Sunday, 27 December 2015

Enjoying Summer and being on holiday

Christmas Day came and went and again it was a lovely low keyed affair with just me, TOF and the lads.  Oh and the pets, lets not forget them.

In a few days time the decorations will come down and be packed away for another year, but the summer holiday will continue.

We did the gift giving thing then devoured a mighty fine late breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, hash browns and potato breads which were a no go, nothing like they were supposed to be. But at least I gave it a crack!!

 Oscar scored a new toy!

Sheba got a new ball and was so funny to watch as she ripped the paper off to get to it.  Needless to say she is stoked!!

As for old Tex, well he got some Cat Nip treats and tripped balls all afternoon.  No not really but he loooooooooved them!!

The heir decided to head home, so the rest of us, including two surfboards and the dogs piled into TOFs truck and headed out to Raglan.

Sheba basically just runs and dives into the water, running in and out having an absolute blast.

Oscar on the other hand gets to the edge and when a wave comes runs back to the dry sand.

He did get get in and got bowled by a small wave so was covered in black sand and sea weed!
We went to Manu Bay and while the spare had a play in the small surf on h is surfboard, me and TOF buggered about down at the boat ramp.  

I paddled in the warm water wishing I could dunk right in.


TOF tried to find a stick to throw for Sheba but couldn't find one at all, so ended up  throwing stones all skimmer styles into the ocean for her to chase.  Such a good work out for a pooch, and both dogs slept all the way home.

By the time we had walked back to the truck the spare was walking back over the rocks from his surf.

This gorgeous set of triplets was having a grand time with water in the pink bucket.  All I could think was how much work 3 wee boys would be for the mum.  So adorable and so happy.

It was just me and TOF for dinner which we decided to have late as we weren't that hungry.  While the lamb cooked and the spuds roasted I threw together a salad.  When I gathered the lettuce from the garden I got sided tracked.

 The garden at night is lovely.

I think the full moon  helped with the lighting, it hovered in the sky like a big ball of cheese!

Look what the spares lovely girlfriend gave me for Christmas!  I am still deciding where I want to hang it, isn't it just lovely. 
We ate this, not all of it, at about 10pm, not the ideal time but bugger me it was nice.

Boxing day is like recovery day really, after a day of pigging out feasting on festive food.  Also we kicked back and watched the Cricket on TV.  Nice and relaxing.  Normal eating will resume when the scraps have all been devoured.

This morning we were up at 5am, yes you read correctly, 5am as TOF was going fishing out at Raglan with a friend of ours.  I wolfed down a bit of toast, sculled a cup of tea, threw on some clothes and went to.  Not fishing but to our friends place.  We were on the road by 6am.
The drive out was beautiful so early in the morning as there was a mist hanging about and the sun was trying to arrive.


From their deck we watched the mist slowly but surely lift and Raglan woke up.  The lads left to go hunting and gathering while us girls had a cuppa on the deck.  We could see the Gypsy Fair that was in town.

Remnants of a hard nights work covered in dew.

By 9am the day was perfect so we wandered down the hill to the Gypsy Fair.  It was good to see plenty of gorgeous House Trucks rather than buses/mobile homes.  I remember a time when these fairs were all about locally hand crafted goods.  Now it is mostly imported stuff.

We both bought Argan Oil and I got some Nga Champa to hang in my car to make it smell divine.  The clothes were lovely but either far too small for me or over priced.  I fell in love with this elderly Staffy that was having a nod in a changing room, and why wouldn't you!

From the Gypsy Fair Diane and I  took a short cut on a bush track which turned out to be all up hill to another friends house.

The view from Sharons Deck are stunning and it was so nice sitting in the cool of this space, chatting and letting the world slowly carry on around us.  I could move to Raglan tomorrow and be so happy.

Everywhere you look in Raglan there is a flowering Pohutukawa tree.  The ones down by the water were so vibrant and red.  What a glorious day to be out at the coast.  The lads arrived home with a nice amount of fish which we have dined on tonight.  You cannot beat fresh fish!!

Before I go I want to show you just a smidgen of the decorations my friend Ann does in her gorgeous old home.  She has a talent for decorating both Christmas and Interior, and don't get me started on her garden.

I do hope you are all enjoying
your Christmas Holidays.





SAM said...

Thank you for sharing your holiday Sue. I feel like I've been on a vacation. I love the thought of beach and surfing on Christmas day. Enjoy the rest of your 2015!

Nancy J said...

Wow, what a feast, gorgeous day out, goodies for all, even Tex, ( our cats got bikkie goodies too) And, after 2 days of grand food, I have resumed normal puddings, i.e. a banana and smidgeon of ice-cream, the last of the Pav has gone, all the spare whipped cream disposed of, ( down the sink!!) and chocs all finished too. P.s. I didn't eat all of them... Love your night flowers.

Raewyn said...

Fabulous Sue! Sounds like you had a great kiwi Christmas...... we are still living on leftovers too....!!

Leeanne said...

Sounds like a near perfect Christmas. You know the saying "the early bird catches the worm" proved that with your early start to head to raglan. Gosh i remember when summer came those Gypsy fairs were everywhere, I haven't seen one since I lived in the Naki.

Mel Baker said...

Your Christmas holiday looks and sounds wonderful. I am really happy that you had such a great time!!

Goody said...

That sounds like a perfect Christmas.

If Raglan is half as beautiful as you make it look in your photos, it must be like paradise on Earth.

Julie said...

Great post Sue. Just wanted to say I too, received Adeles latest cd for christmas along with a book I had requested. I have it playing at full volume as I type this. Can you hear it ???!!! I love her so much. Have a great New Year Sue ... your celebrations look amazing & that house of your friends ... OH MY !!!!!

Melanie said...

Such a joyful post!! I love how Tex and Oscar and Sheba all opened their treats. And the family photos. I think it would be lovely to have Christmas during the summertime. Cake before best is best and it has no calories either because it's magic.

Vix said...

A gypsy fair and the beach, looks and sounds like paradise!
I'm glad the beasts got presents, ours had catnip mice and a stocking full of cat treats.
Those triplets are too cute. xxx

Beth Waltz said...

Thank you, Sue, for sharing your wonderfully relaxed holiday in the sun. One could smell the flowers and the sea -- and the wet dogs. The triplets are adorable, but yes, I can just imagine three lively lads rumming amok in the house.

So glad dear ol' Tex enjoyed his 'nip. My ancient tuxedo actually ate hers, then rolled in her basket and giggled.

duchess_declutter said...

Looks like you have a great time all the time Sue! Lovely photos of misty Raglan - and those triplets! Enjoy the remains of the Festive Season, Happy New Year to you and yours. Look forward to chatting more in 2016! cheers Wendy

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