Tuesday, 24 November 2015

I stayed home!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day and I managed to tick a lot of things off my to do list, in fact I could well be in the running for.....

When TOF got home at the end of the day he was like, oh you...and you..and there's more!!

There was a line full of washing.

That wheel barrow of branches got mulched, and did you say lawns, why yes, I mowed the lawns (5 minute job).

And I baked! Banana and Walnut muffins, and a six pack made it's way to work this morning.

Thinking I stand a better chance at at week rather than a year, that would be a heavy crown to wear!!

Tex showed his support by waking up.

It was so warm that I wore my hair up, in fact I did a French Braid, I had to teach myself years ago as I had no one to braid it for me. Somethings you never forget, now I want to know how to do a fish tail braid.

The box garden full of lettuce plants is ready for consumption, lucky we love salads!!

Last week I wore this dress under a blue dress but today it was on top!

Just look at all those flowers reaching for the sunshine!

Today ended like this which should indicate a good day tomorrow.

I put solar lights on the garden swing late yesterday, and they got their sparkle on tonight for me.  Anyone up for a night swing??




Goody said...

Laundry AND baking (and gardening?) wife of the year for sure!

I adore the look of those solar lights on the swing. Remind me about that in 6 months because I am SO going to do that next summer!

I can't even braid a bread correctly-no hope for my hair. Your braid looks great...and even...and straight. You have (as the kids say ("mad skills").

Mel Baker said...

Wife of the year for sure!! I love the lights on the swing!!

Connie said...

I will put in my vote. Girl of the Year!!! Clothelines and muffins and blue dresses and twinkle lights are all on my list of favorite things.

Beth Waltz said...

The braid is so elegant -- because it's well done! Now simply braid under, rather than over, and you've got the fishy one down, too.

Clothes flapping on the line, muffins ready for tea, twinkle lights inviting one to sit on the swing and dream: what a perfect day in every way. Please give dear ol' Tex a scritch for me and tell him I'm impressed by his gesture of support.

Fiona said...

Your muffins look delicious Sue, I bet they lasted five seconds at work. Those solar lights look so pretty don't they...I've got some, but as it's grey for most of the day now they only light up for about an hour each night. :(

Vix said...

Your fishtail plait is fabulous and I do love to see washing hanging out to dry - no chance of that here, it'll come back wetter! xxx