Thursday, 6 August 2015

Fives days of Sue!

This week has felt like an extra long one for me, maybe because I swapped my work days around and did one long one.  I have had moments this week of not knowing what day it was and whether or not it was a work one. Bloody glad tomorrow is Friday and really is a day off!!!

last Sunday I...

..put my domestic hat on and repaired Shebas beloved rabbit, now a one eared, one eyed Rabbit but still her favourite toy.  Then I delighted the family be baking a cake, a Lemon and Lime Drizzle cake to be exact.

 Close up.

The heir, the spare, and the spares girlfriend came for dinner that night and needless to say a third of the cake was all that remained once they had departed.  I would rather it get eaten than grow mold like some science project.

Monday arrived
and I...

...I went to work as it was the beginning of the month and there were things that needed to be done.  After work I went to Save Mart where I found the most amazing dress, and toys for the dogs.  Shall share the dress when I wear it, but in the mean time, the dogs are giddy with the selection of colourful new things to chew.  Good value when only $1 - $2 each and so many available.

The sun shone and I wore this ensemble.

Tuesday arrived

...after work I faffed about in the garden with the girls.

My creepers are flowering!

 I am happiest in my garden with Mother N.

 Tex slept.

I wore a top from my sister
with some of my faves.

Next thing Wednesday turned up

...I had the day off so stopped off at the SPCA op shop
before heading out to Sues.
Brand new shoes $4 and a Happy Hen 50c.
Our plan was to crochet as I was at the Happy Hookers of Karakariki's home but the dogs had other plans.  This is Sue's granddog that she was baby sitting and he climbed all over us so not alot of needle work got done.

 Max's beam work was spectacular
I gave him a 10.

The pregnant sheep are still pregnant!

and I was dressed in the same colours
as our lollies.
Jet Planes and Pineapple Lumps!

And now it is Thursday...

I spent nearly all day at work and the dogs must have got bored waiting for me, as their toys were all scattered on the floor in the lounge.  I put them back into the basket ready to be dragged out again.
My underskirt matches my vase!
Lovely fragrant beauty
from the garden to the lounge.

and Tex has found another bed.
His life is so tiring.

So tomorrow is Friday!
Definitely a day off.

My fingers are crossed that Sue will phone to stay the lambs have been born so I can go visit the miracle of something baby.  Apart from that, no plans, just winging it.

How about you?
How has your week been?


Poppy Q said...

We have had a good week too Sue. Love all of your outfits. I am a bit Wellington boring, but rotate my blue or black jeans with black, grey or olive boots and a variety of tops and cardigans.

A bit chilly here tonight, but it is beginning to feel like spring!

Julie and Poppy Q

Goody said...

I just love those frilly underskirts worn over leggings-they really make a dramatic look. Your sister has great taste in clothes as that top is a beauty.

Cake, toys, and a blooming garden is a bit of something for everyone in the family-and all good things. I hope you have a restful weekend admiring your beautiful garden and that next week treats you better.

And those shoes you found...oh my are they pretty!

Mel Baker said...

5 Days of Sue??? I don't know if I can handle it!!
I love the dogs and their toys - so cute!!

Connie said...

You may single handedly bring back the petticoat. Adorable.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Those puppies look SO HAPPY with their new toys ... love it :0)

Leeanne said...

Loving the first outfit....must be the red! Your frilly bits are pretty too :-). Nice to see the dogs tearing their toys to bits and not your toys! Enjoy your day off!

Beth Waltz said...

The up-do goes well with the disciplined graphics of Tuesday's look --but I do like that bit of tulle peeping from the other outfits.

The dogs playing with their new treasures (and repaired rabbit) appear as content as ol' Tex in his baskets and The Girls in the garden. Thanks, Sue, for allowing us to join in counting your blessings. Looking forward to meeting the lambs!

Helga said...

Wahahaha, Happy Hookers!!!!! Splendid.
Loving Max' asshole shot!
You looked gloriarse throughout my darling; I especiially love the ensemble with the red (fabularse) boots!
My week....just a week really. Managed to wrench my back on the Monday, so 'twas painful! Blah blha, old age and such.
Winging it is the best way to go, for sure!