Sunday, 24 May 2015

All I can tell you is it was a wet and windy weekend.

Here in the Waikato we have had two days of RAIN RAIN RAIN!!  And OMG how the temperature dropped off, in fact you could be forgiven for thinking it was Winter.

It is Winter?
Bring back the SUNSHINE already.

Two days of doing sweet FA around here for me.
Except stand on the deck
and take photos of life continuing on
in the 

                         Semi naked trees did look good
                                 against the dull grey sky.

Raindrops everywhere
on everything.


The girls weren't put off by
a little bit of RAIN
and ventured in and out of their house
in between the showers
to the back yard.

But when the RAIN
did stop
how beautiful the Magnolia leaves

Dear old George has a new lease on life.

He doesn't mind one little bit
sharing his perches
with the new boys on the block.

Elton and Freddy are more than
happy with the new digs.
Both sing their hearts out daily.

Of course these three
were just ecstatic to have

Cold weather = the heater.
The heater hogs kept it company.

TOF whipped up
Kebabs and Peanut sauce
on rice for our dinner.

I constructed another batch of
Chilli Sauce!

Yes we did Dr Seuss.


Beth Waltz said...

Thank you, Sue, for a lovely start to my morning! I enjoyed inspecting the garden in the rain, peering up at the sky through the trees, and poking my nose into the details of rain drops. The sound and smell of damp chickens evoked memories of my childhood chums who clucked...

And then, just when I was beginning to feel a bit damp and chilled, you welcomed us inside to join the heater hogs and nom on kebabs with peanut sauce! Winter in Waikato is a wondrous thing!

peaches mcginty said...

So happy to see/hear George doing so well! Elton and Freddy rock! love the pics, rain may stop play at times but it sure does make for pretty pictures doesn't it? and your pics are gorgeous - pets in front of the heater are the happiest! Jaffa moves me out of the way when I try and warm my backside, and I let her haha! TOF has serious food skills, those kebabs and peanut sauce look delicious! x x x

Angels have Red Hair said...

I love Dr Suess … he's my all time favourite author :0)
I love sitting by the heater on cold , wet days so I'd be hogging it too.

Vix said...

Even in the rain your garden is gorgeous! Love the chickens have a shower and all the pretty plants.
You are a domestic goddess, I want some chilli sauce right now. xxx

Mel Baker said...

You make winter look pretty darn good!!

Raewyn said...

In spite of the weather your photos and garden are still looking great!! And it's going to be another yuck day today! Hopefully our power won't go off 5 (or was it 6) times today! And it's time to get the fire started!! Good ole Dr Suess..... think of all the fun we can have inside!!

Leeanne said...

yes my summer loving friend................winter is here!!!! My girls were over from Brisbane this weekend and really feeling the cold.

Goody said...

I'm glad to hear the birdies are all getting along, and doing well. It was rainy and cold all week up here too-and we're supposed to be in late spring. I love how you were able to capture the raindrops in your photos.

Julie said...

Yep it sure did rain all weekend here too Sue. Dashed outside between showers to fill the wood basket. Dogs are loving hogging your heater I see. You are SO lucky your TOF loves to cook ... & he appears to be very good at it too!!!

Melanie said...

There's something so cheerful about seeing chickens in the rain. You've captured lots of beauty on a day that many would just write off. Dr. Suess, how I love that creator. And I'm so happy about George's turnaround.

Fiona said...

Your garden looks very pretty after all that rain and even the chooks don't seem to mind it. So pleased that George Michael has perked up now he has new companions.

Curtise said...

Heater hogs - love that description!
Well, the garden will certainly appreciate the rain, and it hasn't stopped you taking some lovely photos.
Mmm, those kebabs look good, and I do love a fiery chilli sauce! xxx

freckleface said...

How wonderful to have a couple of days to just mooch about the house! George Michael obviously wanted some company. I bet those three make sweet music together!! Blimey, winter. Thank goodness for heaters! Xxxxx