Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Perfection is an illusion of the mind

Funny how when you try something on in a changing room (especially in a charity shop) that you only get to see what you look like from the front.  If you are brave you will sneak a quick look at yourself side on holding in your breath for as long as you can to look PERFECT!  Its all crap really isn't it.  I mean to say, what is perfection anyway.  We all prefer photos of ourselves taken front on, just like the models in the mags, none of them are back on or sideways trying to looking normal.

Take this top I have on and wore on the weekend.  I think it looks fine, apart from being all tits, so of course I swanned out wearing it and feeling comfy and casual.  Then later on over the weekend I saw a picture of me and TOF on a balcony watching a game of rugby. SHIT!!  We looked so short fat and stumpy.  I of course am blaming the camera angle, not a flattering look at all.  But needless to say the photo will not be shared and it has put me off the top, maybe a bit too flowing for me, so it is being passed on to someone taller.

 Does Tex give a thought to how he looks?
I think not.

Mother Nature doesn't give a rats ass about what we deem perfect.  She throws colours together that we have been told do not match.

I like to think Mother N has it sorted.  All odd bod shapes and wild colours everywhere in my garden, my sort of perfect, sort of like myself.

An odd shape and wild colours.

I think Cassie is adorable, others would say she looks mad.

Yeah, Mother Nature ROCKS!

I may not be a delicate little flower,
or beautiful butterfly,
but I am very comfortable in my own skin.

Anyway enough of that, the girls enjoyed a lovely afternoon sun bathing in the garden on Sunday.  TOF and the girls chilled out together, and I went on another egg hunt. There are a few favourite spots.

I followed this Monarch Butterfly as she  flitted about in the blossom in the Peach Tree. Aren't the colours all amazing, colours of SPRING time.

Can you see the clouds and the house?

The gorgeous weather is hanging around at the moment which calls for strategic layering in lightweight things.  It also means no more boots.  This is today's little outfit, colours of Spring.

I have re filled the dog toy basket, all ready for Sheba and Oscar's destuffication program.  Care to place your bets on how long this lot will survive?

I have no intention of being anyone but myself.  The weather is so lovely that walking is back on the agenda and salads are back on the menu. Winter really is a bitch! Glad she has gone.

I am not SORRY at all!



Nancy J said...

To be honest, I think the top was too short for you, the green one in the bottom photos, perfect length. Yes, we have spring here too, bluebells out, daffs done, snowdrops still there, saparaxis and ixia just starting. Grass is growing, as are the beans I sprouted before planting out. And if you two ( Guess TOF would come for a drive too) ever venture down past Taupo, and further, please come and visit. I have hundreds of day lilies, and would not miss a huge heap of them for you.

Leeanne said...

You look beautiful to me. Loving JK Rowling's words of wisdomxxx

Goody said...

I can see where the top would be unflattering-on anyone. The neckline is all wrong for the rest of it.

I refuse to pick myself apart. I had parents that did it for me (my dad would routinely get off the plane and instead of greeting me with, "how are you?" I'd get, "Wow, you really let yourself go!"). I can't do anything about the behaviour of others, but I'm not about to make it easy for them. Funny thing is, once they were both gone, no one ever commented on my looks again. I guess most people are so wrapped up in their own insecurities they don't have time to lay it on someone else.

I don't know anyone that doesn't have something about themselves they'd like to crop out of photos-you don't see me in right profile because I have a twisted spine that sticks out in a funny hump. Am I ashamed of it? No, of course not. I do however feel it is distracting, and makes clothes pull funny off my shoulder so I don't display it. Is it, "real" not to take photos from that side? I think so-there's this strange idea that authenticity requires laying bare every flaw-but for what? Because someone on social media that's had about ten seconds of lived life experience thinks they know something about "authenticity?"

Sue, you're beautiful and if your clothes aren't cooperating to make you feel great, get rid of them. There's no shortage of clothes that make you feel wonderful, and life is too short to waste feeling let down by a couple yards of fabric.

Julie said...

I agree with Leeannes comment - great verse from J.K Rowling. That Tex sure does know how to live the life doesnt he !!??? I love your short fringe Sue ... not sure if your hairdresser will - mine growled me once when I singed my fringe burning my rubbish heap so gave it a trim up myself. Your garden looks like it is bursting to life - great spring weather today :-)

Vix said...

I bet the lady who donated that fabulous top had the same issues. At least you've moved it on now.
Your new fringe is looking good and the print on the other dress is gorgeous.
Wonderful nature shots and beautiful beasts! xxx

Melanie said...

Excellent!! You are so so right about Mother Nature. I wouldn't be surprised if members of Cassie's family have been inspirations for many a runway show. I love how your chicken make you hunt for eggs.
Great florals and layers and I'm glad you're moving into sunny warm days. Here I'm bracing for winter. Gaaa. Everyone can look bad in a bad photo but don't let that put you off clothing you love. Do you have a spare top that will make me look all tits?!

Beth Waltz said...

Right you are, Sue, to seek inspiration from your home-grown flora and fauna: the flowers in your yard, the Girls and ol' Tex are all exactly right in color, texture and form! Life gets complicated when one decides to don garments and alter the color and form of one's fur. Go naturalist or go with whatever takes your fancy! (I vote for the longer layers and the shorter bangs.)

Connie said...

I think the first top is very cute but I know what you mean. I've seen photos of myself and wanted to lie down on the ground and sob. It happens to all of us. I used to work at a fashion magazine and I can honestly say that some of those models need A LOT of help to look gorgeous. And I mean A LOT!!!! I do love the second top a bit better though. That is one of the helpful things about taking photos. It helps to get dressed. Ahhh Mother Nature. I wish I could be as carefree as an animal. I tell my dog Pancake that he is a little fatty - cuz it's true - and he just wags his tale and licks my face, happy as can be and runs off to pee on a tree.

wendy duchess_declutter said...

Great words Sue - and I think you look great in all your shots! I think maybe the first top was a bit too short in length, the longer style just suits you more. I think we all reach a certain age when a bit more comfortable in our own skin. I know I do - and don't give two hoots about what anyone else thinks. The only time I don't feel comfortable about myself is when sitting in front of mirror at the hairdresser!! cheers Wendy

Young at Heart said...

Inspiring.... anyone who is comfortable in their own skin is rich indeed!!

Curtise said...

I like the shorter fringe, Sue! As for the smocky-shaped top - well, it wouldn't do most women many favours, so move it along, wear something else, and be happy, because you look great! An odd shape and wild colours? Hell yeah - I'm in for that!
Your nature shots are sublime, especially the butterfly on the blossom against that vivid blue sky. Loving the Spring layers and your funky shoes. xxx

Marja said...

Kia ora I see you are still here being gorgeous just like the rest of mother nature does.
These butterfly photos and the flowers are stunning. Isn't it wonderful that spring has finally arrived. Hope we get plenty more of it.

Jazzy Jack said...

Unlike the others I thought the top was cute on you. But then I'm weird like that!
Just adore your chicken adventures!!
Happy bootless weather :-) Jazzy Jack

Shawna McComber said...

Beautiful spring and beautiful Sue! Your garden is lovely but you are lovelier because you are colourful and sunny all the time. I know how you feel about suddenly seeing yourself as you had not before, but I am learning slowly to care less. I have the body I have and it has pros and cons just like any body. Also, I am not fooling anyone by how I dress-there ain't no hiding boobs and when you clothes hang straight down from the boobs it is just going to make you look bigger than you are. The difference in the top you rejected and your other outfits is length, but having said that, I think the shorter length looks cute on you. You have to feel good about yourself in it though. Your spring colours and blue shoes look awesome and I just love your hair! xoxo

Angels have Red Hair said...

I love your top … and I don't think you look at all fat in it! I also love your butterfly pics … they certainly don't need to worry about a less than flattering photo. If your pups are the same as mine it won't be long … I timed Buster once, 20 minutes and it had lost all it's limbs and was totally unstuffed!!

freckleface said...

I really enjoyed this post, there's so much to relate to. Who hasn't seen those photos of themselves? The worst bit is when somebody then says, that's a really good one of you, and you end up thinking, what I look even worse than that normally?! 😂 Ah well. I love your approach to your looks, body shape and dressing. You bring colour, life and your own unique style to us, and that is priceless. Xxx