Saturday, 22 August 2015

No road is long with good company

Today TOF and I went for a drive to Putaruru to visit a friend of TOFs who has had some bad luck of late and pretty down in the dumps.  It is a lovely drive through small towns and the beautiful Waikato countryside.

Sheba had stayed last night at the Heirs house and went to work with him for the day so Oscar got to come along for the ride with us.

The road was reasonably busy from Hamilton through to Tirau. Not that you can tell from my photo, it was flowing well.

The scenery is beautiful and full of contrast.  Flat paddocks, rolling hills, green grass, tall trees and plenty of farm animals. Loads of babies and bright yellow Daffodils.

TOF and I quite like the look of this place, tucked at the base of some hills, looking all cosy and inviting.

As we drove into Tirau TOF decided he needed to top up the diesel and visit the Confectionery shop.  Oscar also needed a comfort stop so he took advantage of a spot of grass.

He came out of there with 3 bags of lollies and was gob smacked at the prices. I think it is priced for the passing tourists that stop off in Tirau.  There are some lovely shops there but not as many as there used to be, sign of the times I suppose.

I remember when this Hotel was up for sale and thinking it could be an interesting change of life, now thinking we would have just been buying into HARD SLOG! No life balance in that.

Off we went again and headed to Putaruru our destination for the day.

We spent a couple of hours with TOFs friend and hopefully we have helped him know he is not alone with his troubles.

We said our farewells with a bottle of his plum wine and some beetroot from his garden.

On our way home we stopped at Arapuni where there is a Hydro dam.  As we drove over the bridge over the river diversion I got this photo looking back down the river, The Waikato River.    The Waikato River is the longest one in New Zealand and runs for 425 km through the North Island from Lake Taupo to the Tasman Sea.  The name Waikato is Maori and translates as 'flowing water'.

We parked the car and walked to the other bridge to check out the views of the River and the land.

This is the view looking back to the bridge over the river diversion that we drove over.  I do like that curve shaped concrete.

Looking up the river you can see the Arapuni Hydroelectric Power Station, not visible in this photo as I was only using my little camera today.  Arapuni is 80 years old now and according to my research is now under the protection of the Historical Places Trust.  There are 8 Power Stations on the Waikato river all being built between 1929 and 1971.  

we are still a young country!

We could hear the sound of cooing shit machines pigeons under the bridge and then this lot flew past.  There was a dude on the bridge fishing, for Trout I suspect.

A milk tanker rumbled over the bridge while we were standing on it, Oscar retreated to the safety of TOFs feet.  YES, TOF has his slippers on!  Comfy for driving in he tells me but I don't recall him changing his footwear at any point during our outing.  Hey but that is how we roll round here!!

Selfie on the bridge, and just remember he is smiling on the inside, just not big on photos.  He should be used to it by now you would think!!  From there we drove to Kihikihi, "did you hear us toot as we drove past your house Julie"

We stopped at a lovely bakery in Kihikihi for a rather late lunch and I had a good giggle at their blackboards inside and outside the shop.  Wish I had photographed the humor inside the shop!

Naughty us, Steak and Cheese Pie each, OMG they were divine.
I will never be a skinny minnie again at this rate!

 So this is where we drove.

Follow the PINK arrows and that was our drive.  We left Hamilton at about 10:30 this morning and got back round 3pm.

I told TOF today that I can remember visiting a power station when I was a kid, here is an old photo to prove it.  Taken by my dad in the 1960s.   Easy to spot us three blonde girls. 

 TOFs lollies are in a jar,
and we have settled in for the evening.

Fish and Chips for dinner
as we obviously have not consumed
enough fat today!!

I may not be CASH rich
but I am rich in

A lovely day out with my buddy



Melanie said...

The restorative powers of a visit from warm friends can make such a difference in someone's life, especially when they are down. What a lovely trip. Yes, I love the sign. Hahaha! The countryside there is beautiful. The love the photo of you and TOF smiling on the inside. Oscar is the sweetest companion, well, aside from TOF.

Nancy J said...

Your trip brought back memories, when we lived in South Auckland, and Hugh did jet boating on the mighty Waikato. And Cambridge, lots of school hols there for me when I stayed with my cousin. Slippers, why not, and Tirau, that was just a place on a map years ago, now thriving with antique shops, cafes, and more.. is there a quilting shop still there??

Julie said...

Hiya Sue, the Waikato countryside looks really lovely through your lens. I did think of you yesterday visiting your friend in Putaruru. No I did not hear you toot but I am pleased you got to Viands Bakery & they had some food left. Everything they make is divine. Glad little Oscar got the day out too :-)

Mel Baker said...

I love your road trips. Makes me feel like I am really there!!

Angels have Red Hair said...

Hahaha … TOF's very good at smiling on the inside … he does it in almost all of your photos ;0)

Goody said...

Visiting a friend to cheer him is a thoughtful and kind thing to do. You certainly have a lovely place to take a road trip through.

How fun to have that old photo of your family.

Great sign at the bakery. You couldn't get away with it here.

Leeanne said...

The house you photographed on route to Tirau is fondly known in our family as 'Dad's house' simply because my Dad loved that house and always made a smart arse comment that they had missed a bit on HIS hedge, when infact the hedge was always perfectly trimmed!
Great back roads in NZ, I love to take them when I can, the bakery in TeAwamutu is a beauty, scrummy food.

Beth Waltz said...

Glad your pilgrimage in aid of a friend was rewarded by good weather and adventures suited to a small dog. I'm sure Oscar did his bit to add cheer to the scene. And if you say TOF is smiling, I'll take your word for it...he reminds me of my dad reading the newspaper.

freckleface said...

You always come across as so happy. It's a wonderful thing. It was a nice thing to go and see your friends who've had a hard time. I love all these Maori names, reminds me of singing along to the Seekers songs when we were kids. All those juicy exotic words to get your mouth around! Xxxxx