Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Holy crap cakes it is Wednesday already!!
Another week is just fast tracking it's way to the weekend.

So what have you all been up to??

Apart from rugged up in a long coat to keep warm I have put together a Totem made from seconds that Dawn has given me.  And it is looking spectacular on the deck.  I have had to tie it to one of the deck uprights until I get TOF to make me a more stable pole.

Close up of the colourful

The days of late have been cold as in the morning, glorious during the day and then cooling off again into the evening.  I don't mind this weather, as long as it doesn't rain, well it can rain at night, but not in the daytime.  It screws up so many plans when it rains.

Other seconds found homes
amongst my plants.

Oh yeah I am quite good at that.
But am I really doing nothing?

Fishy business in the garden.

This is so very true, I have mine locked and loaded all the time, you never know when you need to pull out a smile.  It is the best ever response to a negative person, confuses the bejizzles out of them to.

Flying Fish?
These are now because they have
been added to those

I am having a no spend week this week as Oscar is off to the Vet on Friday to have his teeth seen to.  This is going to be expensive but it needs to be done, so NO OP SHOPPING for me.  I am hoping it won't be too much but I think I am barking up the wrong tree with that!!


Goody said...

Oscar looks worried-hopefully the vet will be gentile on his teeth (and your pocketbook).

Dawn's seconds look first rate to me. I love your cheerful garden.

Vix said...

Poor Oscar, hope the vet's visit isn't too painful for him (or your purse!)
Dawn's creations are wonderful, adding colour to an already fab garden. Love your printed dress and the new coat. xxx

freckleface said...

Oh no, poochy's got to go to the docs. Hope it all works out OK. Yes, colour is good, always, as is a ready smile. I like warm people far better than cool people, and a smile is a very beautifying thing. It might sound odd, but I'm glad to see you in a coat. It's been confusing, I couldn't help wondering if you lived in a perfect little microclimate, where it's warm all year round. Xxx

Curtise said...

Vet's bills are very rarely "not too much"!
Love that cosy coat with the fur collar and your fab red boots. And I completely agree with Piglet! xxx

Mel Baker said...

Hopefully, the visit to the vet won't cost too much. I love the colorful pieces you have added to the garden.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Yikes ... I've never come across a cheap vet visit yet ... good luck

Julie said...

Hi Sue, if your cosy coat & your red boots go missing ... they may well be at my house !!!! Along with some of your 2nds from Dawns which look fabulous in your garden. Best of luck for the vet trip - they are never cheap are they!!

Leeanne said...

Hold on tight for a fright if you are heading to the vet, you are bound to be parting with several pennies! But that is part of having pets.
Liking that Totem pole, very jazzy and happy, Just like you! :=) Guess what arrived in the mail yesterday???? red boots! guess what I wanted to wear to bed last night! Keep smiling my friend :-)

Peaches McGinty said...

Ouch! vets are expensive, we took Cookie yesterday and came out £60 lighter, I needed a lie down - hope it all goes well for Oscar though - the totem pole is spectacular, looks absolutely brilliant as do you, you gorgeous woman! LOVING your outfit, love it! and Piglet was very wise, and I totally agree with a smile x x x

Melanie said...

Oscar may not like it, you either, but you'll both be happier in the end.
Your totem pole is stellar! I love the whimsy of it, and your flying fish too.
And your bold check dress and red boots with your coat look fantastic. Keep warm.
Wednesday crap cakes are best served with cream.

Jazzy Jack said...

Loving all your colourful garden additions!
How wonderful to make art with rejects.
All your sayings are spot on...especially the do nothing one. Working on that!
Jazzy Jack

Beth Waltz said...

Coat, boots and dress are wonderfully combined with your dark locks!

Hope all goes well with Oscar's dental appointment. It's a good thing, Sue: my vet assures me that routine dental work is the reason there are now so many 20-year old furries romping around our homes.