Tuesday, 11 August 2015

A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles

On Saturday I drove out to visit Sue W
as some babies had finally arrived that morning!!


 These sheep are still full of babies!
Except for the Ram.

 No babies here.

Babies? There are babies? Where?

Tucked up inside a shelter was this mum and her brand spanking new twin lads, so cute to.  Only hours old so I couldn't get close.  Like most new mums, she needed her space and time to bond with her babies. 

On my way home this bunch of bovine caught my eye, and it would seem I caught theirs as they gathered at the gate to check out what I was doing.

 They are such funny animals,
look at them watching me watching them.

I  gave up first as it started to rain!

Can you see the rainbow?
Perfect timing as I stopped at this old barn.

Life in the country looks idyllic to me.
But I know it is hard work.

Spring is trying to arrive now.

On Monday I drove out to visit Dawn as she is finally in her new house.

I took a photo of this handle-less cup she gave me to show her what I am using it for.  
While I was in her studio I drew a picture of a toothbrush and toothpaste holder that she might have a go at making.  It is a spin on one of her birds so it will fit in with her collection.

Dawns new studio is awesome, light and roomy and such a good place to hang out in.  She was busy making busts and half caravans, while I was busy watching a Kingfisher that kept landing on the farm fence outside.

All of these gorgeous things are seconds, not that I could really find much wrong with them, but she is incredibly fussy.  So these are all for sale.

Coming home from Dawns place I stopped to photograph the best chicken coop ever, a log cabin style one.  Across the road was a paddock full of deer.

Because it was such a lovely sunny day (cold, but sunny) I drove round the Lake I love.  Lake Rotoroa, the one in the middle of our city.  The building above is a restaurant/cafe called The Veranda.  Nice spot to have lunch for sure.  There is a cool playground to the right of it that generations of Hamilton children have happily played in over the years.

I suspect there are as many, if not more Pigeons than ducks residing at the lake.  They live in the tall palm trees and the bugger shit everywhere.  They coo while they poo!

Lots of people were out walking dogs, pushing prams etc around the lake.  I really should do that one day, walk the dogs, not push a pram!

I came home with some more filler bits for my totem, so it is now complete.
I was going to bake a cake in the afternoon but I ran out of time so I bought this scrum-diddle-umshish one from the supermarket.  Looks home made perched under the dome and it won't last long. 
But I did have time to make soup.  Idea came from Dawn.  Roasted pumpkin and garlic, with fresh fennel and chicken stock.  Pumpkin grown by Sue W and the garlic and fennel from our garden.  It was YUM!!

Layers of warmth and colour for me on this sunny cold day.

Today I drove back out to Sue Ws place as it was another sunny day and those lambs needed another visit.  Max of course followed us everywhere and kept me entertained, he is such a classic little dog.

Four days old and looking as cute as ever.

Mum kept a protective eye on me at all times.

Of course we hung out with the goats.
I mean, why wouldn't you?

A Tui was sitting singing in one of the trees
on the driveway.
Some Kingfishers were chilling out in other trees.

Beautiful rolling landscape of country colour.

Sepia finish for that gorgeous old barn.


So glad I have friends that live rurally so I can soak up the peace and tranquility that the countryside offers.  Thanks girls.



Leeanne said...

Fabulous lambs, cute black faces. Lovely photo's.

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Yer welcome, hopefully we'll have more babies for you soon :D

Goody said...

The cattle were looking at you wondering if you had food! "Is it feeding time? Hey look guys, a person thing, I wonder if it is bringing food? Mmmm, hay. Oh no, the human-thing is getting back in the car! Don't go, human-thing, bring us some hay...aw hell...not again. Where's the one that brings the hay?"

Dawn's new studio looks incredible.

Rural life IS hard, I wish I could say I miss it. Maybe I'll get nostalgic as time passes.

Vix said...

Wonderful photos, Sue. Those lambs are adorable.
Dawn's studio is as amazing as her creations. I wish I could visit. xxx

Curtise said...

Such fantastic photos, you are especially good at animals, I think. Those cattle eyeballing you are hilarious, and the cuteness of the lambs is almost enough to make me think about becoming veggie... almost but not quite! Yes, the rural landscape around you is certainly beautiful, but a farming life would not suit me at all - far too much like hard work! xxx

Raewyn said...

Absolutely beautifully awesome photos Sue...love them all! Our neighbour's black faced sheep are nearing the drop too, hope they have such gorgeous wee lambs! Love the sepia shots too. Actually love them all :-) Oops I already said that!

Fiona said...

Love that pic of the dog with his head down a rabbit hole! Any mention of New Zealand Lamb conjures up images of Raewyn Blade bleating on about it (no pun intended) on a tv advert back in the 70's. Dawn's black and white houses are fab.

Connie said...

I just love hanging around with you. Taking photos, playing with animals, visiting friends, shopping for cake. Such a fun fun day.

Julie said...

Love the photos Sue - love everything. Those little black face lambs are soooo cute. I have serious studio envy of Dawns new studio too :-)

Beth Waltz said...

Sue, your photos could persuade even a crazy cat lady to sign up for a birding cruise to NZ. Your birds have personalities! And the sheep appear to have brains! (Here in the Midwest even we kids thought they were dumber than chickens. Goats, on the other hand, could outsmart our dogs. Tell that to Dawn's Jack Russell!)

Mel Baker said...

What a wonderful post!! I love all the pictures. Those lambs are adorable. Thank you for sharing all the beauty that you are surrounded by.