Thursday, 3 September 2015

Life is not about waiting for the storms to's about learning to dance in the rain!

Seriously people our weather has gone completely and utterly bonkers!

We get a couple of gorgeous 'let's get outside because it is sunny' days and then it all goes tits up and we are back with RAIN!!  In fact quite a lot of the bloody wet stuff.  But there is absolutely nothing you can do about the weather but work with it, going against it just doesn't get you anywhere.

I worked on Monday as it was the end of the month and I always have loads of stuff to do with the accounts and other such officey things..  I love being busy and I sure was.  I wore the animal print dress I scored last week from the Hospice in Morrinsville.  Put a black ruffle edged skirt under it, and leggings as I just don't do pantyhose. I wore my long black coat most of the day, mainly to keep dry when getting to and from my car.  Monday was basically shit, I hunkered down with the animals inside in the afternoon.

Of course there was time in between the showers of rain on my way home to call into the Hospice shop in town, and I am glad I did.  The blue top is like a mini dress and made from Merino, the skirt is brown needle cord with the best bead work on the hem, both only $2.50.  The orange shoes are an expensive brand and they don't appear to have been worn so such a good buy for $6. The fabric embroidered animals I found in Remains To Be Scene when I called in there.

Magazines are free at the Hospice and the glossy NZ Fashion Mag is this years, I will not pay the $10.95 that shops want, but thanks very much I will take that bugger for free.

Tuesday was still wet but not cold, and another busy day at work for me.  When I got home the girls were all chilling together in the sheltered part of their back yard abode.  That is where I had to feed them as puddles were everywhere else. Thanks for the EGGS!!!

Tuesday was a cobalt blue and black/white day with some lacey red soxs for that flash of colour.  It got quite warm in the afternoon making me think all was coming good with the weather and then the dark clouds rolled in AGAIN!

I gave Oscar a trim on the weekend, he looks so small, and he has been wearing his Adidog top to keep him warm at night.  Tex has taken up sleeping in his indoor bed because of all the rain.

Wednesday turned into an Orange and Blue day.  I wore the Orange shoes I found on Monday.  The sun made an appearance so I faffed about outside after work because I could.

Hello garden, welcome back you gorgeous colourful flowers you, oh how I have missed you all.

Tex made his way outside and settled on the side steps off the deck in a sheltered spot in the sunshine.

More Daffodils have pushed there way through the soil.

Those dirty clouds snuck up when I was busy taking photos of my garden, REALLY AGAIN!!

I love the simplicity of White daisies especially seeing the world as they see it, looking up to the sky.

                                                        Yes Tex,
                                  I love you too!!

These beauties so far have survived being battered by rain.

Because I worked Monday to Wednesday this week today was a day off.  In fact I now have five days off in a row, back to work on Tuesday.  I got all layered up this morning and added my Fornasetti badges to my jacket.  I had an Orange dress under this jacket, this was taken on my phone because the battery was flat in my little camera.

I spent my morning out doing grown up things (chores) and then came home to do more grown up things in the afternoon.  One of those things was cleaning the Canary cage out.  Well it's not really a cage, more of a small Avery on wheels that my dear dad made me years ago.  Well as you can see Elton and Freddie escaped.

They had a grand old time flying about the garden, mingling with the girls, but they didn't come back.  My climbing trees to catch runaways are well over so I set up a small cage with it's door pegged open and treats leading into it in hope that they would be enticed back.

When it started to rain they flew back to the deck, one even flew inside, but I couldn't catch either of them, I really could have done with a net.  So they are still outside in the big bad world and it is dark now and very wet and cold.  Not confident that they will survive the night let alone return in the morning.  Funny thing is old George sung his butt off all afternoon, I had to wonder if he was celebrating getting the pad back to himself, the old bachelor.

I did my housework today, I know, even I am still in a state of shock. Bloody Sheba has walked all over my kitchen floor and left her muddy footprints everywhere so I am about to mop it again now!  Biarch!!

Tomorrow (Friday) me and the Webber Woman (Sue) are going to a Book Fair because she hasn't got enough books yet!!  I'm thinking the op shops might get a visit as well.  Hopefully the weather will be kind and not leak all over us.


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Hope them birdies come back, I might have a net somewhere I'll bring it with me. Can you ever have enough books? Mmm I wonder.....not sure what I've done with my list!

Fiona said...

I was once told to fling a tea towel over a bird that has escaped, if you can get near enough, then you can pick it up. Let's hope they return. It seems strange for us in the UK to see daffs with all those other gorgeous flowers, here about the only thing that's in flower at the same time as them are snowdrops, hellebores and later, tulips. Loving the brown beaded skirt and the cheery orange pumps, they will look ace paired together. x

Nancy J said...

Super op shop finds, they are the BEST, and rain, we have had a lot, snow down south as the new lambs start to appear, you have bulbs up a lot earlier than I have here, daffs, grape hyacinths, are in full bloom, and freesias almost in flower. Yours are beautiful

freckleface said...

Oh no, I'm worried about your poor little birdies. They're so cute. Don't think I've ever seen a canary in real life. Yes, there's certainly plenty of the wet stuff to be had, but you must be feeling optimistic, because at least you've got summer to look forward to....hopefully! Your garden is perenially beautiful and I particularly love you in blue and orange. Xxx

Julie said...

Great post Sue - it sure has been wet over here too. Enough for now I think. Love the beading on that new skirt. Love that on your orange & blue day you matched the flowers in your garden. Hope the birds return again. Its lovely to see so many signs of life again in the garden isnt it.

Melanie said...

Tex looks jealous of your animal-print dress.
I suspect I would enjoy a fly-about if I were a caged bird as well. They'll get hungry and cold and may wander back. Don't give up.
Fantastic shop finds! Merino wool, you can't beat it for comfort.
I hope you have a great time at the book fair!

Connie said...

Birds!! Get on back home. Auntie Connie is worried! I love how you color theme your days. All that rain should make for a very flowery spring. How wonderful. Pantyhose? What are pantyhose?

Beth Waltz said...

I've nothing to wear with those gorgeous orange shoes -- but then I don't have your beautifully beaded new skirt.

Let's hope that the lads have sufficient survival sense to bunk with the girls tonight. Leave a light on beside the aviary so that they can peek inside and see the old bachelor, comfy on the perch. And, ah, perhaps it would be well to encourage ol' Tex to abide inside for a day or two... Don't give up hope, Sue, a friend of mine acquired a parrot simply by opening a kitchen window for fresh air. Never did find out how it happened to be roaming free in Cincinnati.

Goody said...

Birds are so resourceful, I'm sure they're fine-probably nearby watching you go crazy looking for them.

You find the coolest stuff-ORANGE shoes?! Be still my heart!