Friday, 11 December 2015


I think I should rename my blog, 'Another week has passed me by'.  Because another one has.  The end of the year is a busy time everywhere.  It is almost as if Christmas is a huge surprise. I am pretty sure it has been at the same time of the year for like EVER!!  Work is busy, the traffic is manic and the shops are full of stressed out shoppers.  The pre Christmas panic has started!!

Not Me tho'.

I am just going about my daily doings in my normal relaxed state.

I get up, get dressed, have breakfast, go to work, and then spend the afternoon doing what ever takes my fancy.  As things get nuttier I will probably hang at home where all is quiet and relaxing.

I will also enjoy the good weather when it is on offer.  December is mad in the weather department too.  I think it has that end of year feeling.  The only thing I don't enjoy about the warmth is the FLIES!

The girls found another place to stash all their eggs and when I found them there was 16 of them!  After a water float test some got mixed with milk and garlic for the furries.  All 3 of them slurped up the mixture, so thanks girls.

I had the best surprise in the mail this week, this gorgeous hand made card (minus the snowflakes etc) from darling Jenifer.

This morning when I got up everything outside looked gorgeous.

 We had rain overnight so everything was covered in droplets.

 Spider webs looked like delicate lace.

Everything seemed more intense and colourful.

It was supposed to rain all day with intermittent clear patches, but we got sunshine pretty much all day, WooooHooo!!!

I ventured out in the morning before everyone else had the same idea.  I had a small amount of Xmas shopping to do so I needed to go to a Mall, not my most favourite place.  But bugger me my favourite shop has returned so it was obviously meant I go to the Mall.  Tyco is the best place, slightly un PC, and so me.  Yes I had a little spend there and I will go back as the shop was jam packed full of young peeps.  If you look closely at my feet you will see my Hot Pink Birkies that arrived in the mail today, JOY!!

This evening was lovely in the garden, Cassie was out late and had to be directed to her bed, she is my oldest chicken.  Speaking of aging pets, Tex seems to have perked up a bit, must have been all that love you all sent him.  My next problem with him is he is starting to PEE inside, even when all the doors are open!  Another set of curtains got washed this afternoon.  I have shaken pepper on the spots so he doesn't go there again, but I am open to suggestions from any of you on how to combat the peeing inside.  He quite possibly is going doo-lalee on me, well he is pretty old now.

Before I go I am sharing all things white in my garden.  I adore colour but some how the white things took my eye this evening.

OK, let's have some Christmas humour because this time of the year gets far too serious and quite frankly, out of hand!!

 And my all time favourite

How very true!!

Happy Weekend to you all!!



Jazzy Jack said...

Those reindeer! Or is it reindeers?
Your oldest chicken looks like a character. Glad Tex has revived a little. But sorry, have no ideas re weeing.
Pink Birkies in the mail. It must be Christmas!
Xo Jazzy Jack

Nancy J said...

Lovely garden goodies, super outfits, and the inside weeing, what about a litter box, or two? Tie the curtains up off the floor? Lots of crumpled newspaper? or cat repellent spray? And the quotes, you saved the best for last. Your raindrop photos are superb,

Vix said...

Lovely to see you basking in sunshine when it's so cold and already dark here!
Poor old Tex. I know cats are attracted to ammonia so don't use anything bleach based to clear up after him or he'll just do it again! xxx

Julie said...

Oh I did laugh at the last one Sue ... thank you for some humour. Rain again last night & the garden lapped it up. Poor Tex - hate to tell you this but sounds like his kidneys are going on him - my old Noodie cat did exactly the same - started peeing inside. Hope you have a great weekend Sue.

Leeanne said...

*L*O*V*E* the sayings! I had a GOOD old laugh thanks!

Beth Waltz said...

Bless you, Sue, for reminding me of my mum making a lovely egg-and-toast breakfast for the barn cats (old eggs and days-old break) seasoned with bacon grease. We'd see cats we hadn't known were livng in the neighborhood, much less on our property!

Dear old Tex is probably suffering from aging gentlemen pussycat kidney failure. A friend has an elderly tom at the same stage of life and loves him dearly. Directly she awakens, she picks him up from his comfy bed and places him in the litter box. She repeats this procedure as the day's events permit: he's asleep, she picks him up and sets him in the box, and he finds it convenient... She also places pee pads (diaper changing pads) beside the litter boxes, so if he decides the trip isn't worth the effort, she needn't clean the rug.

I'm following the same routine with my own 18-year-old Mephi Wu. She'll potty if I carry her to her litter box, but she'll return to bed and comfort if I don't. Her vet says it's much better for her to potty directly after she eats and drinks, so she does (with my assistance).

Mel Baker said...

Glad to hear that you aren't getting all stressed out like a lot of people this time of year.

I made the mistake of going to the mall this evening - big mistake. Won't be doing that again until after Christmas!!

Goody said...

We've gone through similar kidney issues with an elderly dog-he would pee moments after coming inside as though he couldn't quite empty it all at one go. Bicarb does wonders for removing odours if he hits upholstery or a rug.

You look gorgeous in your floral top-I'll bet you made the garden jealous.

freckleface said...

Oh dear, those elderly pet moments are very stressful. I hope it is only a phase he's going through. Your garden looks lush as always. I'm staying calm too, haven't really felt much madness around so far, which suits me just fine xxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

Raindrops make everything look better :0)
Poor Tex ... I think it's probably old age ... maybe by the time he realises he needs to go he just can't move quickly enough ... or maybe he just can't remember where he should go. Buster was a NIGHTMARE to toilet train ... and will still go inside occasionally ... I don't hold out much hope for an accident free old age.

Shawna McComber said...

I love that you dress like a flower garden! Poor Tex. One of my cats started peeing in the house and it was not a good sign. He was having little strokes and eventually had a big one. There is not much you can do about the peeing and neither can poor Tex. Enzyme sprays can help get rid of the smell a little bit and I understand that while washing gets rid of the smell to our noses it is still there to a cat nose. I think the enzymes eliminate it entirely. Hugs for you and for Tex. xoxo

freckleface said...

I love the Christmas group therapy one, it always makes me chuckle xxxx