Saturday, 15 August 2015

Be curious not judgmental

Friday was a SuesDay
and you know what that means.
Two Sues!
Plenty of Op Shopping!
Lunch out!
Loads of laughs!

I think it would be safe to say we had a pretty good day out and about the many op shops the Tron has.  We had some good laughs and conversation with a couple of lovely young gay lads. One of them thought I would be a good personal shopper for him as I kept finding things for him.  They were one shop behind us for a time and we said at this rate we may well end up doing lunch together!!  We didn't but it would have been FUN.

I came home with a satisfying selection of goodies.  Orange jacket and black hat from Look Smart, White flower brooch and frock below it from Habitat, and the Donkey salt and pepper set at a tiny 50 cents from St Vinnies.

I was all black and white, spots and stripes, with orange on top, sort of sounds like a desert!!  My $2.50 hat was too cute to leave behind and who knows when and where I will wear it, but I am HAT READY!

This gorgeous dress arrived in the mail, another purchase from Trade Me, and I am super pleased.  Love the colours and the details, Rose on the front and the Label and heart adornment on the back.  This might just be my 'going out for dinner for the spares birthday' outfit.  He is 20 on Tuesday so TOF and I and our lads are heading out for a feed  that night.  I might even be allowed to take some photos!!

Some long overdue 
Words of Wisdom
to ponder:


TOF and I are watching the rugby on the TV, All Blacks V The Wallabies, as in New Zealand against the Australians, and so far it is looking good for our boys.  Pretty enjoyable evening with a couple of quiet beers and some potato chips (crisps for you English followers).

The rest of our weekend is looking pretty laid back and relaxing, and I hope you all get to have a similar type of weekend, REMEMBER, that is what weekends are for!!


Nancy J said...

I just looked at the standing ovation for Ritchie, well done AB's. Love the new dress too.

Fiona said...

People have made me feel a bit crap over the last few days...I'm hoping I WILL forget it! Great scores at the op shops, do you ever come home empty handed? Lol. xx

SAM said...

I am inspired to keep mixing up my wardrobe every post I read. I'll be thinking where can I wear that hat?

Raewyn said...

Glad you gals had a fun day out, the dessert outfit is very cool :-) I'm sure you'll find an occasion to wear that Gorgeous hat!! Go the All Blacks!!

Leeanne said...

I love Maya's wise words and I like to keep that in mind when encountering people.
Fancy outfits, pity you didn't get photo's of the Lads outfits you met while shopping.
My Son is 19 tomorrow, maybe I can borrow your hat!

Connie said...

Nothing better than two Sues to make it happen!

Goody said...

I'm glad to hear you are Hat Ready-and what a fab hat it is.
A happy birthday to your son-he has to let you take pictures, you're his mama.

I can see you as a personal shopper-you have great taste.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Look at you in your hat … I'm thinking a trip to the races must be in order … that or afternoon tea with the Queen ;0)

Mel Baker said...

Another Suesday - always puts a smile on my face.