Thursday, 5 November 2015

The best things in life aren't things

It has been raining today and it almost felt like we were taking a step back into Winter! So it was a day of adding another layer and keeping busy in doors.  The garden has loved the big drink.  Before the rain the simple life here continued on.

The little dog snoozed outside and dreamed of things
that little only dogs dream about.

 Flowers bloomed while old chooks rested in the sunshine.

 Younger chickens hid their eggs in the garden.

 The sunshine hung around all weekend.

It was a good time to lay with your feet towards the sky.

I checked the birds nests in the trees.

Eggs were gathers and Strawberries were picked.

 Florence enjoyed a dust bath.

Then she got into the spirit of

TOF had success at sea!
We ate Fish two nights in a row.

 With Salad
because it is that time of the year!

 Oscar thinks the Sheepskin is his mother.

And Sheba couldn't choose which toy
to take to bed.



Beth Waltz said...

Please convey my greetings to The Girls, Sue. I grew up with a henhouse populated by personalities. It's always a pleasure to catch up on the news with your ladies, young and old. Must say Florence is looking especially well groomed after that awful moult last year.

Sheba and her toys! The newest addition to my family pride is a little black kit with eye problems that will require surgery -- but even now do nothing to slow her collecting objets d'interest for her stash under the bed, her stash under the sofa, her stash behind the 'frige... She checks into the hospital Monday and we're discussing which toys she may take along. I'm thinking her platypus, her green jingle ball, and my red sock.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Beautiful photos--nature is beautiful. thank you for reminding me I need to take time to enjoy and appreciate it.

Fiona said...

Love your outdoorsy snaps Sue and it's always a joy to see the girls.
Don't know what those fish are but they couldn't look any fresher.

Curtise said...

Beautiful photos, Sue - all that sunshine and colour in your garden, it's gorgeous! We've had mist and dampness...
Awww, the snuggly pets, love 'em! xxx

Jennifer Sinclair said...

I've signed up recently and love your emails. I think you have the life I'd like! I'd love to have chooks and cats plus another dog but, sadly, I live in a one bed flat with just a balcony to play on. Your emails cheer me up so keep on keeping on 😜🤓

Marja said...

I agree The best things in life aren't things look at the wealth around you. The gorgous animals and the beautiful flowers you captured so well!

Connie said...

I love your special illustrations. Puppy dreams and chicken witch. You got it just right.

Goody said...

My first thought on seeing the nests (before reading the caption) was, "Wow, the girls are *really* taking this egg hiding stunt seriously."I was trying to picture a chicken climbing a ladder, and I'm relieved to know they can't. Can they?

Sheeba reminds me of my son sleeping with such a mountain of toys in bed it is a wonder there's still space for him.

You sure do create beautiful salads-that one is a work of art.

Julie said...

Loved Florences Halloween outfit - bet all the other hens were jealous :-) Poor Oscar has such a stressful life !!! Yummy fresh eggs & strawbs.

Melanie said...

There's so much LIFE in this post. Just wonderful - in nests, on rugs, in dirt, everywhere! So uplifting and refreshing. Thanks.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Fantastic photos … and I'm so glad Oscar has been reunited with his Mother ;0)

freckleface said...

Always such beautiful pictures. What a lovely idea, little dog dreams. Bet they involve running around and food. We saw a flock of birds today having a bath in a large puddle, it was lovely to watch. Bet you really enjoyed watching Florence. Cor, winter, you don't want that! None of us do! I am going to so enjoy your pictures of summer. I rely on my antipodean friends to get me through the winter. Xxx

Room 5 said...

I stumbled on your blog via shoe pictures!
Everything you write about I can relate to..especially op shopping :)
Love your pizazz and cheerful writing..