Monday, 8 June 2015

Sunday, that's right...


Well for another 26 minutes it is.

And it has been a good Sunday at that.  TOF and I headed off early this morning to our local Farmers Market which is held at the Racing Club every Sunday morning.  The Racing Club is not far from our place, in fact so close we could have walked, but we didn't!!

TOF normally scoots off to this by himself but I was actually up and dressed so he said I should go with him.  First stop was the Celtic Cuisine stall where my Irishman gets his Potato Bread, just like his mum used to make.  Next stop was the Wholly Cow stall for some beef sausages.

These were part of our breakfast when we got home,
with grilled bacon and poached eggs.

We wandered about the other stalls where I stopped at this one.  Clever lady makes the most divine bags, aprons, quilts and other beautiful things, she also has a collection of vintage collectables on sale.  Might have to take some serious dollars with me if I go back.

So many wonderful things to tempt you into parting with your money like FOOD!!!  Tan fingers like my grandmother used to make, only super sized but just as tasty.  These went down well with a hot drink later in the day.

Next time we might have breakfast at the market
as there were plenty of table and chairs
under the big old trees to sit at.

The last time I was at the Racing Club it was for a book fair.  Glad to see this place is used for more than just horse racing, it is such a good venue.  I really should make an effort to go to the Wednesday night market there and see what is on offer mid week.

I am happy to see my Fuchsias are in bloom
a welcome splash of colour in the garden.

As most of the trees are losing their leaves some are starting to bud, and the Lemon tree is full of another grand crop in time for winter.  Hot Lemon and Honey drinks are a must!

Joan is looking pretty rough these days.  Her molting makes her look like the morning after a big night out, a typical Sunday morning look for some!

The Idesia trees are going through their very own kind of molt.  The leaves are turning yellow then gently floating to the ground forming a multi coloured carpet.  The girls love to get amongst them and have a mighty old scratch.

Of course the garden was full of feathered visitors.

Sheba insisted I play ball with her.

She never tires of this game.

Waiting for her next player!

Out the front of our property I discovered our Manderine tree
is indeed producing fruit.

Of course Tex discovered me out the front
and followed me about.

Inside looked inviting from outside.

It was exactly where Oscar was.
All snuggled up on the couch

I joined him and TOF for the afternoon and we watched some of Season 5 Game of Thrones, well after all, 'Winter is coming'.

I came across this photo of my boys when they were young, about 7 and 9 I think, cuties they were.  Good mates then and good mates now.

I sure did!!

Wisdom time:

Makes you think!


Raewyn said...

Sounds like a great Sunday Sue, a perfect way to end the week with a trip to the market and some down time too. Love your cute wee fuschia, I need to get me some more of these - haven't had them for years:-)

Mel Baker said...

Your Sunday sounds and looks wonderful. Joan looks like she has been partying much too hard. I spent my Sunday morning mowing at our land - I got so sunburned. Forgot a hat and sunscreen - stupid fool.

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Remind me next time I'm in to bring some stuff to put on you chooks, Joan looks like she need some Vaseline rubbed on her legs and feet, the scales look raised and this is sometimes caused by mites. If you rub loads of Vaseline in it smothers them. :-D Wednesday night market??? Ooh! ;-D

Goody said...

I'm looking a bit like Joan these days with dry skin and hair loss-I'm going to tell people I was out "having a scratch"-won't THAT have them wondering!

Potato bread-love the stuff, and don't make it nearly as often as I should. Our farmer's markets are just starting up for the season, I should make a point to get to one.

That's a wonderful picture of your sons.

Leeanne said...

I say Old Joan is looking a bit rough around the edges.......perhaps you could knit her a coat or some such?
I regularly go to our local Farmers Market and buy much of our produce, you look like you have a good one. The stall with the vintage stuff looks tempting!

Beth Waltz said...

A table under the trees with hot coffee, sausage and eggs, and potato bread -- this sounds so delightful that conversation would be unnecessary (a sure sign among my friends that we are all enjoying the moment).

Poor old Joan does look a bit tattered. After a difficult week at work, I feel like she looks. We both probably could benefit from what my grand-aunt would call a strengthening beverage: do chickens drink Guiness?

Vix said...

I'll be looking a bit like Joan after a week at Glastonbury, bless her!
How exciting to grow mandarins in the garden. I can't imagine it would be possible here.
Great pet photos and I like the sound of potato bread. All the Irish I know make soda bread, that one's new to me. xxx

Curtise said...

Oh poor Joan - I know how she feels...
The farmers' market sounds great, love potato bread, but what are tan fingers?
Good to see your glorious garden, even in wintery conditions, and the critters too, of course. xxx

freckleface said...

Ooh potato bread, nice. my brother in law made some and it was delicious. I've also had lemon drizzle cake made with potatoes. It was amazing. Poor old Joan... Fancy being able to grow oranges and lemons. That sounds unbelievably exotic! Xxx