Thursday, 20 August 2015

Apparently a party without a cake is just a meeting

On Monday I discovered where the girls had been laying their eggs.  No it wasn't in their nesting boxes it was in a self made nest in one of the box gardens using dead leaves.  I don't mind as long as I find those eggs.

I would rather find six eggs than a couple of dozen, this way I know these are ok.  So ok that most of them went into CAKE!!

With four eggs and four bananas and a bunch of other ingredients this was going to be one enormous cake or I could make two.  One for TOF and one for the lads at work, smiles all round.

Topped off with Lemon icing, and believe me it was Lemony!!

The weather was amazingly warm for this time of the year, short sleeves and 3/4 tights to prove it.  I threw another colour into my hair as I could see RE GROWTH!!!

The lads loved their cake and carefully divided it up between themselves.  Ours lasted long enough for us to enjoy it and then got helped on its way by our lads.  Rather it got eaten quick smart than grow mold.

Tuesday's weather started off alright but slowly headed towards WET and MISERABLE.  I wore a lot of Blue even though I wasn't feeling anything near that colour.

On Tuesday my baby turned 20! He seems so much older than 20 some days, then on most hung over sundays I know he is still young.

We went out for dinner the four of us plus the spares gorgeous girlfriend.  We enjoyed a lovely meal and some good banter was had.  But with us all having work the next day it was an early night.

The rain has hung around for the last couple of days and the only thing to appreciate all this wet has been the garden.  Camilla my Camellia has flowered and what a beauty she is, like wise with the yellow climber.

Today was a black and white day and the sun finally peeped out this afternoon.  I am hopeful of some good weather tomorrow.

These three will be happy to have mummy home for the next four days.

You may have noticed a lot of cakes being constructed of late.
But don't worry,

For my boys and all you mothers of sons





Vix said...

You are a master baker (and don't try saying that after a few too many ciders)
Love all your outfits and the re-done hair is magnificent.
Happy Birthday to your lad. xxx

Goody said...

I don't think your beautiful cakes would ever get a chance to go mouldy.

Love the "then and now" photos of your family. My baby is about to become taller than I am, which is freaking me out!

Short sleeves and 3/4 leggings are what spring is all about-I'm happy for you, it sounds like it was a dreary winter.

Beth Waltz said...

I envy you those fresh eggs in winter, Sue. Midwestern hens hibernate throughout the snowy months and we're forced to buy our eggs at the supermarket (and heaven only knows who laid them).

The hair re-do is a success deja vu! It's wonderful with your coloring and your wardrobe's palette.

Melanie said...

So your family is helping with home hygiene by gobbling up your cakes. Good one. Haha. I'm glad you found the eggs, and so apparently are your cake-eaters. Fantastic outfits, as always. The dreaded regrowth. I like the colour you threw on there.
And I really enjoyed your family photos. Your baby is 20. How does that haaaapen?

Jazzy Jack said...

Eggs laid in a henmade nest. How cool! Having to go looking, not so cool :-)
Happy Birthday to your son, and to you.
I have two boys too, but only 10 and 13. Trying to enjoy these days and absorb them before they fly!
Lucky boys to have a cake making Mum. Mine aren't so fortunate! Xo Jazzy Jack

Mel Baker said...

Life without cake is not worth living!!

Curtise said...

How those babies grow and grow...
Mmm, the cakes look delicious, as do you with your freshly coloured hair, and the beautiful blooms and pets are always a joy! xxx

Connie said...

Your baby!!!! I love seeing the then and now pictures. Your new hair color addition is very pretty. Nicely done you. And those cakes. Oh I do love a good banana cake.

Julie said...

Your cake looks so delicious Sue. Love those old photos ... happy birthday to the spare. They sure do grow up fast.

Nancy J said...

I like those recipes that make more than one, sometimes I triple or is it treble the mix if it is a bit on the small side to start with. Love those blues, and the tan shoes.

Fiona said...

Your cakes look great Sue, banana bread is a great way to use all those brown ones...I don't like them like that. And fresh eggs from your chooks too, now wonder they didn't hang around. x

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