Thursday, 24 December 2015

Time to celebrate so many things!

By the end of the year most people are over it, what it is I am not sure, but what ever it is, people are over it!  I think everyone is tired and stressed out, and sometimes you just need to take a deep breath and get on with it.  Or if you have a mate in the country you go and visit her!!

Off out to Karakariki I drove to catch up with the other Sue as it was the only chance we would get this side of Christmas.

We chatted and drank tea, wandered the garden and laughed a lot.  We didn't solve any world problems or family issues but I for one felt better for having been in the company of a bloody good mate!
Ever faithful companion Maximus Giganticus, Sues foxy followed us everywhere.  He leaps over the box hedging as if he is in the Grand National.  Then goes looking for baby birds that fall out of the tall conifer trees that the adult birds have nested in.  I rescued a dead baby and put it on a post to save it being a foxy sized snack.

I picked a bunch of the gorgeous purple lavender and my car now smells heavenly!!

Some will look at these photos of us two having a laugh and think we are mad, nuts, have far too much time on our hands etc.

I say, SO WHAT!!  

I thank my lucky stars that I know enough people as mad as myself that I can let my hair down, and have a bloody good laugh at myself. 
If you cannot laugh at yourself then you cannot laugh at others.
Life is far too short to take it too seriously and especially at this insane time of the year.
Enjoying life is what it is all about, letting go of negative sad arse people in your life and moving on to happier times!! 
I'll drink to that!!!  And I don't even really drink.

So thanks Sue W, you are a good sport, a top bitch, a class act, mad as a snake, and I love ya for it!!!

This time of the year I miss two people, well one person and one pet.

Our beloved old Dog Ben, a hard act to follow and with two dogs, one cat, and ten chickens he is still never far from our minds and always in our hearts.  Dressed as an Angel one Christmas, and this photo is on our Christmas tree.
And this man, my dad!!  This photo is on our Christmas tree also, and I love seeing his smiling face at this time of the year.  Hard to believe he has been gone for 10 years next month, I miss him no less than I did the day he passed away.

I found this old card from him that my sisters and I and our mum got one Christmas, there was cash in the pop out glass.  I am thankful to actually have this, something so very personal.

I made this and it hangs on the wall in our dining room.  I believe that family is forever.  Be them animals, relations or close friends.  Be they alive or dead.  Sometimes there are members of your genetic family that you don't see eye to eye with but at the end of the day, they are still your family.  I no longer get together with my mother and eldest sister as we are not close anymore.  It was my decision to walk away from them and live a kinder calmer more positive life. I will always love them no matter what they think of me or how they treat me, they are after all Family.

ANYWAY.....moving right along as there is no need to focus on the negative things in ones life.

TOF had a birthday yesterday, no special number but getting closer every year.  I had a go at making him his favourite Irish potato bread that will get tested out tomorrow morning for Xmas breakfast.  I baked him a Banana and Almond nut cake with a Lemon Drizzle icing, with chopped Almonds on top.  I even made a smaller cake which I took round to my friend Vicki who has had a couple of foot operations.

Hey gorgeous wave to all the lovely people!!!  Vicki is another of those lovely friends I have made over the years, tons of fun, and has the biggest loving heart ever.  FAMILY!!

Me, the Heir, the Spare and the Spares girlfriend took TOF out for dinner last night.  We went to a really nice restaurant but made the mistake of sitting outside where we nearly froze our bits off.  The menu was Tapas and an entirely new experience for the blokes, a laugh a minute and the most enjoyable time out.  Sorry forgot to take photos but trust me it was great.

BACK TO YESTERDAY.....after waving TOF off to work on his birthday, baking treats, taking cake to the cripple, I mooched at home for the afternoon.  I took full advantage of the peace and quiet of a holidaying primary school next door and the glorious weather.

 Tex and Oscar mooched about with me.

 Oscar unsuccessfully and noisily chased a BEE....silly dog!!!!

I watched this Starling feasting on the Flax flowers. There was a Wax eye joining in but moved to fast to snap a picture of.
I added white bobbles to some new to me pants to give them a boost and wore them with my hot pink Birkies and the lightest cotton top ever.

TOF and I discovered that our Walnut tree down in the chicken coup has finally gone and grown itself some NUTS!!  Yay for the Walnut Tree!!

We ventured out this morning and got the last of the food we need for tomorrow and found everyone else in Hamilton had the same idea about going early to avoid the congestion!  We survived, and have everything under control.  I won't probably blog for a few days because I fear a food coma could be on it's way.

My gorgeous friend Denise sent us this card that depicts a New Zealand Christmas perfectly.

SO, to all of you out there wherever you are and whatever you get up to over the next few days.


May you all be surrounded with people and things that you love and you have a safe and happy Festive Holiday!!


Nancy J said...

I have read every word, twice over, had almost a tear in places, and you are the genuine " Real Gal", and I ,along with your true friends, will love you for that. To you and TOF, and all your chookies, cat, dog and all else at your home, Many Good Wishes for the 25th, and then onto the New Year. Enjoy some rest, happy times, sunshine, and togetherness. ( love those orange poppies, will they have seeds later on, dare I ask?) Merry Christmas.

SAM said...

Merry Christmas Sue. Your posts always brighten my day.

Julie said...

Hiya Sue, hope you & Tof & the heir & the spare have a wonderful christmas ... thank you for your great blog posts that usually make me laugh so much & nod my head in agreement. And I still have sweet pea envy !!!! x x x

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Have a fab day matey, love ya too buddy. Here's to Opping up a storm in 2016! xxx Remember we'll be in the barn Christmas night xx

Fiona said...

Your words resonate with me today. Have been thinking about my mum this morning whilst making mince pies, this is the 5th xmas without her. Also my beloved Prue whom I lost in May....both much missed.
Have a wonderful xmas. xx

Beth Waltz said...

Can't think why folks imagine Halloween to be the most haunted holiday. Isn't the most famous ghost story of all time "A Christmas Carol." Once again, Sue, you've eloquently expressed the mixed emotions we feel at the mileposts of our journey through time. I, too, am blessed today with calls and visits from family and friends --and we're sharing memories of the departed, people and pets alike. Here's to the ghosts of Christmases past, present and future!

Goody said...

Merry Christmas to you! I am so lucky to be able to call you a friend. Best for a great new year.

Mel Baker said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope you have a wonderful holiday!!

Raewyn said...

Merry Christmas Sue - hope you've all had a fab time and are enjoying the post-Christmas wind down.

Jazzy Jack said...

Hope your food coma is travelling well!
Happy Christmas from one also in Summer.
Love the bobble pants and don't you just love light cotton tops!
Your chooks are such cards :-)
Xo Jazzy Jack

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