Thursday, 2 July 2015

More cake and pompoms?

What a week!

Monday was my day off and the only day I have done anything slightly interesting.  The rest of the week has been work, work, and more work.  Could be due to the fact that I have a second job that I have taken on.


Slightly but I will get to that in a moment.

I decided to stay home on Monday and do STUFF!  Stuff like sorting and bagging all the things the Hospice had sent me home with for their shop.  Loads of fabric all measured, wrapped and ready to be priced, like wise with all the bagged goodies.  I really enjoy sorting through the boxes of stuff and returning it to them at Hospice all shop ready.  I dropped this all back on Tuesday.

I also did some pimping in the laundry that included some pom-pom-tasticness!!  I made a curtain to hang over the cupboard that used to be shelves until I demoed them on Sunday.  Our laundry had some useless as tits on a bull style cupboards, so I have changed them to two useful shelves and one big very useful cupboard.  

Then I baked a one egg chocolate sponge cake that was a massive success for me. One it didn't stick in the non stick pan due to being sprayed, and two it stayed in one glorious ring shape due to me not dropping it on the floor.  Oh AND three, it tasted so good the lads had it all gone by the following morning!!  

That is SUCCESS!

Remember the skirt I got on Friday, well here it bloody is!!

My snugglers!
It has been a lot colder of late.

Back to that second job.  I am helping the guy at the business next door to my work with his office stuff as his wife passed away and he needs some help and support.  My plan is to do this until I can teach his daughter to run it for him, but they are still all in the early stages of grieving.  So when I have finished at my work I walk next door and try to sort out what is happening there. I'm planning on going in there tomorrow and finishing off what needs to be done for the accounts etc.

Doesn't hurt to help does it?

Looking forward to the weekend tho', I have said it before and I will say it again, I take my hat off to any woman working full time!  

So not for me, 
I love my life balance.


Leeanne said...

Kind hearted warm hearted Sue.......that's you! fancy pimped up laundry. Simon has been curled in a tight ball too, even her in the 'winterless north'!

Beth Waltz said...

OH, the flowery comets are a skirt -- and as swirly as I'd imagined! This is a lovely layer to add to your closet options!

Bless you, Sue, for helping the widower cope! A sad story locally has become headline news when it was revealed that, following the death of a matriarch who'd kept the books, her family had not...kept the books, or rendered unto Caesar, etc., for several years. Your sacrifice will bring good karma, no doubt about it!

Goody said...

Sue, you're a good egg, you really are. So many people wouldn't spare the time to ask how someone is, much less offer help. I know you'll have it all sorted for them in no time at all.

That is a brilliant use of a skirt.

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

So you bake a cake after my visit!! ;) You did well to sort through all that stuff there was a lot there. Laundry looks a bit flash luv, did you uses the curtain you mentioned?

Julie said...

Hiya Sue, LoVe the laundry ... love the vintage sheet & the pompoms. Great splash of colour. You are very kind helping out those people, I agree with you, sometimes kindness just costs a bit of our time & means so much. Your cake looks so scrummy, wish I could just reach into the screen & grab a slice !!!

Melanie said...

Oooh, you are truly in it up to the elbows. Stuff, stuff. Well done! Your laundry area improvements are wonderful, and good riddance to silly shelves. I love your skirt. As for helping your business neighbours, I'm sure your kindness is appreciated more than you will ever know.

Mel Baker said...

So nice of you to help out - you are a good egg. The cake looks delish!!

Helga said...

Thank goodness you're a mad 'un, couldn't deal otherwise!

Angels have Red Hair said...

That cake looks the business … yummo!

Shawna McComber said...

You are just the best! That poor grieving family-I'm so glad they have you to help out. Your skirt looks awesome! I love it and they way you styled it is perfect! The cake looks delish! xoxo