Monday, 6 July 2015

The darker I get the more purple I become.

Another weekend in the bag!
Seriously those two days of swanning about just drifted by.

On Saturday afternoon TOF and I went over to Cambridge, well Leamington to be exact which is over the bridge from Cambridge.   Reason for this was a game of rugby between to lads in opposing teams that we have know since they went to school with the heir, and they all flatted together at one stage.

It was a hard fought battle of two evenly matched teams with the blue dudes taking the win.  The lads we went to watch are in the photo on the right.  Sue Ws son is in the red and blue, so her and Joe were also at the game.

She had her super duper mega lens on her camera and she took this photo of me and TOF all rugged up and in full support mode from the other end of the field.

Sunday afternoon we headed off to Raglan to catch up with some good friends of ours.  We ended up going out to look at the beach after our visit this time, normally we check Raglan out first.  Manu Bay was lovely and Wintery looking with a hand full of bods out braving the cold waves.  They must be bloody mad!

The sun was disappearing fast behind the clouds
so the colours were for ever changing.

All just so gorgeous and serene.
By the time we got home it was well and truely getting dark.

(thanks Google Images)

When TOF was a little four year old lad he arrived in New Zealand by ship from Ireland with his family.  He was accompanied by two good friends that have been living in the top cupboard in our bedroom for a couple of years now.  

I thought it was about time they
 'came out of the closet'.

 Meet Bobo...

...and Joe.

Joe was TOFs first Christmas present when he was only two days old which makes Joe Bear 58 now.  So glad we still have him.

I bought them an old cane pushchair last week off trade me, and they look perfect in it together.  Oscar greeted them of course and Sheba eyed them up as mere play things.  She has been warned!

Imagine TOF as the curly headed
little Irish lad with his
two bears.


Yes I have done it again
but this time
With a purplish tone to it
and I am loving my new hair colour.


Leeanne said...

Fabulous photo's! I love the old teddies and their new/old pram, these are usually very pricey. I rescued my hubby's teddies from his parents house, they had to come home and meet my childhood teddies, one big happy family.

Shawna McComber said...

LOVE this dark purple hair!!!! xo

Melanie said...

Yes, love your new hair colour too! It really play up the colour of your eyes.
Rugby and surfing and teddy bears - the life of boys! Beautiful story about TOF and his bears.

Mel Baker said...

Bobo and Joe are adorable!! I love the new hair color.

Alwin Leerling said...

Fabulous hair colour Sue! Keep that one definitely.

Beth Waltz said...

The push-chair is a perfect throne for these venerable bears. And, yes, with a gigantic launch of the imagination one can just envision TOF as a wide-eyed toddler clutching his wide-eyed bears, one in each chubby arm.

Ta-fricken-da indeed! The new hair colour is working magic with your blue eyes!

Vix said...

Your hair looks so long now you've gone over to the dark side, I love it!
That pushchair is a fab find, just like how antique bears are displayed in stately homes. xxx

Goody said...

Those surfers have lost their minds (but it does look fun).
Dark hair really suits you, particularly with a purple cast.

How nice that the bears have a beautiful new spot to live in.

Have a great week.

Fiona said...

Great shots of the surfer dudes. Aaah, I love old teddies especially if they look a bit worse for wear, like Joe. Great score on Trade Me.

Helga said...

Ew, surfers are MAD! Bugger that for a joke!
I am loving the dark hair, it's perfect for Winter and super pretty on you.
I have a couple of childhood stuffedtoys, but despite having squillions of stuffed animals as a kiddiewinkle, I just can't stand them now, so the couple I have are tucked away. Besides, if I had them out, Peepers might try and hump them, which would be undignified.

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