Saturday, 19 December 2015

Sorry, but I have been super busy!

No excuse not to blog really but wholly molley what a week!!

Since I last blogged about the goings on in my neck of the woods there has been....

 ...a drive out to Raglan to our favourite Manu Bay.

The surf was doing it's thing and a surfing competition was happening so we sat and watched for a while. 


The Pohutukawa trees are all blooming in flaming red just in time for Christmas.

The sun was out and the day was gloriarse to say the least!!
The wharf was a hive of activity, people were fishing, boats were fishing boats were docked, and the fish and chip shop was amping.

The second hand shop had this fabulous little table and chair set out side for sale, so very tempting!!

....a day at the races for sun which resulted in me becoming a taxi driver later on due to a little bit too much consumption of alcohol by the young ones.  But I don't mind, they are brilliant company!

So glad that the spare has stopped wrapping the heir in loo paper and is wrapping his arms around his beautiful girlfriend.....

...and his mum!  He kept saying I had lacey undies on my head, well it wasn't, it was this.

Inspired by a post that the fabulous Vix did on scarves and the many ways to wear them on your head I went for a plaited up do.

....I took up a daily challenge on facebook to photograph nature for a week and had plenty of divine things to chose from as the garden is performing to it's best.

My daily submission was so easy to do  and most enjoyable so thanks Sue W it was fun.

.....this week was the last week at work as we finished on Friday for 3 weeks.  So it was head down and bum up to get everything done before the end of yesterday.  Pleased to say Mission accomplished.

I ended up going in 4 days in a row so outfit preparation in the morning kept me busy.  I could probably turn up in my PJs and the lads wouldn't bat an eyelid, but I do like to throw an outfit together for me.  I dress for my pleasure, no one else.

....Tex kept me busy. 

He has been enjoying ice cream even tho he is still piddling inside.

Our big old boy isn't half the cat he used to be.  He used to be as big if not bigger than Oscar.  As a family we have discussed what to do and I am of the mind that I do not want him to suffer.  At the moment he looks fine but how do we really know? Do we keep pets alive longer than is kind because we cannot bear to be parted with them? Tex has had both quality and quantity in his life and has been much in his very long life. So a difficult decision is probably going to be looked at in the New Year.  But in the mean time I will enjoy his company while on holiday.

....there was a cousin catch up that took place.  I met two of my second cousins for dinner and then we went to 'Trees at the Meteor' an annual event that we went to last year.

With a door entry of $6 we wandered about and marveled at the imagination these creators must have. All proceeds from this event are given to Women's Refuge and Hamilton's Mens Night Shelter.
All photos here were taken using my phone so not the best quality but you get a peak into this awesome event.
My two favourites were these.  One on the left made completely from crocheted doilies.  The one on the right from drift wood and shells.

The tiny trees were an absolute treat!

This knitted tree took me five attempts to get a photo of as it kept being unintentionally photo bombed by other people at the event.  All apologising while I was beside myself with laughter!

The event is all about 'Compassion not Consumption' which I do think people do tend to forget at this time of the year.

Written on the back of the program was this:

...give time this Christmas
for you,
for your soul, and for others.
'specially those feeling
the pinch
and the punch
this Christmas season..... 

I think we will continue to support this every year for sure.

Kiwi's will get the take on one of our beer brands bill board messages here.

I thought these were brilliant!

....there was another dinner out, this one was my work dinner and it was such a good evening out.  Twelve adults and five kids sat around a huge table at The Good Neighbour a really nice restaurant.  We sat down to a four course feed and plenty of drinks, good banter and laughs flowed all evening.  As if that wasn't enough my awesome bosses gave us all and envelope with cash in it yesterday, four hundy each to be exact. I work with what has to be the best bunch of people ever, we all get on famously and my job is perfect for me. I think I have said it before but I will say it again and again, I LOVE MY JOB!!!

It is now the weekend and TOF is out fishing today so I am having a good old catch up at home.  Hopefully I will not leave it too long in between posts as I am now on holiday. HOPEFULLY!!

I will leave you all with this sign from the Trees at the Meteor.

So very very true!!
Keep it all in perspective people.


Connie said...

Another busy week for Sue. You HAVE been busy! I love your beautiful nature pictures. And your son is quite a handsome boy. Looks quite a bit like his Mum. I love your lacy undie hairstyle. It is very Swedish maiden. So cute.

Poppy Q said...

Looks like you have been busy. I am afraid I thought your scarf was undies as well at first glance. I say don't worry about Tex, as long as he is happy and pottering about all should be good. You are lucky breaking up for work already, I have to wait til the New years for a couple of days off.

Goody said...

That is a GREAT photo of your boys! Maybe you can get them to re-create it at Christmas ;)

I didn't think undies, but I did think early Madonna. It looks better on you. Those sandals are incredible. I hear you on dressing for yourself-it really can lift a mood wearing something you love.

That is so nice of your company to show their appreciation with dinner and a holiday bonus. You'd think it would be obvious that people who enjoy going to work do better work-but most employers have yet to wise-up.

Leeanne said...

I always enjoy your nature photo's Sue, you make me want to rush out and buy a decent camera! I also enjoy seeing your daily clothing ensembles. best wishes and thoughts as you ponder whats best to do about your beloved old black catxxx Happy holidays!

Raewyn said...

Lovely to read your post and catch up on your goss. I love your nature photos - wow they are beautiful. Hehe you could be starting a whole new craze with the undiescarf look :-) I remember you visiting the Christmas trees last year - what a lot of creative loveliness. Wonderful to be appreciated in your work, sounds like a fun night out too.

Nancy J said...

That table and chair set and the coffee table, Vintage 1962 for sure!! Love the new outfits, and Tex, well, he will tell you when the time has come, meantime enjoy every day. A Very Merry Christmas to you and yours enjoy those holidays and the super bonus. Well deserved.

Mel Baker said...

Your pictures are so beautiful. The trees are wonderful, what a great cause to support. Your bosses sound wonderful - that is half the battle of finding a job you like. So many bosses are jerks. You really lucked out.

Julie said...

Have been thinking of you heaps this week Sue & wondering how dear old Tex was going. LoVe that pic of the Spare having wrapped the Heir in toilet paper - look at that face - its priceless. He looks very happy with his gorgeous girlfriend. Have a great week Sue ... sun is out today :-)

Beth Waltz said...

The lacy undies look is you, Sue! (Wonder how many of us have been playing with scarves since studying Vix's instructions?)

This entire post reads like a litany of blessings counted -- a day at the beach, a time with family, a party with wonderful coworkers, and since it's you, a montage of exquisite nature studies, this time placed in complimentary contrast with an exhibition of handcrafted trees. Thanks, Sue, for sharing your POV.

My vet assures me home hospice is very doable for cats if the family is willing to learn how to administer some comfort-giving meds. She told me very aged animals often go about their daily routine literally to the last hour, then simply don't wake up from that 10th nap of the day. (But if there's a crisis, she'll come to the house to assist in a painless passing.) I hope ol' Tex's vet is as helpful. Give the old lad an ear skritch for me.

Jazzy Jack said...

Tree shaped art. Great event! Wish I lived closer.
Hope your Christmas is restful and Tex stays well.
Love all your nature shots. Ahh NZ! Xo Jazzy Jack

Curtise said...

A typical Sue post, full of colourful clothes, fabulous nature photos, gorgeous NZ scenery, family and friends and pets! Hurray for the Christmas bonus, and those Christmas trees are great.
Ahh, poor Tex, it is a hard call when your beloved pet is declining yet still kind of happy and you don't want to lose them... Enjoy his company while you can. xxxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

What a full on week. The clothes look great and the photos are lovely.
Poor Tex ... give him some extra love for Christmas and see where the new year leads you.

Vix said...

I'm with goody, you're more Madonna than knickers on your head. Kids, eh?
Love the toilet roll photo and those glorious nature shots. We're having a mental December, the magnolia is in bloom and the strawberries are growing again! xxx

duchess_declutter said...

You have been busy Sue. Great snaps, love the toilet paper one too. What a handsome couple they make (current photo). The trees are great - the live ones too, love that blossom.

freckleface said...

So lovely to see that photo of your boys, one as an ancient Egyptian. I think Connie's right, cute German fraulein not knickers on your head. I'm with you on the table and chairs - tempting! Xxx