Friday, 17 July 2015

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but I reckon I will get the hang out of crochet.

When the boots I had bought off Trade Me arrived on Thursday morning before I left for work, it only seemed right to wear them. 

 And why wouldn't I when they are this YUM!

Of course I had to then  plan my entire outfit around the boots.  There was a Helga-tastic moment when I decided on YELLOW tights!!  It was foggy as so that is what the spots are, either that or they are orbs and I had shit loads of company, you decide!

By mid morning the fog had lifted and the sun was shining it's little yellow bum off high up in the sky, in fact it was quite mild.  I finished work early because I am up to date and bloody efficient, so I popped in to a few op shops.  Not alot grabbed me except the Purple jacket that went perfect with my outfit and some fabric bits.

Today I drove out to visit Sue W for a crochet lesson.  OMG she has the patience of a saint, I cocked it up a few times and she would just quietly undo and get me on my way again.  

Thanks Sue!!!

Oscar came out for a play date but not much playing went on, Max found a spot in the sun and Oscar assisted in my crocheting.

Max and Oscar.

Sue whizzed up a dam fine lunch of toasties and the small dogs joined us at the table when lunch was over.  Oscar hasn't mastered the art of sitting as nice as Max.

Sues grand-puppy Astrix was there for the day,
and he is so cute.  

We had an after lunch wander around the farm visiting all the animals who were moaning as they wanted to be fed.

Royal Frogs,
Daffodils in Winter.

Smiling goats.

Inquisitive sheep.

We all know to let sleeping dogs lie.

 Thanks for a lovely afternoon.

 I found the rainbow!



Jazzy Jack said...

I wanna see the crochet! Wah! :-)
Well done for trying a new skill.
Gorgeous tights shining away in your boots! Xo Jazzy Jack

Mel Baker said...

Those boots have some serious YUM going on!! Love the pics of all the dogs - makes me happy.

Goody said...

Yep, those are terrific boots.

Another magical layered outfit. Of course the purple coat went wouldn't *dare* not! I vote orbs.

Doggie play dates, crochet lessons, and an afternoon with a good friend-sounds perfect all around.

Leeanne said...

MORE BOOT ENVY!!! You are getting there with many different colours. So where's the crochet??? I wore my friends out when they tried to teach me, so I turned to Youtube, granny squares are so relaxing to make.....maybe cause I'm a granny! BTW I love the mustard coloured tights..........where did you find those? Sues place is looking lovely and many smiley furry faces looking on.

Julie said...

Now Sue, you simply MUST show us your crochet attempts -they cant be as bad as my first go ... mine looked like a small worm that ran off to nothing .... Sues place always looks restful & relaxing, sounds like you had a lovely day. Love the colourful outfit with the new boots too.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Oh i do love a goat … specially a smiling one :0)

Beth Waltz said...

The goat-herding gene runs rampant in my father's family: I'd be delighted to meet those smiling beauties! Methinks I see a touch of the Nubian in those ears.

The diagonals in the pattern of these exquisitely crafted boots demand nothing less than the colorful zips and zaps in your floaty top. The Helga-lacious tights are the ribbon on the package! This is the sort of styling success that gives a woman courage to try to crochet a whatever-it-is you're crocheting.

freckleface said...

Great boots, and I love your homage to Helga tights. Ooh, cheese and tomato toasties! Hmmmmm. Xxx

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