Saturday, 7 November 2015

There will be sunshine after the rain, and there was!

So the garden had a huge and greatly appreciated drink the other day via some decent rain. Now that big beautiful glorious ball of yellow is back in our sky.  On days like the last two we have just had I am so glad I only work part time and get to enjoy something other than working.

Armed with a poesy of flowers from my garden I headed  out on Thursday with a list of things to do.  First was visiting my friend and owner of RTBS, the shop I used to work in.  The flowers were for her and she loved them.  I walked out of there with $70 cash from things she has sold for me.  I take most of my old clothes, shoes, and bits and bobs into her to on sell for me so I have a nice little earner going on there to top up my part time work pay packet.

I think Orange was my new black that day! My head is too big for my headband so it ended up around my neck like a scarf for a while.  My love affair with all things spots and stripes came out to play and I quite like the zing of orange to brighten up the entire outfit, which was all second hand or bargain rack.

We have a big Hospice store in Frankton and they open the warehouse out the back on Thursday to the public.  This was my second visit and I think it will be a regular thing for me. Heaps of people seem to turn up all hunting for a good score.  Above the shelves high up, there is this wicked Alice in Wonderland display.  There are others to see but you have to remember to look up!  These photos were taken on my phone without a flash so I was noticed taking them.

This little blast from my past, as in when I was about 4, was for sale. I  have one that I got last year so I didn't need another one but I do hope someone took it home.  Loving the floral.

After another visit to another friend and a trip out to the Warehouse, (where everyone gets a bargain), I came home.  I faffed and frolicked in the garden as the day was a stunner. I constructed a couple of box shelves that I had bought and only put one bit on back to front!  FYI, DIY probably isn't my thing!!  I even read the instructions and still managed to cock it up. Not a biggy though so not bothered.

I think I will stick to my faffing and frolicking!

Last weekend I sold our dining room table and chairs.  It was a round table that extended into an oval, with six chairs.  With it being only me and TOF now we don't need such a big thing so I decided to flick it off.  Last night TOF and I drove out to Cambridge to pick up the little rectangle table with 4 chairs in the photo above.  I am stoked with it, and we now have more room in our dining room.  I  hung the metal cloud shelf that I found in K Mart, talk about cute!

Did you notice the Gerbera plants on the table?

Well they were only 3 plants for $10 at the Warehouse.  They can stay indoors while they are flowering because they are so YUM!!!

With another beautiful day on the go today the dogs and I drove out to Webberville to visit Sue.  She has been busy weeding and gardening and it is looking pretty dam fine.

Little Max was showing off his equestrian skills jumping over the box hedging and believe me, Sheba was mighty impressed.

 The girls were all sunning themselves.

 Sheba and Oscar had a ball playing with Max out in the country.

Such a lovely day to wander around Sue's garden,  with the 3 dogs in tow.  It was so hot that we retreated indoors to comfy chairs and refreshments, with some good banter of course.

Flowering Comfrey and those sheep.

Next time I visit they will be gone, except for two lambs as they have been sold.  Bye girls and babies, it's been fun!

On my drive home I saw sunbathing cows, coz that's what they do out in Karakariki, they sunbath on the good days!!  They were all looking quite chilled out and content laying on the grass in the sun.

Then I spotted this delightfully tiny horse in a paddock dotted in yellow flowers, thinking buttercups.  Something about small animals that gets me every time. How I would love one of them in the garden.  

Back home we returned for some lunch and then outside to check in on the girls and the garden.  My ladder now has a little red chair on it, one of Dawns seconds.  I wonder who will sit on it?

The peach tree is laden with fruit but I had to search for the plums camouflaged among the leaves.  I cannot wait to eat them!

Maybelle and Florence are on the cluck and spending most of their time sitting on the other girls eggs. 
 The lettuces are growing well, soon they will be salads!

I found the Buddha at the SPCA op shop today and at $5 it was so coming home with me.  Not some flimsy plastic thing, but solid and heavy.  He is residing on the deck with my other stone sculpture.

I grabbed an old blanket and lay it down on the lawn.  It was so nice to lay in the sunshine under the trees on the grass with the girls all wandering about doing their thing.

Everyone joined in with the chilling on the blanket time.

Oh how I love this time of the year and not having to go to work everyday! I would hate to be stuck inside on such a nice day.

What do you think of my 'thumbs up' shaped strawberry?

I am picking and eating them every day now.  What doesn't get eaten I am freezing so I can make jam and add to crumble later on.

While out at Sues today she got some old photo albums out for me to look at, such classic old shots.  So I dug out a couple of mine and found this old photo to share.

Me and TOF pre kids when we still were going out partying, and dressing up!  From memory this was a 'P' party, hence the Preist and the Prostitute look going on.

**Have a jolly good weekend**


Beth Waltz said...

Those orange shoes are such an improvement over the black fabric Chinese "Mei Janes" I'd wear with that black and white. Where are all the orange shoes hiding over here?

Your flower photos are vitamins for my eyes, Sue, and the pix of the girls and the dogs are medicine for my too-tired-to-smile facial muscles. Actually, I think I hurt something laughing at the P party pix!

Julie said...

Loved the dress up photo Sue -you make a great looking prozzie. I hope a happy little fairy flits down from your garden & parks herself on your little red chair there ... have a super weekend :-)

Goody said...

Q:What do you call cows lying on the ground?
A: Ground Beef.
Sorry, I couldn't resist after seeing that photo.

I love a good head scarf but I can't get them to work for me either. I do like how you wore it around your neck-and what an outfit! You look stunning.

The "P" party pictures are great. Someday, you'll show them to your grand kids.

Leeanne said...

More lovely garden photo's and the one of you & TOF had me giggle!

Angels have Red Hair said...

Woohoo .. look at the pins on you!

freckleface said...

Woohoo! Look at you, saucy. Amazing legs you got there Sue. Cor, you sure do paint an idyllic picture. You're absolutely right. It's easy to miss the summer if you work full-time. I often have no idea what the weather has been like all day when I'm at work. I love your strawberry, posey of flowers, that little pushchair and your cloud shelf, but most of all your approach to life. Xxx

hhaniya said...

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