Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Keep your face always toward the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you.

Hate to brag but our glorious weather continues to turn up.  It is so nice not to have RAIN and dull gloomy days that just drag on forever, I think we had our quota.  I am a lover of the warmer weather for sure, it means more time outside and in the garden.

I witnessed a meeting taking place under one of our lemon trees on Sunday.  I am pretty sure they were plotting and planning something to do with egg laying.

My self sown sweet peas are racing up the netting, I cannot wait for the flowers to arrive.  Sweet peas are one of my most favourite fragrant flowers of all time.  I am going to mass plant under them as there are some flat patches where the girls have been chilling out.

Because TOF and I were out in the garden Sheba demands play time. Note how one of her balls is now a flat, and a pretty scuzzy one at that.

I re used some timber we had and made a shelf on my old ladder in the garden.  Must admit to feeling pretty stoked with the result.  TOF helped with the cutting and drilling, but I did the screwing and decorating. All my variety of Lavender plants are together on the ladder, much easier for the bees to get about their business, and the smell will be divine.

Pink Lavender.

I am so glad I planted the Kaka Beak, it just keeps flowering!

Sunday was a wear my hair up day, and comfortable tye dye dress.  I don't do track pants so this is my casual mooch about at home stuff. I re dyed my hair later on that night as it was fading.

Yesterday (Monday) the sun came out and as the day progressed on the layers started to come off.  I think we got up to 18* and then it dropped off to 4* over night.  You have to be strategic about what you wear on these days.  Not hot enough for Summer clothes but not cold enough for Winter. Could be time to fake tan the arms and legs very soon!!

I went out to visit Sue W and take her some of my chicken shit and wood shavings for her garden.  The job I was supposed to do on Friday but got side tracked.  Her cat Jinx the minx lays on her back with her legs spread, so funny, and Max just snuggles up next to you on the couch.

                                             I love SPRING!

A farmer was busy plowing his field, the sun was shining, the cows were mooing, birds were singing..... you get the picture!  It .was just perfect.
Some how this old barn has survived another year.

Time spent in the countryside
is time well spent.

There is something magical about a rickety old building.

I arrived home to a rather innocent looking Sheba cuddling a toy while others seemed to have 'exploded', apparently it wasn't her. 

Caught in action.

I went to check out the egg production and only found little Coral busy at work, I got suspicious.

Then I spotted Joan and her tail feathers under one of the trees.

Next I found Maybelle among the Winter Roses.
I was so right about them all plotting and planning after all.

Maybe I should put Oscar into an Intensive Egg Sniffing Program (IESP) and enlist his help in my daily search for eggs.  No doubt he would rather lay about in the sunshine.

I guess I will have to just carry on spying on the girls!

Me and my freshly dyed hair retreated inside for refreshments.

my favourite! 




Nancy J said...

Everything is beautiful in your garden, dyed hair stunning,chookies laying, dogs doodling, and the ladder trestle., what a wonderful idea, I do like that so much.

Julie said...

You sure have captured Spring in this post Sue. Isnt this weather great & we do so appreciate it after the winter we had. I am sure those girls WERE plotting & planning in their little meeting. I am rather envious of your ladder idea & may just have to pinch that idea, it looks fab. Love the look on Shebas face "it wasnt me I know NOTHING about it" !!! Priceless

Beth Waltz said...

The ladder trestle for the bees' lavender buffet is inspired! And you're quite right about the committee meeting!

I was tickled by your schlepping a gift bag of poo to your friend. Valuable stuff, chicken poop. My German grandfather mixed it with seasoned wood sawdust and used it to fill rows of rain gutters installed on the south wall of a concrete block utility building. He planted greens in the mix, which he was able to harvest standing up. When rain was scanty, he 'watered' the roof with a hose. Early 20th century hydroponics on the cheap!

Vix said...

Funnily enough I was admiring a ladder shelf thing one of our fellow traders had made to display his wares at the weekend. An excellent idea for the garden.
Your flower photos and per pix are sublime and your hair looks fab. Track pants? I'd hate to think any of my friends owned such a thing! xxx

Marja said...

Gorgeous garden and love the countryside. Funny these chickens meeting under the tree. We used to have them but one escaped all the time and we had no clue how she did it. We always found eggs hidden in the bushes. It was always easter for us lol. Looks you did some egg finding as well

Mel Baker said...

Good job on the shelf; the lavender and the bees will love it. Your hair looks so great when you wear it up; love the fresh color!!

Angels have Red Hair said...

Glad your weather has improved, we've gone from one extreme to the other and have had the hottest October days on record in the last few days ... high 30's ... phew!!!!
I definitely think Oscar should be trained as an egg seeking dog ... you'll never miss another one and you'll be able to hire him out to others too ;0)

Connie said...

Look at your lovely hair shining in the Spring sunshine. Of course you love Spring. It is beautiful where you live. Glorious. I love the idea of you dancing around the garden in one of your beautiful flowy frocks while you hunt for eggs.

Jazzy Jack said...

Oh I love your world!
Chickens, glorious garden, farms to visit and all in your characteristic flowy colourful clothing and hair, with a sunny quote to end on.
You make it look easy ;-) xo Jazzy Jack PS Adoring that barn!

Leeanne said...

Thank for the box of sunshine! Lots happening in your garden. I love your farm, countryside photo's.

Goody said...

Oooh, that ladder is such a great idea-remind me to do something similar when spring comes up my way again. Those old barns can withstand a lot, even after winds have ripped their roofs off piece by piece. I always liked the look of old hay barns, open on one side as they are.

I like your casual look-tie dye anything is good, but yours is great.

Enjoy your beautiful weather, great hair and hide-and-seek chickens.

freckleface said...

Well done you for that ladder thing, pretty impressive stuff. My goodness, the bees have gone mad for the lavender this year in my garden. I love to see it. We have to look after our bees. Don't blame you bragging about the weather, we'd all do the same. I love your hair up like that with your short fringe, it's really cute. You live in paradise. Full stop. Xxxx