Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Adults are just big kids at the end of the day

I gave a friend a wall plaque for her birthday a few weekends back when she turned 50, it said "Growing old in mandatory but growing up is optional". I have never had a problem with getting older, (apart from the break down of the body that starts to happen) probably because I still enjoy the simple things in life that I did when I was young.  Remember the bubbles?

You all know how much I enjoy my garden, and with the glorious weather on offer over the weekend, the garden swing got put to good use.  Who didn't enjoy flying high on a swing when they were a child, leaning back so your hair touched the ground and your feet headed to the sky? These days I prefer gentle to the high as I can get it!!

 So I decided to take you for a SWING!

Of course I was joined by Oscar on the swing, and the girls near my feet.  Sunday was a perfect day for relaxing outside in the shade of the Idesia tree.

On Monday I did a spot of visiting while out and about and also wearing a lot of SPOTS.  I also discovered my climbing rose is out of control and climbing a tree but flowering it's little rosie bottom off!

I took a drive out to Dawns as she said Bernie was ready to be picked up. He is looking pretty good to.

Isn't he great?
Bernard the ex Car Salesman down on his luck but still holding his head high and currently looking for a new job.

Striped leaning houses, Floral large vase (sold), Gorgeous Bird Bath (an order) and macrame hanging fish.
She had just unloaded the kiln and these delightful hearts were some of the new kids on the block for her gallery.

Millie on the left and her father Webb were happily snoozing on the floor of the studio snoring away. These two dogs are full of personality and fun.

I picked flowers for our lounge and the fragrance from the Sweet Peas is divine.  I pick flowers once a week for my office at work, this week I took Sweet Peas and climbing Roses.

I nearly got rid of these shoes, but I am glad I didn't because they were perfect with the top I wore today.  Orange and Pink all the way!!

Even when Poppies have finished flowering they still look beautiful, now all I need to do is save the seed head until next year.

I sat in one of the big blue chairs and joined the plants to eat my lunch today, last nights left overs, fish and salad.

I also discovered a Rose growing in the part of our garden I call the 'ramble' as it is down the side of our house and slightly overgrown.

No wonder the grass doesn't grow in this part of the lawn with the dust bathing that is going on.

Just in case you were missing old Tex, he is still doing what he does best, sleeping!!!  I gave him a poke to make sure he was still with us.

So he moved  position.

This afternoon I had a physio appointment so after that I stopped in at Vinnies in the suburb of Chartwell.  I came home with these super comfortable slip on sandles and 3 square picture frames for some cards I want to frame.

I bought this adult colouring in book a while back and decided to have a play this afternoon.  I have some really lovely German colouring pencils, some Jovi crayons, and some wicked coloured Sharpies that Goodie sent me.  I can see why people are doing this, I mean to say who doesn't enjoy colouring in when kids are around?

So True!!

Your challenge this week is to do something you did as a child, your will have a ball believe me.  Blow bubbles, have a swing, colour in!  Remember, we get older but we can still have fun, and the simple stuff is the best.


Beth Waltz said...

Bless you, Sue, for letting us enjoy a ride on your swing! What a glorious day for playing outside with one's furry and feathered friends!

I do admire Bernie's attitude. With his background in sales of previously-owned vehicles, do you suppose he'd consider making a minor career adjustment to selling those charming mini-caravans? The fixer-upper's that Jon and Vix seem to discover at festivals?

And thanks for the update on dear ol' Tex. How nice to see him baking in the sun again, one eye open for marauding sparrows eyeing his belly fur as nesting material...

The bouquet is a marvel -- I can smell the elixir of sweet pea and rose even over here. * How could you even think for a second of discarding those shoes?! * An adult coloring book is an excellent gift idea for some friends who are facing serious illness now. Thanks for that! * I accept your challenge, because tonight I'm going out to a performance of The Addams Family and we've talked of dressing up. Methinks I'll go as Great-aunt Euthanasia in her 1920s black crepe and sparkling midnight blue evening frock.

Raewyn said...

Lovely post as always, Sue, thanks for the swing :-) Your garden is so full and beautiful, lucky you have left some spots for the girls to bathe!

Raewyn said...

Ops forgot to oohh and aahh over Dawn's work - Bernie looks such a character and I love the wee hearts :-)

Nancy J said...

Between the flowers, pottery goodies, Tex in the sunshine, happiness for everyone, even the girls. Your flowers are beautiful.

Julie said...

Really like Bernie the ex car salesman, unfortunately I think he might have been sitting behind his desk eating a few too many pies !!! Love the orange & pink combo Sue. Tex made me laugh today - he is a beautiful boy. Last night I did something I haven't done for ages .... sat outside in the garden & drank a glass of wine. Somehow I dont quite think its something I used to do when I was little though so I shall have to think of something else for your little challenge (wink). !!!!!!!

Leeanne said...

I hope Bernard finds a job he loves soon! Fab flower photo's. Your shoes were made for that outfit! Glad you aren't growing up anytime soon, me neither!!

Goody said...

You fooled my birder! I was listening and watching your video when he came running, looked out the window and tried to figure where the exotic bird call was coming from. Ha! Kids!

I'm kind of enjoying being old and cranky, but I was an old lady even as a child. You on the other hand, have a wonderful attitude, and when you live in paradise, it would be a shame not to make the most of every day.

LOVE you in orange. Aw heck, I just love you.

*High five* we fooled mr. smartypants the bird expert soooo good.

Jazzy Jack said...

Was trying to work out the birds. Not that I have any idea but I know NZ has a lot of sparrows.
Lovely swing with the frame around it. Your garden is a sight for sore eyes these days.
You can come and play at my house any time!
Glad you get to relax and enjoy it too.
I'm always going for swings and jumps on tramps and blowing bubbles, singing at the top of my voice. I really have a line to my inner kid!
Looove orange and pink, and your bobble pants! Xo Jazzy Jack

Melanie said...

Excellent videos! I am guessing that the birds were not added sound effects. Heh. What a great spot to unwind and enjoy the colours and scents and sights of your beautiful garden. Bernie is marvellous! Enjoy the rest of your week.

Curtise said...

The secret to happiness is definitely being content with simple pleasures and surrounding yourself with the things you love - like a gorgeous garden, darling pets, friends, and op shopped treasures! Oh, and dressing in fabulous pink and orange too, of course! xxx

Fiona said...

Your garden is a picture Sue...just wish we could inhale the fragrance, those sweet peas especially. Love the pink and orange gear and the pom-pom trews are fabulous! xx

Angels have Red Hair said...

Love Dawn's hearts … just gorgeous