Friday, 25 September 2015

My hairdresser might growl me this time.

Maybe I should hide my scissors, but my hairdresser is away on holiday and my fringy part of my hair was starting to really piss me off, so I gave it the CHOP!!

The best thing about hair is it GROWS so it doesn't matter if I have ballsed this fringe up.  I am thinking I might go back to my natural colour for summer but not sure how to do that, so maybe I will wait for my hairdresser to do that.  In the mean time I will hang out in my garden.

Why wouldn't I when all the glorious colour is coming back and the bees are out in full force.

So this is what I wore to work on Wednesday, pom poms, ruffles, spots, I was on overload!

The girls have been busy just like those bees!

Thursday the heavens opened and it poured with rain.  The sky went very dark and then it was all thunder and rain.  Needless to say after a mad dash to the supermarket, the rest of the day was spent indoors.

I had plenty of company snuggling up to keep warm.  Well, what else were we all going to do?

This morning (Friday) I went for layers as rain was predicted but the sun was out.  I decided to wear my brown boots before they get stored away with the Winter Woollies.  Oh yeah, that time is coming, we start our day light savings this weekend. WooHoo!!!

After work today, I stopped off in Frankton for a quick look at St Vinnies and I was not disappointed. I found the spotted pants, and the two items on the right.  The top on the left and the necklace I got from ReVamp, a recycling shop.  I had already unpicked the hems on the pants to lengthen them and thinking white pom poms.

By the time I made it home I  had stripped off my top layer. 

Who knew Bluebells came in Pink? Well I didn't.  My plant lady had them for sale so of course they needed to be bought.

This afternoon has been pleasant, and the girls were enjoying some out time.  It got quite warm there for  awhile.

The boots had to go and my hair had to go up!

Of course my ever faithful fur buddies found me outside and joined in on the R & R.  Oscar felt rubbing his face in chicken shit was a good idea so now I have to bath the smelly little bugger. 

Yes, your poo!  Don't try the innocent look with me, you are all guilty!

Then the sky started to change colour even tho the sun was still shining, those dark clouds gathered.  Fingers crossed that if it rains it is tonight, as we need sunshine for the weekend, there are things to do outside you know.

Maybell was doing her very best to blend into the garden, she prefers the back yard to the designated chicken zone.  Her and Autumn escape every morning!


Serenata said...

Lucky you heading into Summer...we are of course the opposite NOT that we actually had a summer this year!

I am always chopping my fringe!

Have a great weekend

Vix said...

We've got our Summer back so we're sharing weather at the moment.
Love the green ruffly dress, it looks wonderful with your dark hair! xxx

Goody said...

I like the shorter fringe, particularly with your hair pulled up. All our class photos show my sister and myself with ultra-short fringe. My mother would try to give us a cut the day before pictures, and keep cutting shorter and shorter in an attempt to, "Just even it out a bit. Yours has a cool 50's vibe to it. If you want to return to your blonde hair it is going to take peroxide, so unless you enjoy the feeling of burning scalp (been there, done that) best leave the 40 volume stuff to your hairdresser. It goes through some fascinating colours on the way back though, so bring a camera!

What IS IT with little white dogs being attracted to poop? Our little poodle had an acre yard to roll around in, but no-he'd have to go find the cattle crap to get into. I suppose giving him the run of the farm was asking for it, but still. "Yay, perfume! Let me just rub my face in it..." Sigh. Dogs.

I envy your ability to wear green (you could say I'm "green with envy..."). It would be hard to pack away such pretty boots. Have a great weekend.

Nancy J said...

Maybell, that is one totally superb photo, print and frame, or have it on postcards!! And pink Bluebells, I wonder if I can find any down here? I have some blue ones flowering now. Lovely green dress with your hair up, super colour.

Beth Waltz said...

The shorter fringe works -- but perhaps a touch of eyebrow pencil would make you feel better if you're feeling too exposed?

Quite right about seeking professional guidance on the trek back to a lighter hair color for summer. May I recommend the "teas"? My own color drifts seasonally from deep cinnamon to pale ale as my colorist stirs her potions. Have no idea what color it is, really. Haven't seen it for years.

Love the expression on ol' Tex confirming your opinion that Oscar needs a bath!

Shawna McComber said...

The animals and the garden and your outfits are all great but I want to talk hair! I love your short, choppy fringe. I am always giving myself one but it doesn't quite work for me. As someone who also has the compulsion to cut and colour her own hair, I can tell you I probably average about 50% success. I have messed up my colour a few times-usually ending up having to deal with the orange tint that bleaching out an old colour leaves me with. It's easy enough to put a new colour on-and I do love your purple!-but taking one off and going back to natural can be quite tricky so I vote for waiting to let your hairdresser do it. Keep your choppy fringe though, definitely!

Mel Baker said...

You did a great job with your hair!! Can't think of a better way to warm up than snuggling with the beasts.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Polka dots and pom poms … two of my most favourite things in the world … so it must be the perfect combination.
Why do dogs love smelly things so much??? Why, why, WHY?????

Raewyn said...

I always love catching up on your posts Sue, beautiful photos and happy little chatter! Hope your weekend was FINE - ours actually was although RAIN was forecast! Sounds like your visit to Hamilton Gardens was awesome, what an asset they are to the city. Happy fringe growing too, something I could never try with my wild hair - the hairdressers struggle to get it right, it would be disastrous if I went near mine with scissors!!

Jazzy Jack said...

Last boot wearing here too. But not so triumphant because our Summers are HOT!
Nice at the moment though.
Love your pointy toed brown boots. And veeery lovely with the swishy green dress and your dark choppy hair.
Your bee shot has me drooling! :-) Jazzy Jack

freckleface said...

I'm a bugger for disappearing into the bathroom and emerging with less hair. As you say, it grows back, variety is the spice of life and actually, I think you made rather a good job of it. I love a shorter fringe, i think it looks really cute on you. Oh spring flowers. What a delightful thing! Xxx

Robyn Wagner said...

My wife did this before and it actually made her realize that she never need to go back to the hairdresser again. However, my wife is especially talented at pretty much everything so I do not know if I would recommend the same thing to others. A friend of ours tried it and it did not work out at all.

Robyn Wagner @ Alternatives Beauty Studio