Saturday, 13 June 2015

I've been back to the beach because I can!!

After a leisurely start to my day on Friday I packed an overnight bag and my camera and headed out of town and over the hills to the coast.  Destination, Whangamata to stay the night with my sister.

I love this view that you catch as you just start to go down the second hill, the best sight ever, signalling the beach is getting closer.

I stopped the car and saw a massive pile of feathers, which made me think chicken killing had gone on.   So I called out to them and only these three turned up.  Guess you only need one healthy Rooster and a couple of hens to re populate the chickens on the hills!!

My sisters Magnolia is in bud and her rambling fence climbing rose is looking gorgeous and colourful.

Outside the kitchen window she has a bird feeder hanging and I witnessed this little group of Wax eyes feasting on a Persimmon.

How gorgeous are they?

I love staying at her house, it is so peaceful and relaxing.  We spent the afternoon out and about, visiting the op shops and a couple of retail places, one being Budda Lounge, one of my favourite must visit shops.

I never leave Budda Lounge empty handed, just a little lighter in my wallet.  The wind chime is divine and sounds like church bells, expeny but totally worth it.  Made by Natures Melody and trust me, it's fabulous.  Going to drive the lads round here nuts, but I LOVE IT!

This came from the St Johns Op shop in Whangamata.
(just how it should be)

 These I got at the Waihi St Johns op shop 
on my way over to Whangamata.

My sister loves
colour and collectables
like me.
(I am colourful but maybe not collectable)

 The very cute Ms Febe the poodle
or poo-doll as we call her.

And of course there is Clutch
or Mr Boo.

We were all pretty stuffed
so we went to bed.
And it
Blew like a bastard
outside all night!!

Helen went to work this morning and I went to the wharf, there was no one there except for me and a Shag.

The tide was going out and it got me to thinking how my dads wish was to have his ashes scattered off the end of the Whangamata Wharf on an out going tide.  I so hope he gets his wish one day and gets out of the cupboard in my mothers garage.

I think when the world is done with me I want my ashes to be scattered in the ocean over here, I like the idea of floating out in the ocean forever.

Before I knew it the time had come to say goodbye to my sister and Whangamata, but we all know I will be back again soon.  I have been traveling that road since I was four years old and it ain't going to stop anytime soon.

I stopped to take a photo of a line of trees, you may think odd? But I love how trees are planted on farms in a line along a fence line.  One behind the other this way.

And side by side this way!!
The colour of the countryside is stunning.

When I got home the Spare was busy installing a new bathroom vanity I scored the other week at Habitat as our old one was crappy.  So good having a chippy in the family again.  TOF did the plumbing side of things.

I am not sure what the Heir did, maybe he was moral support and offered words of encouragement!
All I know is it is looking mighty fine.



Serenata said...

Looks like all in all a very good weekend was had. I agree, fantastic view as you approach the bay. Some great goodies were had, and best of all the men folk had been doing jobs when you arrived home!

Mel Baker said...

Looks like a great weekend!! I can't think of a more beautiful place to spend eternity.

Leeanne said...

Seems to me Whangamata is your "Home" place, your heart seems at peace there. More good scores from the Opshops. I love the photo's, you seemed to have a way with taking them or do you have a fancy camera??
I have been wondering if you have finished your vintage wool jacket you were making?

Angels have Red Hair said...

Gorgeous photos … love those beach shots … and bathroom renos happening here too … we're living life on tandem ;0)

Goody said...

I showed the dual piggy banks to the boys and strangely enough, they didn't think it was funny. Can't imagine why?

A "shag" on the beach would NOT mean a bird here!

Lucky birds that get to feast on persimmon-ours only get raisins.

Vix said...

How fab to have a gorgeous beach like that to escape to. Your sister's house is gorgeous, she's got great taste! x

Beth Waltz said...

You are blessed, Sue, with a truly beautiful "happy place" on this planet. And how wonderful that you are welcomed to it by a sister who is also a kindred spirit (relatives are not always such, alas).

Thanks for the calendar shots of the chickens and the wax eyes. I'd gladly make the pilgrimage to Whangamata just to bird watch chickens.

There appears to be a drop from the Fountain of Youth in the new dark hair color potion...

freckleface said...

Your sister's place looks amazing, how nice to go and spend a few days with her. I have my father's ashes. Still don't know what to do with them.. Xxx

Peaches McGinty said...

Whangamata sure is pretty! what a place! feels good for the soul just looking at the pictures - your sisters home is gorgeous too, such a cool, chilled place - I think it's fabulous having a chippy in the family, always needed, always!! our shower is dying and my only solution is a big bucket in there (I should do a course!) x x x