Tuesday, 14 July 2015

What a difference a day makes

Like yesterday was nothing short of GLORIOUS!

One of those lovely Winter Days with clear blue skies and Sunshine.  Any day that doesn't rain is a good day in my mind.  I can handle the cold if the sun is showing in the sky.

My Idesia Trees had feasting birds in them all afternoon.

My Daphne is beginning to bloom,
I love the perfume that comes from these
pretty little flowers.

My bamboo wind chimes tinkled away in the gentle breeze.

The climbers have finally
made their way to the top and furiously flowering.

Nothing is quite as nice as an afternoon in the backyard.

The girls ventured out into the back yard to join me.

Plenty of these are growing!


 There are  flowers.


Dear little Wax Eyes
joined the berry eating
bigger birds.

Then along came TODAY.

And it was back to
hats, gloves, scarfs, and coats!

Grey, dull and COLD.

My resident Black Bird still came to visit.

 Tex decided the back yard was where
his business got done.

Top to toe in Red, Black and white,
paying homage to Lady Birds and Black Birds.

Good day to call in on a couple of Op Shops.

 Brand new Bird Feeder for $10.

 Brand new Dashboard Hula Doll for $4.

 Perfect layering pieces all $6 each.

Happy dogs,
Sheba has a new ball  $5,
and Oscar has two new soft toys $1 each.

The Spare read this book and said it was great so I read it too, like in under an hour.  I can recommend it as it is one of those thought provoking ones.

And apparently we are due for some



Leeanne said...

winter is made for you! Look at all those lovely colourful layers!

Fiona said...

What fab back yard pics Sue...your chooks look very content.

Poppy Q said...

Getting sick of winter now. At least if it rains it will be a bit warmer rather than freezing.

Love all of your bright outfits. Good on Sue.

Beth Waltz said...

Those open shoes displaying lacy black socklettes, worn with spotted tights and your new flower-comets skirt, definitely merit a close-up! Was this combination of textures, patterns and colors inspired by the fine feathered layers of one of The Girls?

Goody said...

Danny enjoys looking at your bird photos-he came running when I mentioned the Wax Eyes.

I was thinking that Sheba and Oscar are standing for photos with their toys like children on Christmas morning-so very cute. I'm sure Tweety Bird will be well loved (to bits).

You always look so great in red white and black. Those new pieces look like they'll work well with your style.

Helga said...

Hahahaha, I love watching cats do their business! Their little faces are so sweet and serious!
The girls are just gorgeous. Can't wait to have my own!
We've eben getting some good, clear sunny Wintery days. It's soooo nice. Makes those chilly, frosty mornings worthwhile! Won't be long thouigh, baby, and Spring will be springing! It's already the middle of July!

Mel Baker said...

Looks like a lovely winter day. Great pics!!

Angels have Red Hair said...

Oh well, without a few bad days in the mix we'd never appreciate the good ones ... keep warm ... and dry :0)

Curtise said...

I love those sharp clear blue-skied winter days too. Your garden is looking great, love all the fabulous close-up shots, and the gorgeous pets, of course. You're not looking too shabby yourself, Sue - rocking the red and black winter layers! xxx