Sunday, 25 October 2015

Taking time to soak up the sunshine in life

Working part time means part time pay, and I am pretty good at getting it to   s t r e t c h ! !  
Easy when you are a second hand shopper.

After work on Thursday I decided to visit the SPCA shop that I haven't called in on for a while. I found a TROLL!! I remember having these when I was a kid.  The sparkly necklace and earrings beckoned me to take them home, who am I to argue. I also found the hot pink under dress, you know I love a layering piece of clothing.

It was a stunning day and a little frolicking in the garden was on. I found that one of my Poppies had POPPED!  Stunning things.

There are baby peaches on the peach tree and the beginnings of a dam fine crop of plums on the plum tree.  Glad they are both growing on the right trees!

Then I had an OMG moment in the garden.
Just look at my Gerbera!!

Lots of lovely things are starting to flower.

I have Black currents and Raspberries happening.
More Jam I think.

Who knew a Red Hot Poker could look so good at this angle.

I am loving my hearts hanging on the ladder. 

 It's beautiful isn't it?

It was all far too much for Oscar
who needed to be picked up.

The wind picked up and was battering the bejeezus out of the Poppie
 so I rescued it and bought it inside.

 That is the face of a person who has finished work for the week!

Friday was another lovely day.  There was time mooching in the garden with the pets, and time doing other stuff!  I like the quiet life, so mooching and faffing are big with me.

I found Maybelle in TOFs vege garden and had to evict her.

On my way home from being out at Webberville I stopped of at the Taitua Arboretum.  I love this place.  I didn't go for a walk because  I don't really think a bush walk on your own is the safest thing to do.  Even in New Zealand!

My girls would love me
if I bought home these gorgeous lads for them.

It is a beautiful place to visit and I really enjoy listening to all those Roosters competing in the Crow off that always seems to be going on.  Some are obviously beginner crowers because they almost sound like their crow is breaking, like teenage boys if you know what I mean.

I filmed them for you!

It is always good to do a little bit of nothing every so often, I call it faffing and mooching remember.  This weekend is a 3 day one, Monday is a public holiday, so me and TOF have 3 days to do some nothing if we  please.


Goody said...

Your garden looks glorious. I've never been able to grow poppies successfully, so I will admire yours instead. The lovely green trousers peeking out from your dress match the springtime green of everything coming back to life.

I remember trolls! We had little ones that sat atop the eraser on a pencil. There was a game where we'd spin the pencil between our palms until the troll's hair was sticking straight-up. Gosh, as I typed that I realised just how boring I was as a child to find that entertaining ;)

Perhaps Maybelle was just helping to fertilise the garden?

Goody said...


What on earth am I doing up at this hour anyway?! Enjoy your weekend.

Nancy J said...

Your poppies are way ahead of mine, the self sewn ones have lots of leaves, no stems yet. Love those roosters, memories of childhood hens and bantams.

Alwin Leerling said...

What a fabulous photo of you! Keep that hair colour - it brings out your eyes. Yay for long weekends, gardens and "faffing about".

Connie said...

I love your little ponytail. We used to call that style the fountain. Such a bee yoo tee full garden. Oh I loved trolls. I had one I named Oona. I used to make little felt clothes for her.

Julie said...

Hi Sue, that poppy got my heart racing, totally love that deep red with the black centre. Love that gerbera too. Your garden is looking gorgeous. Really like your hair pulled back with your long fringe thing too ... suits you. Have been to that Arboretum for Mothers Day ... amazing place. I just loved it. Happy Long Weekend Sue.

duchess_declutter said...

Uuggggh - I hate trolls! Sorry Sue, but they always make me cringe!!
I'm sure all those roosters must need a home. Sometimes we notice roosters in a park or similar, I think they must be dumped. Loving your new hair colour too! cheers Wendy

Leeanne said...

all the red jumped out at me...........must be cause I'm a red lover! I like the red pottery hearts, hanging on a tree or post? Your garden is as colourful as all your outfits and personality!

Angels have Red Hair said...

I'm a champion faffer and moocher … it's what I do best ;0)
The gerbera is stunning!!

freckleface said...

Your garden is always beautiful, but I have to confess to a twinge of envy, seeing everything just come to life while ours all fades. Part-time work is great, the right balance of time and money. I love your hair half and half, you look really pretty, especially in that lovely blue outfit. I call it pottering. Day dreaming and pottering are two of my favourite activities! Xxx

Beth Waltz said...

Hearts and flowers, a hair-do that really works with your eyes, and a three-day week-end! Sue, your blessings are as plentiful and colorful as those roosters in the park!