dress like that any more. I see some pretty hideous sights at work. (usually in stretch lycra leggings) I'm all for comfort but puhlease, look in the mirror before leaving the house ladies.

peaches mcginty said...

Ha! so true! 'homemade with love' and licks the spoon too ps don't tell my kids though! LOVE your outfits! love 'em! love the frills on your sassy black number, love me a cheeky frilly peeky petticoat! your ladybird shoes are just fabulous and your spotty cardi *fan club very happy* your no bake bar looks yum, I tried to make flapjacks today, utter disaster but will be good for granola - the step ladder is awesome btw - hope you got your sunshine! x x x

Angels have Red Hair said...

Love all the polka dots ... which are a personal favourite of mine ... and looking forward to seeing the end result when you whip up those dress patterns. Sounds like the perfect rainy day project to me :0)

Goody said...

I'm sure your homework gets top marks.
Purple!! The coat, the boots, the lady wearing it all=perfect!

It is a little sad packing away the summer clothes, but if I had woolies that look like yours I might view winter differently. I hope the sun breaks through for you soon.

Curtise said...

What's the point of home baking if you can't lick the spoon?!
Well done for doing your homework. Those steps are fab, and aren't the vintage patterns lovely? Teeny though!
Yep, winter's on its way (in your neck of the woods) but you'll brighten things up in that fab red cardi and all your wonderfully colourful layers, Sue! xxx

freckleface said...

Rigt, the penny's finally dropped. You're actually a domestic goddess, aren't you! That garden, the happy family, all those animals and now the baking. I LOVE the look of those banana bran muffins! Xxxx