Saturday, 5 September 2015

Will she build an Igloo with all those books?

Yesterday Sue W came into town so we could go to a book fair at the Race course near my house.  She was armed with her list of what she was looking for and I wasn't looking for anything in particular, I was just looking. 

Our laughing started before we had even parked the car!  Let me just say there was plenty of help (not that the driver needed it) to guide her safety into a park under a large tree with big puddles either side of the car. Sue cracked a joke at the youths who did not find her the slightest bit funny.  They were in training and we agreed that maybe the humour part of their course had not yet taken part. In saying that a 'lovely young man' did carry Sue Ws books to the car for her when we were leaving.

We spent several hours pouring over the thousands of well laid out books both coming out with some.  Me only buying four and Sue filled another carton.  Good to see that people still have an appreciation for a good book and the place was full of happy book hunting helpful folk.

We did a tour of our local Charity shops before we stopped for a delightful lunch at Agora Cafe in Frankton.  We both rather like their food and their coffee, well Mocha for me, that is as grown up as I can get.   More Op shops were visited before we came back to mine for a cuppa.

From all the shops we visited I only came home with one incredible long black and white striped dress that I am sure will be featured in a post in the not to distant future.  

You all know that striped dress will end up under my layers, with some colour thrown in for good measure and POW!

Good advise to follow:

So the weekend is here and the day is slowing disintegrating into grey and gloom.  The sun was shining for a brief moment, long enough to give me hope of a fabulous day.  I am sure I will find something to do if the weather goes further down hill.  What ever happens I know I will make the most of the day doing what ever makes me happy.

And that means you!


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

well I have to do something with those books, I've run out of shelf space :D I'm trying to resist the urge to go again and see if they've put out the ones I couldn't find :D

Nancy J said...

Never too many books, specially the ones you can read again and again. Grey down here, rain, and a cold wind.Who said it was Springtime? Snow down south as well, and coming northwards later on tomorrow.

Goody said...

Those bird guides cost a fortune new-that was a good find. I had to stop buying so many books after I saw how many we had accumulated at our last move. There's something to be said for eBooks.

Curtise said...

Browsing the charity shops with a pal, laughing like mad and grabbing a few bargains - life doesn't get much better, does it?! xxx

Jazzy Jack said...

Love your layers and love books!
But I must say we are heavy users of the local library so don't own that many. Only a wall and a half!
Giggling with girlfriends...just bliss! Aaah! Xo Jazzy Jack

freckleface said...

What a great philosophy. You will always be happy with that attitude. Looks like you and Sue had a wonderfully joyful day out together, good for you. Friends and laughter. Two of the best things in life! Xxxx

Melanie said...

Haha, Sue, your first photo made me laugh. So thank YOU! A good friend, books, mocha(!), food, and help from a young man in humour training - it sounds like a perfect day. I love your striped dress.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Gotta love a good Dr Suess quote … he's my all time favourite author … EVER!!!

Shawna McComber said...

Love the photo of the two Sues! I would be like your friend Sue and come out with a carton of books. A book sale is my version of a candy store, though I am beginning to learn a bit of restraint. Love the black and white striped dress. You look great in all black and white outfits as well as your bright colours. xoxo