Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Life always offers you a second chance, it's called tomorrow.

Well hello, yes it's been nearly a week since I last blogged. Sounds like a confession, but I am here now.  Where to start?  Let's see.

Last weekend on Saturday I got a call from Dawn to head out to hers and under glaze a Phat Boy.  A what??  It is a pottery thing she makes and she had forgotten to give him some ears and instead of dumping him she thought I might like to decorate him for myself.  Does a bear shit in the forest? Of course I went out and played clay.  In the paddock outside her studio was this bunch of boys and girls.  I must have been a farmer in a previous life as I am so drawn to farm animals, either that or I am just bonkers! Dawn thinks the latter.

 These wall clocks are some of her new things she has made of late.

I will admit that I am in love with the Onesie Bunny.  The hole at the back of it's head is for a flower to sit. Super cute.
I didn't take a photo of what I have done to the Phat boy but I am hoping he is going to look as good as I imagine.  I called him Bernard, Bernie for short, he is a down on his luck ex car sales man.  You will see him when he is all finished, all cooked and colourful!!

This made it's way home with me tho'.

On Monday I had a catch up on the washing at home kind of morning and then went out to buy some undies. Knickers, panties, daks, gruds, you know what I mean.  I am seriously considering cutting a pattern of a pair of old favourites and making my own.  I like comfort, none of that bum floss for me, I guess I am what my teenage self would have called Nana pants these days!!  Have any of you ever made your own undies?  If so how successful was it?

With the weather being warmer of late I have to remember to have plenty of bowls of water for all the animals. We have at least four spots outside where there are big bowls for them all.

 My Snowball shrub is loaded in big balls of white puff!

Some of my garden art that has come via Dawn over the years needed to be moved in the garden so it was more visible.  The house is one of her early ones, the face was a one off, and the castle has a bowl to go with it that used to be full of plants.  The bowl is now one of those water bowls I mentioned.

 Oh I do love my little boys!

My first Sweat Pea!

TOF dug over the box garden for me so I have planted a row of lettuces. Summer is all about the salad round here.

When this grows up it is going to be a Strawberry!

Tuesday was a busy day at work and by the time I got home I just sat outside enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, and the peace and quiet of the garden.

It didn't take long for the girls to join me.

Soon the rest of the sweet peas and the poppies will be all blooming there little bums off for me!

Water, don't forget the water bowls!

Today I wore the most pretty top that I found at one of the op shops.  It is an expensive brand but it is so static, no wonder it was donated to charity. I persevered because the colours are so lovely, maybe a different tunic under it next time might fix the static problem.

I picked flowers for inside on the left and flowers for my reception counter on the right.  All from my garden and you can't even see where I have taken them from. How gorgeous are bunches of freshly picked flowers from your own garden.

See how pretty the colours are.

Wednesday is Airport day for me at work and our Airport is in the country.  This is the view at one of the intersections when heading back to work.  I enjoy my drive out to the Airport each week, so much to look at on the drive out and back. (Cows, lots of cows!)

After work today I decided to go over to Hamilton East and visit a couple of the op shops over that way.  I found lots of goodies in the Hospice shop and spent a total of $25 on all of this, above and below. 
The sheepskin rug was only $6 which is so cheap as most places are trying to get top buck for these.  Oscar was impressed.  I went to the Salvo shop but found nothing to buy, only a Pirate with his dog to have a chat to!!  So wish I had taken a photo for you all, very Captain Sparrow he was and very friendly.  Most people were smirking behind their hands, not me, I bowled on over and struck up a conversation about his dog.  I do like the odd bods in the world.

I love the sheepskin Mum,
it is for me aye?

Before I go I have a story, about a month ago Mrs Wickam my Grey chicken went missing. She had taken to sleeping in a tree and I suspected she had gone over the fence into the school behind our house. Well guess what??

She's back!!

TOF had some school kids tell him she was in the school last Friday so he went and caught her and bought her home.  Never thought we would see her again, and she seems pretty happy to be home.  You would think after her months vacay in the school she would look happier!!



Poppy Q said...

Nice to see you back Sue. It sure is a busy time of year for everybody I think.

I laughed about the undies. I have been wearing thunderpants for years. They are pricey, although there are some cute ones on their site for $20 each at the moment. I usually only buy 4 new pairs a year, and I get some at their market where they sell seconds for $10, so I stock up and have a nice rotating supply. Seriously comfy - worth trying.

Julie Q

Goody said...

I know someone that uses old tee shirts to make undies-worth a try if you have some time to work with the elastic.

I always love your outfits, particularly that matching shirt and jacket ensemble.

Awwww, give Oscar the sheepskin. Amazing how dogs decide anything on the floor belongs to them.

Vix said...

Oscar looks so comfy on his new rug! Love both your outfits and Dawn's creations just get better and better!
I did toy with making my own undies but buying knicker elastic and quality cotton would cost loads so I bit the bullet and invested in some decent knickers from M&S, they last years! xxx

Fiona said...

It's M&S drawers for me too and not those bloody thongs either, they're like having a cheese wire up your arse. (I imagine)
I love having flowers cut from the garden indoors, even if it's just a small posy....yours look fabulous. I'm so envious of your summer, we've months of grey to look forward to!
So pleased to hear that Mrs. Wickham is back. x

Nancy J said...

Bendon outlet, I thought there was one near you? Love the chooky story, and the static, have you tried putting it in the fridge or freezer, I read somewhere years ago that this might help? Super colour for you.

Connie said...

All of your pets are boys? Plus TOF and your human boys. That makes you and the hens the only girls. Well no wonder you're so tuff! Your garden is beautiful and I just know that your pottery will be a work of art. Ever make my own knickers? Yikes. No way. If I'm going to put my talents to work at the sewing machine I'd better well have something I can show off in public!

Julie said...

Love the onesie bunny Sue. Cant wait to see your Phat boy. Your garden is looking a picture ,,, must admit I have serious "sweet pea envy" ... mine are only just beginning to grow now - was late planting them this year. Yours look amazing !!!

Leeanne said...

hahaha........LOVE the photo of Tex, he looks peaved off!

Jazzy Jack said...

Yes, I've made undies from tshirt and no elastic! Waist high and sooo comfy.
I love all your lovely clear photos.
That sweet pea shot is incredible!
Your sheepskin and puppy look related :-)
Enjoy your sun! Xo Jazzy Jack

Beth Waltz said...

Mrs. Wickham appears to have discovered what dear ol' Tex (and many others) have long known: There's no place like home, there's no place like home...

Especially your colorful, comfortable, lively home, Sue! Thanks for sharing the exquisite detail of the flowers. Yours is a sculpture garden of plants as well as Dawn's creatures and creations.

Like other commenters, I shop for nana pants in the best cotton I can find, then pay the price. I've heard women with talent speak of sewing up "step-ins", so the patterns must exist somewhere. The nearest I've come to this sort of craftiness is to patch silky pj bottoms into woollen trousers and call them linings.

Curtise said...

Oh do have a go at making your own Nana Pants, Sue - and show us, of course. If you did shorts/french knickers in a cotton fabric, I imagine that would be a quite straightforward pattern.
Good to know Mrs W has returned, loving the close-up of grumpy Tex and Oscar on his sheepskin. And your patchwork-y dress and jacket set is glorious! xxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

Look at Oscar … he's camouflaging into his new rug ;0)