Thursday, 23 July 2015

Waffle, and such things.

Yay for sunny Winter days and may they continue!!

The weather was so nice yesterday that even Joan was found escaping the designated part of the garden for her and the other girls.  She is a cheeky tart, but a good looking one now she has grown all her feathers back.  Something else that is looking good is my Winter Roses.

In fact I think I was slightly
colour co-ordinated with the Winter Roses!

Yep I had that purple covered,
and some green,
and some aqua,
well I just went for it.

I have another boot full of stuff to sort for Hospice.

And an empty room to re decorate.
That green and blue is going.

Today I got a new cup from Dawn.

I took my car through a car wash.

With so many birds feeding of the berries in the Idesia Tree
I decided to add some variety to their diet.

 And hung that new to me bird feeder in the lower branches.

They ignored it.
Maybe tomorrow.

These two hung outside with me.

 The girls joined us for a close inspection 
on how well the lawn is doing.

Day time Moon.

 More of my favourite colour appearing in the garden.
Ok, so all colours are my favourite.

He was sneaking off for a drink at his local bird bath!

Heads down and fluffy bums up,
the sign of some very busy girls indeed.

In fact it was a great day for getting your
washing out on the line.
mine is all up to date
so the line was



Leeanne said...

A bright and breezing post! And you my friend are a riot of colour! I love that! The fluffy bottom girls (Freddy Mercury could have come up with a song for them to the tune of "fat bottom girls make the rocking world go round") are looking very happy in your patch of H-town. I look forward to the room make over. COOL T cup for Sue.........happy Friday tomorrow.........the jugs on!

Goody said...

Oh no, leave the blue/green walls as they are so I can move in (favourite colour combo)!

A lovely personalised teacup, and your magnificent layering skills on display. I've never seen a purple rose variety of that sort-they're just beautiful.

Don't you just imagine the conversations the girls are having as they peck along the grass? "Where should we hide the eggs this week, ladies?"

Vix said...

Loving the coordinated outfit and your new special mug!
How ungrateful for those sweet little birds not to appreciate your kind efforts. xxx

Julie said...

Even your hair colour matches your outfit Sue. Love the new cup Dawn made you ... gorgeous. Don't worry about the birds, they always take a little while to come to any new feeders, they just need to get over themselves a tiny bit first & they will find it.

Fiona said...

Love the last two photos Sue. I bet those birds will be on your new feeder before the week is out. x

freckleface said...

Ooh you are beautifully coordinated in shades of purple! Your home life always looks so much fun. A room to decorate, what fun! Xxx

Mel Baker said...

I can't imagine you having a favorite color as it seems you love them all. An empty room to decorate - how fun!! Share photos of it when you are done - can't wait to see what you did with it.

Curtise said...

Love the busy girls with their fluffy bums ahoy! Lots of fab things here, Sue - handsome pets and gorgeous birds, including you! xx

Angels have Red Hair said...

You were totally colour co-ordinated with the roses … I can send you a bit of my washing if you're at a loose end ;0)