Sunday, 16 August 2015

Don't stress, do your best, forget the rest

Exactly what Sunday is for!

In fact I decided I wasn't getting out of my jimmies until the sun came out.  It did, but it was closer to lunch time than first thing in the morning!  SO WHAT!!  The day turned into a CRACKER!!

So nice in fact that I got the cushions out of storage for the garden swing, IT IS A SIGN, a very good one too.  The girls gathered at my feet while I sat and swung, so I got some food for them to snack on.

A sign that the good weather is getting closer, Spring first of course and then on to the warmth of Summer.  The garden will love both seasons for sure and flourish.

I noticed that my Kaka beak is starting to flower.

Oscar and Sheba cruised in the garden,
Tex was fast asleep on the deck in his bed.
I think I will make him a

The Spare arrived to do his washing, a grand sight for a mother.  I love that things get hung out inside out, but at least it got washed and hung out.

While I was enjoying the comfort of the garden swing the girls enjoyed the sunshine and the lawn.  I did a bit of pruning, pruning that really should have been done already. 

Better late than never.
TOF set about filling the trailer with garden stuff while the hung over Spare watched from the deck stairs.  So helpful!

I love a lazy Sunday in the garden, I even discovered some self sown Sweet Peas are rapidly climbing up a frame in the garden.




Fiona said...

TOF looks like a few expletives may have just escaped his mouth. Love to see your chooks.

Nancy J said...

A swing seat, and chooks nearby, almost heaven in my eyes. Down here daffs, early cheer in friends' gardens, and about 3C this morning.

Leeanne said...

Looks like a fab Sunday!

Connie said...

Oh Yes. Any day with someone else doing the laundry is a good day.

Goody said...

I'm trying to figure out what happened to that sleeve, but for the life of me, I can't. Nice to see your garden coming back to life-I do enjoy seeing all your beautiful flowers.

Mel Baker said...

A very nice Sunday, in my opinion.

Angels have Red Hair said...

I can feel the change in seasons starting here too ... the sunlight just looks that little bit different.

Helga said...

O, yes, it's getting lighter earlier and staying lighter longer down here! Oooo, Spring will be srpinging any minute, but I expect there'll be a cold blast or two yet...the girls are still all fluffed up for it!

Vix said...

Lazy Sundays are a dim and distant memory, its our busiest day of the week!
Yours looks idyllic, good to hear spring's on her way, you seem to have been in Winter mode far too long. xxx

Beth Waltz said...

Can't think of a nicer way to enjoy a sunny day than listening to the birds chirp and the chooks cluck -- and the *squeak* as a well-reared son pegs his laundry on the line. The kaka beak is fascinating!

Melanie said...

I love how you are entering spring as we enter autumn. Seeing the flip side always gives me hope somehow, the circle keeps on spinning. I laughed how the sleeve on the line looks so much like a ruffled chicken. And how lovely to have a swing while chickens cluck around you.