Tuesday, 28 July 2015

I'm still here.

Holy crap cakes where have the days gone of late??

This was Friday on my day off.  I went out for the morning doing tasks like registering the car, all very grown up and responsible.  The weather was fine as far as I can recollect, but still required a bit of artful layering.  My sister and her hubby were over for the afternoon so I went out with them, bit like a co pilot as they don't come over to the Tron that often so where to go, where to park are made easier with a local on board.  Naturally it was a good time out.

I have been attacking the fringe again, it seems to grow like a weed, a dark weed these days.  I have publicly apologised to my hairdresser for giving it the hack.  I don't think I could maintain a perfectly shaped fringe anyway so my way ward one is all good with me.

I spent Saturday 'posing' as a Wedding photographer with this lovely young woman.  Noelle is beautiful inside and out, one of the sweetest young ladies I have ever met.

She looked gorgeous and it was lovely  to have been a part of her special day.  How cute is her dear little daughter?

Her bouquet was simply amazing, and such a beautiful keepsake.

The wedding was held in one of my most favourite places, The Hamilton Gardens, so of course I was in my element.  I have one more wedding to photograph next year and then I can hang up my wedding photographer hat.  I now understand why wedding photography is an expense, it is a long day behind the camera and you never know if you are getting all the photos required.

On Sunday with TOF helping we went and collected this lovely Chaise and matching chair.  $80 for the both (trade me strikes again) and simply perfect in the ex sons room, now our spare room.  Comfortable enough to sleep on, I know this because I had a nana nap on it yesterday in the afternoon sunshine.  The curtains I scored last week, also from trade me.  I have a lot of sanding and painting to do but I do like the room to look like a room, hence the dressing of it, and I don't know when I will do the required work, but I know I will.

I stayed home most of yesterday and managed to sort and have ready for sale all the stuff for Hospice that I had bought home.  Being home I witnessed this sort of thing.  Some how Courier drivers thing our driveway is the perfect place to park when delivering to the school next door.  I am pretty tempted to drive the van down the road and park it still running like the drivers do in my drive way.  Be bloody funny to see how they would react, hmmm maybe I will!!  

That's it folks, hope your world is rocking along gently.  Take care and remember to take time to smell the coffee or the roses, which ever one spins your wheels.


Beth Waltz said...

This haircut and color is so expressive of your colorful, design-conscious, "wayward" personality, Sue. Your hairdresser should take notes!

Are the curtains a type of heavy silk or satin? Will they cover both windows and walls to create a hidden storage area? You've got scarlet curtains, a mauvish suite, a creamy rug and what else...? Watching the creation of this room beats a tennis match!

And, as usual, I covet your shoes. They'd wear so well with my pet pair of jeans.

Goody said...

A chaise just screams glamour, to me at least. I like your fringe-the perfectly straight ones look so terribly severe and unless you're a 20's movie star aren't easy to wear.

The bride is beautiful and her gown is lovely (generally speaking we don't see many winter garden weddings here so it is fun to see how someone dressed for it). The bouquet is a brilliant idea. I'm sure your photographs will be perfect and the couple will love them. You're good at capturing what's important in a photo, not just what's bright and colourful.

And like Beth, I too like the shoes.

Julie said...

Looked like a very gorgeous wedding Sue - loved the bouquet, have seen that done before in different colours. Your spare room is coming together - dont forget to post some "after pics".

Leeanne said...

Looking colourful as usual. Lovely wedding, what a bouquet! A keepsake for sure. Good scores from TM.

Angels have Red Hair said...

You need to give us a tour of your whole house ... showing off all your bargain finds.

Fiona said...

Glad I'm not the only fringe hacker, my hairdresser berates me but I ignore him. Love the chaise and look forward to seeing the finished room. I'm sure you did a cracking job with Noelle's wedding photos. x

Vix said...

Love the cheeky fringe and the fabulously colourful outfit.
What a beautiful smile your bride has and her daughter is adorable.
Love the chaise! xxx

Mel Baker said...

That chaise looks very comfy; I would like to take a nap on it. I would love to see the driver come back to your driveway to find his vehicle gone. Might teach him a lesson!!

Jazzy Jack said...

Adore the curtains, shoes, bride and your fringe! Also the chaise requires lolling with strawberries and cream, or some such. Hope we see a demonstration soon ;-) xo Jazzy Jack