Thursday, 8 October 2015

Happiness blossoms where seeds of kindness have been thoughtfully planted

I have busy with work the last couple of days and trying hard to stay away from the shops as I am heading off to the beach tomorrow for a couple of days.  But those that know me, I break my own rules often.

Well yesterday, I couldn't get all gussied up just for work could I?  Layers of blue with some red underneath was the order of the day.  I love this coat, with it's huge spots and ruffle cuffs, and I have been waiting for the right temps to wear it. Very much an in between seasons bit of clothing.
I found these two coffee mugs at the Hospice and had to bring them home with me, and I found a red and white striped bangle which I forgot to photograph, so I shall just have to wear it soon.  The Beer handle was given to me, well we all got given one at work, they are the latest commemorative handles celebrating Willie the Waiters birthday, 70th. For you non kiwis google Willie the Waiter and hopefully you will get Waikato Beer and understand the celebrations.  If you get something else from your searching I will not be held responsible!!!  Ha ha ha ha mwa ha ha!! But do tell.

A couple of the girls found a good place to have a dust bath, there was dirt flying high and they jostled for the best spot in the hole that had been made by the others.

Cheeky chicken off to lay an egg in a secret part of the garden for me to try and discover.  I did!

If it's not flowering it is fruiting!!
Check out the size of my lemons.

Be it in colour or black and white 
I constantly marvel at the glory of Mother N.

After work today I went to Spotlight to look at patterns as they were advertised at only $7 each.  I found these three but didn't end up buying them as my choices weren't in the sale. BUGGER!!  Vogue patterns were still full price and at $30 a pop, yes you heard me right, thirty-fricken-dollars, I took photos only. When did patterns get so expensive? I shall wait until they get on a half price deal and then I will only probably buy one. But which one?

Broke my no shopping rule again today, but the Fun Ho grader more than likely will go to one of the blokes at work who collects them.

Hair down, hair up!  Sometimes I think I should just chop the lot off, but when it is long I can have either looks.  I dress like a plant today, green pants being my stem, and my floral dress were my petals!!

Thought provokers:

this next one made me laugh!

Snigger, and very true!!

See you all when I get back from the
Oh Happy Days!! 


Mel Baker said...

Those are very nice lemons, my dear. Enjoy the beach!!

Serenata said...

Great colourful post. Your flowers and fruit are looking fabulous. Love the last colourful dress/top you are wearing. That quote about nasty people I have just the person I would like to send that to! So very true.

Leeanne said...

Have a fab time at the beach! LOVE the last saying! How fricken true!

Beth Waltz said...

Thirty dollars for a Vogue pattern?! Well, you might create a nice, ladylike needlework pattern from the flower-and-vase saying, then peddle 6 of them at $5/...

The blue layers over the red are inspired by one of those exotic flowers you're photographing, yes? Enjoy the beach, the sun, the sky!

Curtise said...

Love the deep blue and red combination and the dotty coat - you look fab, Sue! As always, your nature photos are beautiful. xxx

Vix said...

The blues are gorgeous and your hair looks fab in the sunshine, the colour is stunning. xxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

I know!!! The price of patterns is ridiculous and often end up costing more than the fabric.
You're looking great ... and so are your photos!

wendy duchess_declutter said...

Great lemons Sue!

Connie said...

Patterns ARE expensive these days, aren't they? What's up with that? I love your polka dotty blue coat. You look so pretty in bright blue with your eyes and hair. So so pretty. That's a great last quote.. Flower in an asshole. Ha! Perfect.

Melanie said...

Thirty? Are you kidding me? Clearly I am not up on sewing.
Your plant attire is gorgeous, as is your dotty coat. All joyful and springish.
A dust bath sounds good. Heh. Especially in a hole.
Dance your socks off at the beach, Sue.

Goody said...

Wow, I haven't bought new patterns in ages but that sounds like an awful lot of money.

I adore that coat with the dots-the inside is as pretty as the out. At least when you break your now shopping rule you come home with great stuff. I'd have bought those mugs too.

Enjoy the beach, and all your beautiful weather (you guys were due).

freckleface said...

You're off to the beach? How wonderful. Relax and enjoy. That outfit with the spotty coat is gorgeous! Love all those colours, and I honestly think you could have a career in floral photography. Patterns are dear! I like the third one the best if you do go for them. I love sewing and usually end up mKing severL items from the same pattern to get my money's worth :) xxx

Frenie Agbayani said...

This sounds like a great idea! thanks for sharing this post on how to design clothes online. I will try it out next time!